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Valentine's Day Gift Guides are here! Truly a little something for everyone!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her:

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her


Flower Bouquet - If you're looking for a great flower delivery service with fair pricing this company is great.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven - One of my favorite pieces of cookware. Great for soups and stews and bolognese etc!

Laneige Lip Mask - Keeps your lips super soft.

Valentine's Cake Bites - A level up from your standard box of chocolates, besides who wouldn't love an assorted box of mini cake bites?!

Mini Uggs - These mini Uggs are basically an acceptable form of wearing slippers outside of the house and I'm here for it.

Tom Ford Eau De Parfum - My favorite perfume.

Candle - A festive rose candle, which smells great and looks gorgeous.

Belt Bag - Own and love this! Perfect for holding your phone, keys, etc. on walks to keep your hands free.

Zip Cardholder - This leather zip cardholder is such great quality and perfect for those occasions when you don't want to carry around a large wallet.

Super Soft Robe - Buttery soft literally feels like you’re wearing a blanket

Slutty Brownies - No brainer... these are always a crowd favorite.

Fortnum & Mason Loose Leaf Tea - Adore this tea company! A thoughtful gift for any tea drinker.

Marble Salt Cellar - Looks great on your counter and makes anything from flaky salt to red pepper flakes an arms reach while cooking.

Leather Tote Bag - OBSESSED with this bag. It fits so much and is such great quality.

Sherpa Slippers - The coziest slippers period.

Ilia Lip Balm - Keep this in my purse at all times - it's truly the best.

PJ Set - A wonderfully soft PJ set that comes in so many colors.

Garlic Press - The most amazing kitchen tool!

Tastes Like Pizza Seasoning - For the pizza lovers in your life.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him (Thomas' Guide):

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Terry Cloth Shirt - Looking to make a statement at the beach or pool this summer? You can't go wrong with these terry cloth button downs. Its like a towel and a shirt had a baby which makes it the perfect accessory going to and from the beach or pool side bar. I plan to wear these unbuttoned while sipping on tequila all summer long. Available in blue and white.

White Sneakers - All white leather kicks literally go with anything. These are my new favorites and the color options they have are killer. They are also half the cost of Common Projects (and more comfortable in my opinion).

Apple Watch - There is one main reason I use the Apple Watch. If you don't track it you can't measure it. With the apple watch I am able to track my sleep, my steps, my workouts, my heart rate, my calories burned, etc. You get the picture. I have found that I am typically in the best shape when I am closely monitoring and tracking all of these things. If you don't measure anything it's hard to have a basis for knowing if you are making progress or not.

Swim Shorts - If its cool enough for James Bond / Daniel Craig then its cool enough for you. It's time to grow up and ditch those knee length board shorts from your younger days and let those thighs of yours get a nice tan this summer. You can thank me later.

Training Hoodie - This is my go to lounge around the house shirt. Love that it is lightweight but also a long-sleeve and hoodie. Also makes for the ideal post workout shirt. It lets the sweat breathe while keeping you warm in the house.

Mini Box Cutter - Who here feels like they have a part time job breaking down boxes? This is my tool of choice to breakdown all of those Amazon boxes and find a way to fit them into the recycling bin each week. Fun fact: I have been using the same box cutter for 4 years now. No clue how I have not lost it yet.

AirTags - Great for the people in your life that are prone to misplacing their keys or wallet, but can also be used unconventionally like on your pet's collar or thrown in your luggage to track if it makes it on the airplane.

Battle Rope - Looking for a killer piece of cardio equipment that also builds muscles? This will be your best friend and enemy at the same time. It really is a love hate relationship. So many different exercises you can do with this to really crush your entire body. If you start training with the battle rope now and get the swim shorts in this guide, people just might mistake you for Daniel Craig when you walk out of the ocean this summer.

Adjustable Dumbbells - Traditional dumbbells take up a ton of space. These are super versatile and have a small footprint. The power blocks are adjustable from 5-50 pounds, but you can also buy 2 expansion kits if you need to go up to 90 pounds. 

Mobile Launch Monitor for Golf - For the golf geek in your life. Can be used indoors with a net or out at the driving range. Get your yardages dialed in and get ready to go low.

Cordless Drill - Step up your manual screwdriver game with this Imapact Driver (electric screwdriver) / Drill combo set. So much better and quicker than doing it manually. These should be the first power tools anyone buys. Mount that TV, put together that 5,000 piece Ikea shelf, or finally build that custom succulent wall you saved on Pinterest all those years ago. This combo set has you covered.

Fleece Jogger - My favorite sweatpants for the last 6 years running.

Cozy Valentine's Day Gifts:

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Cozy

Navy Half-Zip - Pretty much own a version of this in every color.

Zip-Up Grey Hoodie - A super comfortable zip-up hoodie to lounge in.

Fleece Half-Zip Pullover - It's fleece and a half-zip, could it get any better?

Purple Hoodie - I have a similar hoodie and love the color combo.

Grey Half-Zip - Really living for a half-zip sweatshirt at the moment.

Fluffy Ugg Slipper - Super cozy Ugg slippers under $50!

Grey Ugg Slipper - If you're not on the slipper train you're missing out.

Red Fleece Hoodie - Obsessed with this hoodie!

Black Nike Fleece Hoodie - A comfortable hoodie is a necessity.

Grey Nike Quarter-Zip - You can’t beat a Nike sweatshirt and this quarter-zip is no exception.

White Sweatshirt - Another wonderfully soft sweatshirt.

Black Half-Zip Sweatshirt - Love this cozy funnel neck half-zip.

And if you're looking for a homemade Valentine's Day gift that anyone is sure to love check out these 16 Desserts for Valentine’s Day.

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