Cookbook Gift Guide // 2017

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Cookbooks! Here we go - we're breaking down the top cookbook from 2017 (and a few oldies but goodies) so all you're locked and loaded for any cookbooks you want to buy this season. Also - no shame in your game if you just take this list and forward it to someone who wants to buy you a gift. You might as well get something you'll use right? Here we go!

Dinner by Melissa Clark is easily going to change all your lives. One of the best books of the year and how often do you actually want to make every recipe in a book. THIS IS THAT!

Istanbul and Beyond: Exploring the Diverse Cuisines of Turkey could be my favorite cookbook to date. It makes me want to move to Turkey immediately. Also it was part of a cookbook club this year so by now I've cooked over half of the recipes and each is amazing.

Guerilla Tacos - omg this is my favorite taco truck in all of LA and now it's available in book form for everything. Win, win. The sweet potato tacos are life changing as are all their salsas!

Night + Market - one of my favorite LA restaurants that does Thai food SO well came out with a book this year and it's perfect.

Back Pocket Pasta - if you ever need a quick and easy pasta recipe that you can little pull out of your back pocket, this cookbook is your dream! It's everything you could want some easy veggie pasta dishes to quick and easy meat sauces. Plus the photos are gorgeous!

Six Seasons - a new way with vegetables - This is like my dream. It's like a guide to the farmers market for the entire year and gives you so many ideas on how to cook veggies. 100% obsessed.

Love Real Food if you haven't seen me profess my love to this cookbook this year you're really missing out. It's a vegetarians dream and my mom and I are both hooked.

Skinny Taste Everyone is ALWAYS asking me for slow cooker recipes and while I have a handful here on WGC, Gina from Skinny Taste nailed it with these!

Ready or Not Thomas, my husband, has been basically paleo for the past few months so I've been relying heavily on the new Nom Nom cookbook. Everything is quick and easy which means Thomas can make it himself!!

Making Chocolate This book takes you from bean to brownie. Literally everything it takes from harvesting the beans to making the best recipes that feature chocolate. I'm just starting to dig into their cookies and brownies and I can't WAIT to try them.

Cravings – I mean, I just want to be BFF’s with Chrissy so we can cook together and make all these delicious recipes in her book. Is that asking too much?

Jerusalem – easily one of my favorite cookbooks of all times. It def didn't come out this year but omg is it good.

There you have it!! All my favorites! Happy shopping


  1. Gaby, thanks again for including my book! Happy to read that your mom enjoys the book, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I already have a few on these but just ordered 4 more from your recommendations! Can't wait to read these over the Holidays, Hello Carbs! Thanks Gaby!!

  3. Dinner by Melissa Clark is one of my favorite cookbook purchases. Love it and use it literally every week at least once. Awesome list!

  4. Please Gaby. Please don’t go Paleo. (Not that there is anything wrong with that - I just finished a Whole30 and all and I own Michelle Tam’s book) but I would seriously cry if you changed your blog. Like seriously.

  5. I bought Love Real Food and every recipe that I have tried (17) has been a winner with my family, including my picky 7 year old. I love this book! I put holds on many of the others at the library :). Thanks for the recommendations!

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