Homemade Turkey Gravy


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15 minutes



I think it’s safe to say that no matter what your favorite part of Thanksgiving is, a really incredible luscious homemade turkey gravy is an imperative part of the meal!  

Homemade Turkey Gravy from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Gravy. It’s the icing on the Thanksgiving “cake”. The thing that brings it all together. That extra oomph of flavor that you can never get enough of. It’s one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving and I have a fool proof recipe that’s going to be your new bff. You’ll be the star of the show with this recipe.

Growing up my sister and I used to fight about who got to sit next to the gravy boat at Thanksgiving. I mean, is that normal? Someone tell me yes! But we just can’t get enough! It’s that extra salty kick that makes everything better. Potatoes. Stuffing. Turkey. Carrots. I mean, the possibilities are endless!

How to make Homemade Turkey Gravy:

Flavorful gravy begins with the drippings from the bird – and this herb roasted turkey I’ve roasted the last few years is the best way to start. The drippings from turkey are extra delicious because of herbs like thyme, sage, parsley and more went onto the turkey. Just think of how incredible a few tablespoons of gravy would be over some mashed potatoes! It’s going to be the best Thanksgiving meal yet with this gravy!

Homemade Turkey Gravy Key Steps:

  1. It starts with the drippings from the bird. Pour off the drippings into a measuring up and add chicken or turkey stock to get 4 cups of liquid total and set aside.
  2. Make a roux. Once you’ve got the liquid measured out and set aside, make a roux with flour and butter in a large skillet. Once the roux is golden brown, carefully pour in the drippings / stock mixture. 
  3. Whisk everything together while the liquid continues to boil and thicken until desired consistency. Taste and adjust salt and pepper as needed! 

How to make Turkey Gravy without drippings?

Not to fear! If you didn’t get any drippings or if you bought your turkey pre-cooked, just follow the same steps and forget about the drippings. You could add in some sautéed shallots and garlic before making the roux if you want to give it an extra boost of flavor. 

AND if you need a little extra help to make homemade gravy:

here’s a video I did a few years ago to walk you through gravy making step by step! PS – are you thinking of putting this on your Thanksgiving menu? Check out the full What’s Gaby Cooking menu here along with the master prep schedule to keep things organized and on track!

Homemade Turkey Gravy from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Homemade Turkey Gravy

Gaby Dalkin
I think it's safe to say that no matter what your favorite part of Thanksgiving is, a really incredible luscious homemade gravy is an imperative part of the meal!  
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 6 People


  • Turkey drippings from the bird
  • 3 cups chicken or turkey stock
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1/4 cup flour


  • Pour the turkey drippings into a large measuring cup and let it rest until the fat comes to the top. Spoon off most of the fat and discard. Add enough stock to the measuring cup to equal 4 cups of stock/drippings combined.
  • Place the roasted pan you roast the turkey in over the stove on medium high heat. Add the butter to the roasting pan and scrape up any brown bits that are stuck to the bottom of the pan.
  • Add the flour to the pan and whisk everything together until you form a roux. Continue to whisk until the roux is a dark brown color and fragrant.
  • Add the stock/dripping mixture to the roux and whisk to combine.
  • Turn the heat to high and bring the liquid to a boil while still stirring. Once the liquid reaches a boil, reduce the heat to medium and stir occasionally until the gravy is as thick as you'd like it.
  • Once the gravy is thick, serve it immediately or keep it over very low heat until you are ready to serve. If the gravy develops a thin film on the top, just give it a quick whisk. Adjust salt and pepper if needed, but be sure to taste first as the drippings can be salty and you might not need any excess salt.

Photo by Matt Armendariz / Food Styling by Adam Pearson / Prop Styling by Stephanie Hanes // Recipe by What’s Gaby Cooking

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  1. Meg in AL

    This is the way I make gravy, too, Gaby. I’m curious, though. Why use butter in the roux instead of turkey fat? I use the fat and save the excess. That way I can make more gravy the next day (because we’re a gravy lovin’ bunch).

    • Gaby

      I use a mixture, that’s why I reserve a tad bit of the turkey fat… but I just like the extra ooomph of flavor that the butter adds 🙂 You could easily do it with the turkey fat too!

    • Alexis

      I like to use cornstarch. The gravy comes out nice and silky.

    • Charlotte Yeast

      So do I .I like the shine and the consistency is easy to get with cornstarch. I used flour for years. So matter of preference.

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  4. Ruth Vlaar

    In all my years this is the very best gravy I have ever made for turkey.

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  6. Monika

    I am a gravy girl as well!! It is the only time of the year I have it, and this one looks like a sure winner!!! Can’t wait to drown the mashed potatoes!!!

  7. Possessionista

    Can you make this vegan using tofu? Also, instead of butter can I use applesauce? Is this gluten free?

  8. Dana

    I am so excited !!! Just made this gravy tonight had an early thanksgiving. It turned out Can’t believe it. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  10. Jeannie

    How do you end up with 4 cups of drippings/stock? We always roast a large turkey, but never have more than a little bit of drippings. At most 1/2 cup. Ideas?

    • Gaby

      my herb roasted turkey recipe has a bunch of lemons in it so they give off a lot of liquid as does the butter herb spread! But – no matter the amount of drippings, you can add stock to make the 4 cups needed for the recipe!!

    • Marcy Gross

      Bouillon cubes with water will make the stock and a little few drippings will also go in the measure cup for the base of the gravy.

  11. Catherine

    We are doing a belated thanksgiving this weekend and I am looking for a gravy that did not use the liver/heart/etc – this is perfect! However, I am used to having white wine in my gravy. Do you think I could use a cup of wine and the rest stock to make this? Thanks!

    • Gaby

      yes!! just sub out 1 cup of stock for 1 cup of white wine!! Enjoy

  12. Linda Aguilar

    I followed the directions and it turned out great! ..I.will use this recipe from now on, Thank You for sharing..

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  14. Kelly Taylor

    This looks amazing! Any recipes for gravy when you fry your turkey and don’t have drippings? Thanks!

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  16. Beth

    Hi Gaby.
    I’ll be using an oven bag and won’t have any of the goodies that get stuck to the bottom of roasting pans. 🙁
    What would you suggest in place of?

    • Gaby

      Hi Beth!

      I haven’t done a turkey in an oven bag before – so I would say if you don’t have dripping, you could saute some garlic, butter, shallots and dried herbs in place of that!

    • John from TJ MX

      I used an oven bag today and had plenty of dripping to mix with the stock! We just got done cleaning up and all of our family and friends commented on how good the gravy was!

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  18. Laura

    I Iove to make gravy every holiday or dinner night its called for and i cant wait to try your recipe! I will keep you updated later and let you know my outcome. Happy thanksgiving and thank you much so for sharing.

  19. Dalene

    My daughter googled homemade turkey gravy at the last minute yesterday and this is what she found. We gave it a try and it was awesome! It definitely will be used time and time again in my house!

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  22. Michelle

    Gaby….you say to skim off the turkey fat and reserve but then you make the roux with butter. When do you use the turkey fat???? Thanks!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  23. Tara

    This is the best gravy recipe! I used it last year and this year for Thanksgiving and I always get compliments. Even my Mom asked me for the recipe and she’s been making her own for 50 years! Next year I think I’ll have to try your whole Thanksgiving day menu.

  24. Konnie

    I made this last night. It was amazing. I truly have to say this is the best recipe for making gravy delicious and easy. Thank you so much. I will never use another recipe but this one.


  25. Brenda Murray

    This will be my first time ever in my 30 years of cooking turkey that I don’t use my mother’s gravy recipe – leave all the drippings in the pan, add in the giblet & vegetable water, followed by adding in flour & water (shaken together in a jar!) However, it never seems to come out right, in that it’s either too greasy or flavorless, with more time being spent trying to improve the consistancy &/or taste! For the first time ever I’m breaking tradition & will try your recipe as clearly, others have made it with great success, I’m really excited about trying something new & will let you know how it turns out! Happy New Year, Gaby!

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  29. Stc

    What’s best way to substitute cornstarch instead of flour? I have two celiacs in my family.

    • Gaby

      I haven’t tested it with cornstarch. Could you use a gluten free flour substitute?

  30. Karen Gilder

    Hi! I am trying this gravy recipe! My only concern is we used a dispensable pan to cook the turkey in…..my husband is concerned it will catch the house on fire, I told him that was silly as we used it in the oven!! I hope I am right!

    • Gaby

      honestly I’d transfer the drippings to a skillet to be safe!!

  31. Francie

    Thank you Gaby! I get so stressed about the gravy! I have to make mine GF. Would you suggest using GF flour or cornstarch?
    I plan to make everything on your list! Thanks for making it so approachable!

  32. Marie Pietras

    Gabby I’m with you when it comes to the Turkey gravy. My grandmother taught me how to make gravy at 10yrs old, and my mother also, That is the best way to make any gravy I think I only make homemade gravy even with making any roast too.And I make a great cream spinach, it’s been in my family for over 80yrs. And We only make it for hoiidays..Hope your Houldays are blessed ones, Thanks again for seeing this recipe it just brought great memories to me..Marie

  33. Holly Anderson

    Made this last year and it was amazing but we have a large family so I needed more. Can you double this or will it dilute the amazing flavor too much?

  34. Jen, San Diego, CA

    5 stars
    This was the best gravy I have ever had. Definitely going to make this again and again and again. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe.