A day in the life…

I think it’s totally fascinating to hear about what a typical day looks like in someones life.

One of my friends Koko from Koko Likes does it all the time!

And Damaris from Kitchen Corners did it a few weeks ago

And then I was reading my bff’s blog, Matt Bites and he did one too. So I thought it would be fun to give you a peak into my world as a private chef and food writer!

I wear a lot of hats. I am a private chef. I do food styling. I do freelance food photography out of my home studio. I do professional recipe development. So, basically I’m all about food all the time. Here’s a peak into one day….

I’m up early. At least I think it’s early… 5:35am – stumble into the bathroom and get ready for bootcamp!

Out the door by 6:00ish

Spend the next hour getting my ass kicked at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Head out of bootcamp! Dying. I look like I just got out of a shower.

Quick pit stop at my favorite juice bar to pick up some breakfast!

Home by 7:50! Showering is the first order of business. Then it’s time to work on my blog post and publish!

Make a grocery list for whatever I planned on cooking for my clients that day!


Spend a little time with my little baby Stella! She needs lots of attention before I leave for the day :)

Super fast dash to the santa monica farmers market to pick up some berries for the rest of the week!

9:30 Whole Foods!


Load up on everything I’ll need for my clients that day and any pantry supplies that are needed!


Drive on over to Beverly Hills!


In the kitchen by 10:30 and ready to cook!

And these are the fabulous people I get to spend my day with….

This is Koko! She’s amazing and we love her! She also has an awesome food blog. Koko Likes.  It makes me happy and her recipes are always spot on!

This is Evelyn! I don’t know what I would do without her. She keeps the kitchen immaculately clean :)

And this is Jessica. My client. Along with her awesome fiance Eric. You may recognize her :) She’s amazing and I love her!

picture courtesy of Jessica Simpson

10:45am. First up is our daily green juice!! We all have a glass. Gotta start the day with lots of fresh veg!

Throw some veggies in the oven to roast! I’m making a big roasted vegetable chopped salad for lunch :)

12:00 Lunch time! Koko and I take lots of food pics. We’re food bloggers. It’s what we do.

1:30pm. After lunch I make some shoestring fries for snacking

2:00pm. And then it’s time to move onto dinner! I usually make a few things, and then they all get packed up and left in the fridge so they can be eaten later that night when it’s dinner time. Here’s one of the options for that night: Cowboy Caviar Quinoa Salad. I served it with a cilantro pesto too!

2:45pm. Time to make my favorite course of the day… Dessert! I made some s’more cookies. They were delicious.

I’m usually out the door by 3pm. Quick trip to the spa to get a mani/pedi

Home by 4:00pm. Just in time for a little snuggle session with Stella!


4:10pm. Menu planning for the next day!

4:30 Shoot my latest recipe for an upcoming blog post!

Taste test my recipe again. Just to be sure. I mean someone’s gotta eat those brownies right?!? It might as well be me!

5:15pm. Facetime with my sister, Anya, and her uber dependent cat. Literally the cat cannot live without my sister. Obsessed would be an understatement.

6:30pm. Yay! Thomas is home :)

7:00pm. Dinner time! Thomas, my fiance, picked up this amazing cinnamon swirl brioche a few days prior so we did a little breakfast for dinner action and made cinnamon swirl brioche french toast.

7:30 wedding planning time!! Gotta make lots of decisions on rentals, flowers, and other fun details!

8:00pm. Mandatory pinterest addiction time. I must spend at least an hour a day on pinterest. It’s like a drug. I can’t be stopped. Most of that time is spent pinning wedding stuff. How people planned a wedding pre-pinterest is just beyond me. It’s seriously the best tool ever.

9:15pm. Catch up on all 1423 of my TV Shows! Tonight’s all about Shameless and The Bachelor!

and then it’s off to bed!! 7-8 hours of sleep later and I’ll be rising and shining for some early morning bootcamp!

And that’s it! 24 hours of food, food and more food!

Thanks for spending the day with me!

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    1. And ta think, just because Jessica has strange food cravings during her pregnancy, many assume that she only eats junk, filled with salt and sugar all day. Jessica talks about @WhatsGabyCooking and @KoKoLikes on her twitter page all the time.

      The critics should pay a little visit to this site and see what else is going on in Jessica Simpson’s kitchen!

  1. This is a GREAT post! You really get a lot done in one day, you are making me feel a bit lazy! I am super impressed by your organization skills. Food looks amazing, I wish I could have a bite:)

    Amy R.
    {plain & fancy living}

    1. The media want’s people to believe, that the pregnant food cravings Jessica has, are all she eats!

      Bet Gaby’s Veggi filled grocery lists and Veggi filled dishes, wouldn’t end up in the tabloid articles as quickly as the “other pregnant food cravings” did!

      Guess they don’t wanna hear about What these Chefs are making for her at home, not enough scandal there!

  2. What a fun day in the life!!! Its SO far from what my average day looks like, I would much rather pretend I am doing what you are doing! :)

  3. What a cool post – and I love that you’re a personal chef. I need to do something like that – so many things I want to cook, but not enough people to feed.


  4. OMG- we are all such voyeurs! I love reading about what other people’s days are like. I am scared if I posted a day in my life everyone would think I was off my rocker! lol!

      1. I love the fact that Jessica talks about you and Koko on twitter so much, she seems to really like you both.

    1. hahaha thanks Melissa!! The 5:35am part is unavoidable. Otherwise I’d be crazy fat from everything I eat :)

  5. Wow I mean wow. I woudl need more then juice to help me keep up with this schedule. lol That is impressive to say the least. I think its wonderful you love Jessica also. Majority that ever get the chance to meet her say how sweet she is. Would love to get that chance one day.

    I watch your blog all the time & so many awesome things.. Now if only I could cook & not just eat when its cooked & had some imagination for putting it all together. Thanks Gaby great job.

    Koko has a great blog too.. so fun to watch you ladies do your food thing.. lol

  6. Great post, very cool to see the inner workings of your jobs. An can I just say, that is a STUNNING engagment ring!

  7. Great post! I also love the “day in life” posts. It’s so interesting to hear about what other people do. I love that you get to do what you’re clearly so passionate about all day! I’d love for cooking and blogging to be my day job, instead of what I just think about going home and doing all day. :) Maybe one day! And it doesn’t hurt that you get to cook for people like Jessica Simpson. Amazing!

  8. Love seeing a typical day in the life! Oh, how I miss the SM Farmers Market. Sigh. Very cool post! Thanks for sharing your day!

  9. HI Gaby! Have you been on the website http://foodgawker.com/ ? I am just a simple cook so this website BLOWS me away :) I like getting inspiration for holidays, especially with St Patricks day coming up! Enjoyed seeing what your day is like. Hope you share some of your wedding planning days too, how FUN!!

  10. Holy cow, you are amazing. Not that I didn’t know that before, but still.

    I’m loving these “a day in the life” posts! After seeing yours and Matt’s, I’m thinking I just might do one myself. ^_^

  11. I think it’s awesome that you done this! I just can’t beleive you piled so much in to one day. It’s great to see how other bloggers act, some people think I’m nuts taking pictures of food but your right it’s what we do :)
    Take care…

  12. What a fun day-in-a-life recap. I’ve really enjoyed it reading…I think you live a fun life 😉 Cooking in a beautiful kitchen, going grocery shopping, being around a celebrity and planning for a wedding…I think those are all fun. I’m a newlywed and I did plan my destination wedding pre-Pinterest and now I’ve pinned my wedding stuff so others can be inspired by my DIY projects just like I was inspired by others…I’m paying it forward.

  13. I love this post, and I’m so glad you did this! I loved reading about your day, and I never knew your client was Jessica Simpson! That sounds like so much fun! I was thinking about how if I did a re-cap of my day, it would be so boring since I’m stuck in an office behind a desk for 8 hours of it…you are very lucky to spend most of your day doing what you love! Keep up the great blogging. :)
    ~Kimiko AKA The Beachside Baker

  14. Gaby,
    You are awesome and I am so happy for you and all that you have accomplished. Keep it up and I will continue to view your page and follow your cooking. I am a BIG fan of avocados also and really enjoyed all of your receipies and will have to try them.

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