17 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

Something must be in the air because I’ve gotten a few dozen emails the past couple weeks asking for a complete run down on must have kitchen items! Some readers are in the process of registering for their wedding, or upgrading their kitchen, or they’re like me and getting a head start on their Christmas wish list 🙂 No matter what the occasion, I tore through my kitchen and landed on a handful of MUST HAVE kitchen tools! Here we go…

Global – my favorite knife set of all times. Period. End of discussion

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

This Dutch Oven shows up in all my snapchats, FB Live and youtube videos and I can’t live without it

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

All-Clad is my forever love when it comes to cookware.

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

My favorite cast iron skillet

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

If you haven’t noticed, we use a LOT of lemon in my recipes – so a lemon press is a life saver

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

All I want in life is a Copper KitchenAid mixer – but until I get around to upgrading the color, I LOVE my green one!

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

A good blender is MANDATORY!!

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

And an immersion blender is great for soup season!

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

My Panini Press gets used for everything from making panini’s to heating up leftover food.

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

I love a good Le Creuset

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

Easily the best spatula in the world. I now own 5.

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

From straining a small batch of pasta to fishing out peas, these strainers are everything

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

Everyone always asks about my salt cellar – HERE IT IS!

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

A microplane grater is perfect for making lemon zest, getting tiny bits of ginger and many other things

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

I was late to the glass prep bowl game – but these might be the most used thing in my kitchen now that I own my own set!

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

Only the best toaster of all times – and one day I’ll have enough people over for breakfast to actually use all 4 slots. Until then, I just feel fancy

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

Thomas swears by this coffee maker – that’s his responsibility in the kitchen, I just reap the rewards

17 Kitchen Tools I Can't Live Without

What did I miss?!? Shout out any must-have items below if I forgot anything!! xx

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  1. Glenda

    I use a heavy rock to smash garlic, which also separates the skin from the clove.

  2. Kelly

    What about serveware? Any suggestions for newly weds that will be hosting their first Thanksgiving!?

  3. Mariam Bandarian

    I love the All-Clad pans and your salt cellar! One thing I’m looking for is a why to reduce oil splattering when I do a quick sauté or fry. I don’t use a lot of oil. Just a bit of coconut or olive oil, but I still get a lot of oil splattering all over my stove. Not fun, lol!


  4. Jessica B.

    So this is why I knew I loved you as my love for Global knives was firmly-cemented before I started following your blog! Just a couple comments 🙂 I have many friends whom love their All Clad and I can tell that you also love Williams-Sonoma HOWEVER my love is for Sur La Table. It’s just a thing with me. I was exclusively cooking with Le Creuset and cast iron skillets before I discovered Demeyere cookware – EXCEPTIONAL. NO rivets, even cooking, a dream to clean, cooler handles. You should check it out altho I know once you start investing in one line – hard to switch. But their Industry5 wok is really, really great. Second! I LOVED my Breville toaster – big fan of that brand as well – until…drum roll please…I tried one of their smart toaster ovens! It is unbelievable and will change your life- promise- especially with only two of you? Sometimes you don’t want to heat up a big oven and that little speed demon is the answer and great toast! Thanks for the other ideas <3

  5. Regina

    Gaby! I’ve contemplated purchasing a cast iron skillet for several years but have yet to pull the trigger. So many recipes require a cast iron skillet (ex.: your pizookie, a Dutch baby) and I really want to broaden my horizons. There seems to be so much noise about why not to get a cast iron skillet (difficult to clean, too heavy, etc.). Can you offer any encouragement in the other direction? It is a really versatile kitchen tool, isn’t it? My pizookie won’t taste like the last dish I cooked in the skillet (i.e., Mexican chicken), will it?

    • Gaby

      omg I use it for everything! I prefer it to my saute pans at times. It makes the best steaks or anything that requires searing!! And it handles heat like a champ. Also… FYI I like the finex because it’s pretty – but there are $30 cast iron skillets at Crate and Barrel that do the job just perfectly!!

  6. Maria

    Hi Gaby, I loooooove you! like code red stalker status, beware! BUT is there anyway you can do a post like those for us budget friendly cooks? Or if you can make a list of budget friendly swaps? or which ones you MUST splurge and which ones you can get away with a lower cost version? THANKS for being awesome!

  7. Elizabeth A

    Ahhh thank you for this!! I had asked about wedding registry items and this is perfect 🙂

  8. Helen Kennedy

    Whatever happened to the spiralizer? 😎

    I have a fabulous zester grater and could not live without my stick blender and its mini processor attachment.

  9. Lizaveta

    Hey Gaby,

    What about non-stick pans? Do you have any you suggest? It’s so hard to find good ones without all the nasty chemicals.

    • Gaby

      That’s exactly why I don’t buy them. I use my cast iron for most everything and then my All Clads and just scrub them really well when cleaning!! I’ll do some hunting for a great non-stick!

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  11. Vicki Richard

    I keep contemplating the prep and cook machine I saw in one of your videos. How did you like that?

    • Gaby

      it’s expensive but it’s really nice and makes everything easy!

  12. Anon

    You forgot to include the cutting board. I feel like people ask a lot about it too during lives