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We’re less than 2 months away from my THIRD cookbook hitting shelves and I couldn’t be more excited!

Almost 2 years in the making and my 3rd cookbook will be on shelves in just a few short weeks. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to get this book into your hands and see/meet you guys on book tour. This is seriously a dream come true and in large part thanks to you guys! You make my job so fun and I am so excited to be able to share even more recipes with you!

If you haven’t ordered it yet – let’s do this! Links to where it’s sold are right here – take your pick from independent book stores, amazon, barnes and noble, Williams Sonoma… you name it! It’s everywhere! And if you wander into your favorite book store and can’t find it once it launches, tell them to get their act together and order it!

Book Tour:

The first round of book tour dates are up here! 

I’m hitting the road HARD. North, South, East, West… it’s all happening. 20+ cities in 2 months!! If you don’t see your city on the list, just leave a comment below with where you’re located and I’ll do my best to make it happen! All the details and RSVP links can be found here! A few events are still coming together but I’ll update you guys here and on social media as soon as we get more dates + details.

And a few FAQ’s:

Yes, some of the crew is coming with me! Thomas will be at a bunch! Matt is for sure coming to Texas!! Fingers crossed we can get Adam to do some of the CA stops too! And I’m sure my parents will join a few places so feel free to harass them on surprise vacation questions 🙂

Ticket price: this covers either the cost of either the book or the cost some of my most recent products. You can pick or choose when you RSVP. That way, if you already pre-ordered 10,000 billion copies of the book because obviously you want to gift them to every single person that lives near you, you can bring them no problem!

Will there be food / drink at the signing: ummmmm have you met me? YES! Are we going to serve cocktails – duh. Will there be DJ’s – most likely!!!

Any other questions, shout them out below and I’ll answer right away! And all the links for specific cities are right over here on my cookbook page!

Okay okay… what else:

The book is 125+ brand spanking new recipes (ok there are like 7 blog favorites in there that got a bit of a face lift!) and it covers EVERYTHING. Appetizers, Breakfast/Brunch, Sides, Salads, Easy Weeknight Meals, Weekend Entertaining Recipes, Desserts, Sauces and MORE. You name it. It’s in there.

I wrote this book for many reasons but 2 big ones.

One – you guys. You guys make my job so much fun! I love seeing my recipes in your kitchen with your spin! Getting your messages on social and emails about how you’ve started cooking more with my recipes and don’t feel as intimidated in the kitchen literally make my month! I love each and every one of you and am so thankful for you.

And two…. I wanted to write something that you guys would be able to use OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Something that would bring you lots of joy. Something that makes you smile. And something that doesn’t stress over ALL THESE CRAZY FAD DIETS. Every recipe in the book is fantastic and I know you’re going to love each and every one of them

We photographed / styled the book with my dream team… Matt and Adam. Food photographer / food stylist by day and best friends in the whole wide world by night. And Amy who is the prop stylist extraordinaire and sprinkled magic fairy dust on everything. I couldn’t love them anymore for helping me bring this beauty into the real world!

Okay!! I think that’s just about it. I CANNOT WAIT to meet you guys in real life. I can’t wait to see what you guys make. ALL MY LOVE! XOXO


  1. Congrats on your new cookbook! I just reserved a spot in Portland, OR!!! I cannot wait for your book signing event and to meet you! I’ve loved so many recipes from your most recent book – some are now on weekly rotation in my house and I’m so excited to dive into your new cookbook!

  2. So excited for you and this book!! Please try to come to Miami!! All of my friends and family are just as obsessed with you as I am!

  3. Can’t wait for the new cookbook! Please stop in St. Louis!! You skipped us on your last book tour. My friends and I would love to meet you!!

  4. Can’t wait for the new book! Congrats! I already use your recipes weekly so I can’t wait to add more to my lineup. Would love if you came to the Central Florida area (Tampa or Orlando)

  5. Excited for your new book! A stop in Southwest/Central Ohio would be great (Cincinnati/Columbus) . Would love to meet you in person. 🙂

  6. So happy to finally hear deets about the new book!! Would love to meet you again in Nashville if ya can swing it!

    1. Agree – come to Pittsburgh! I’m still so sad I couldn’t make it the last time around.

  7. You rev my all time favorite- I love every recipe I cook of yours! So excited for the new cookbook!! Would love if you came to Wisconsin- Madison or Milwaukee! 🙂

  8. Congratulations and we cannot wait! Consider adding Asheville, NC to your list– lots of great restaurants (some of the best in the SE!), beautiful views, and some pretty picturesque spots worthy of some in-robe room service.

  9. I see Boston is TBD but just wondering if you had a ballpark timeframe of when tht announcement will be…few days ,few weeks??? Sorry to be a PIA but just excited!

    1. seconding this question, I hope the event will actually be IN Boston proper (rather than the burbs) this time!?! Thanks 🙂

  10. Congrats! So excited to see the new book. The Detroit Area would love to see you and we have a growing food scene that if worth making the trip!

  11. I love What’s Gaby Cooking and have given copies to all my friends. Can’t wait for this new one.
    Please come to Sacramento!

  12. Will you sign your previous books as well?
    Do you need to buy a ticket to attend even if not planning to have anything signed? (For example, if a couple is attending together but only want to purchase one copy of the new book)?

    1. Thank you! Just got my ticket and have bought your other books. Can’t wait for the event!

  13. I am looking forward to the cookbook. I have made many of your recipes….in fact we had left over curry lentil soup last night and it was just as good as when we first had it.

  14. Come to New Hampshire!!! Any where in the state and I will drive there!!! Love love love your books and can’t wait to get my hands on this one!!

  15. ☹️sad no Sarasota or Tampa. But I understand. I hope it is a verySuccessful book tour. Maybe we will be an add on. Or next book
    Take care

  16. Please come to Williamsburg, VA! It’s the closet Williams Sonoma to me. 🙂 Richmond, VA would be good too.

  17. Gaby! Can’t wait! Just wondering… is Chicago your only stop in Illinois? Naperville? Oak Brook?? I live in the sticks in central Illinois so it’s a little difficult to make it up to Chicago. But I will plan a day trip if I have to!!

  18. I just bought tickets to your visit in Costa Mesa and I am beyond excited! I’m so excited to meet you. I have been following your recipes for years, but of course I’ve never made one. Apparently I just like to watch! What I love the most though is when you travel to a city and then provide a video, a guide, and a ton of pictures! And then I compare where you went to where I went and make notes to go back and try all the things I missed. So excited for your new cookbook and your new adventures! Keep up the great work and thanks for putting yourself out there everyday!

  19. Ok! I pick my son up from college on May 7th in CO. Will he think I’m crazy if I drive like I stole it to get back for Costa Mesa?! Nope. And btw, I have a few favorite chefs but it’s always your recipes that I go to when I just need no stress, can get the ingredients from any local grocery stores in Ca. and I KNOW it will be so delish! Your bright, tasty meals have now become my comfort food. Love ya and can’t wait for this cookbook.

  20. I would love to see you stop in the Kansas City area, home of the Superbowl LIV Champions! Looking forward to hopefully getting to see you in person in KC. Can’t wait to try your new cookbook! Thanks for keeping this great city and area in mind!

  21. I see a lot of votes for Raleigh, Charlotte, or Asheville in your comments here and on yours Instagram post. Please come anywhere in NC! It’s a gorgeous state!
    Asheville is totally a foodie place! Raleigh has amazing restaurants and bars too!

  22. Congrats on the new cookbook! ! I am so excited that you are coming to great state of NJ! and I have already purchased my ticket for May! I love so many of your recipes from your blog and your other cook book! The Thanksgiving post was a huge hit in my home, especially since it was my first time cooking a turkey, as well as hosting my favorite holiday in my new home! Congrats!!

  23. So excited to meet you and for your new cookbook!! Just wanted to clarify about the tickets– if both my husband and I come to meet you in DC, do we need to buy two tickets or is just one sufficient?

  24. Congratulations on the new cookbook. Can’t wait fir the Canadian tour dates in Toronto to be announced

  25. Hi Gaby….LOVE all of your products from WS (and cookbooks too). Can’t wait for your 3rd cookbook. Was wondering if your ever going to come to the Detroit area for a book signing (we have an absolutely beautiful WS at the Somerset Collection in Troy, MI). Keep us in mind….you have ALOT of Michigan fans!

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