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Omg it's been months in the making and here it is! The new What's Gaby Cooking Kitchen and OMG I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE IN LOVE!! Take a tour below. I'll be linking sources to everything we used as well! If I missed anything that you're curious about, just leave and comment and I'll update!


Here she is in all her glory!! The new HQ for What's Gaby Cooking! Home of all the recipe development that's coming to the blog, a place to shoot our next book, a place for IG Lives, the place where we'll teach Poppy all about food, and hopefully a place to entertain again someday.... I AM OBSESSED!!

Before we get into the after pics... take a look at what it was like when we bought the house last year!!

And now... the after!

All large appliances are Sub Zero, Wolf and Cove! I've been cooking with these appliances since my old private chef life and I have always been obsessed. It's a dream come true to have them in my own kitchen now! Nitty gritty of the appliances are here:

  • Backsplash Tile: Fireclay 4x4 in Limestone
  • White Paint: Benjamin Moore custom flat white, if you give them these numbers, they'll match it for you Y3-0.1875, S1-0.0625, W1-8
  • Cabinet Color: we matched to Portola Home Again

Can we talk about these fixtures!! Everything is from Rejuvenation and let me tell you, when we went to go pick everything out, I was in heaven! We ended up going with the Sutton collection for the kitchen!! Just wait until the bathroom is done and you see what we did in there!

Okay lets talk about this bar!! It's a custom design from our designers Thea Home and it's made by this incredible wood worker Eric, here in LA! it's basically a wooden bar WRAPPED IN LEATHER!! We built it around all of our other Sub Zero appliances and it's truly a work of art! He somehow managed to take the panel ready Sub Zero appliances and wrap them in leather. Truly a magician!

And what's a new kitchen without new plates!! My mom custom made me these insanely beautiful bubble plates and I am obsessed!! She does custom orders if you want to DM her on instagram!

More details:

  • Contractors: Lyons Development - never have I EVER heard of anyone finishing on time and within budget and OMG WE DID!! I cried happy tears!!
  • Designers: Thea Home - easily the most dynamic mother daughter duo!! And the fact that Dorianne (the daughter) went to culinary school makes their kitchen NEXT LEVEL AMAZING
  • Cabinet Maker: Don's Cabinets - he's a magician!!
  • This is who did our marble counter treatment so we can spill lemon juice and other acidic things on our marble without destroying it! Shoot them an email, ask for Ted. He'll help you find someone in your area!
  • Painters: TPG Group - truly truly an incredible group for painting anything you need in your home!! And wait until you see the Roman Clay and Lime Wash we did in the other parts of the house! They are so talented!
  • Windows: Pella // Reserve Contemporary Collection
  • Appliance pulls are from a company called Sun Valley Bronze
  • In-Ceiling Speakers // Sonos (Thomas will share all those details soon)
  • Marble Counters: Carrara Marble
  • Stools // Restoration Hardware
  • Reclaim Wood Cutting Boards + Wooden Bowls
  • Kitchen Runner
  • Wooden Floor - its a 10 inch European White Oak from Riva Floors

Photographed by Matt Armendariz


  1. Hi! You’ve talked about your countertops a few times. Was it a specific thing you did with the marble to make it less resistant to stain or lemon? I feel like you called it something but can’t remember!

  2. Hello Gaby,

    Would you please link your wood kitchen cabinet knobs? I love the simplicity of this look, beautiful kitchen!
    We are currently at the tail end of our kitchen build, and have put off purchasing hardware because it all seemed too busy!

    1. we got them somewhere like amazon and powder coated them! I can't find the receipt for them - my designers might have done the buying and then just invoiced us!

  3. Hi! A week or so ago you posted a video with your spice drawer - where did you get the empty jars you used to fill with spices? loved the uniform, consistent look. I order spice refills from The Spice House and would love to make all of my jars the same! thanks!

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