My New Cookbook: Eat What You Want!

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It's time! It happened! After 2 years of working on my cookbook it's FINALLY here!!

OMG it's happening! Almost 2 years in the making and my 3rd cookbook is officially on shelved everywhere books are sold. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to get this book into your hands and meet you guys on book tour whenever that is rescheduled. This is seriously a dream come true and in large part thanks to you guys! You make my job so fun and I am so excited to be able to share even more recipes with you!

If you haven't ordered it yet - let's do this! Links to where it's sold are right here - take your pick from independent book stores, amazon, barnes and noble, Williams Sonoma... you name it! It's everywhere! And if you call your favorite book store and can't find it, tell them to get their act together and order it!

Okay okay... what else:

The book is 125 brand spanking new recipes (ok there are like 5 blog favorites in there that got a bit of a face lift!) and it covers EVERYTHING. Appetizers, Breakfast/Brunch, Sides, Salads, Meals so easy Thomas can make them, Weekend Entertaining Recipes, Desserts, Sauces and MORE. You name it. It's in there. It's all recipes inspired by my Eat What You Want attitude! To me it's all about doing what you want, what brings you joy, and doing it in moderation and we def managed to wrap that all up into a book!!

I wrote this book for many reasons but 2 big ones.

One - you guys. You guys make my job so much fun! I love seeing my recipes in your kitchen with your spin! Getting your messages on social and emails about how you've started cooking more with my recipes and don't feel as intimidated in the kitchen literally make my month! I love each and every one of you and am so thankful for you.

And two....because how often do you buy a book and only cook a few recipes out of it? Me - all the time. I wanted to write something that you guys would be able to use OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Every recipe in the book is fantastic and I know you're going to love it!

We photographed / styled the book with my dream team... Matt and Adam. Food photographer / food stylist by day and best friends in the whole wide world by night. And Amy who is the prop stylist extraordinaire and sprinkled magic fairy dust on everything. I couldn't love them anymore for helping me bring this California Girl style into the read world!

Okay!! I think that's just about it. I CANNOT WAIT to meet you guys in real life. I can't wait to see what you guys make. ALL MY LOVE! XOXO


  1. Hello Gaby!

    I am from Ottawa, Canada. I love to cook and have been for many years. I saw your interview on an American morning news show. I was so intrigued that I ordered your book. I have made 12 recipes in less than a month. I love each and everyone so far. I love the pictures, layout and the simplicity of the book. I will most definately continue making these great recipes. Thank you so much!

  2. Love your recipes from your cookbooks and blog. I cook from them all the time! Congratulations on the new book release! I guess there will no longer be a book tour-delayed even? I was so looking forward to seeing you in June in Houston. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Congrats! That is exciting! Yes. I always seem to only pick a couple of recipes out of a book so looking forward to trying yours out! Thanks for your time putting it together! Best of luck!

  4. Thank you Gaby!! The UPS truck arrived this evening with my new cookbook (plus 2 more, because my best friends always get gifted too). I have already read it from front to back & it is fabulous & beautiful! I have a truly impressive grocery list, because I want to create each & every recipe...yesterday! What really amazes me is that the majority of the ingredients, I already have in my pantry. I love the easiness that you share, (by adding fresh herbs, your truly amazing sauces, & just a lot of love for food) to take an already, amazing recipe to the next level. I am so excited to get started & sharing with friends & Family. Thank you again for continuing to share your gifts with us!

  5. Congrats Gaby, can’t wait to get my book ordering it tomorrow
    I enjoy following your meal plan love your recipe!

  6. Got my book today and it looks beautiful! I'm really liking the color choices :). The recipes look amazing and I can't wait to start making some!

  7. Congratulations Gaby,.. My book will arrive tomorrow. Always enjoy cooking a few of the weekly meal prep and holidays brunch menu.
    Enjoy watching the IG TV live

  8. Hi Gaby!
    I love your What's Gaby Cooking cookbook. I decided to make it my "quarantine challenge" to go through as many recipes as possible. So far I have made 24. I also sent a copy to 6 of my dearest cooking friends to encourage them to cook and share their favorites with me. We have a Google doc going too to share comments.

    It has been so fun- and many have become new family favorites! Making Chicken Parmesan Pappardelle tonight.

  9. So excited for you Gaby! My book arrived today and I can't wait to curl up with it and start to plan and drool over what to cook first!

  10. So excited for you!!! I even bought burrata today at Trader Joes in anticipation of knowing that there has to be a burrata recipe in the new book! Congrats! and HUGE thanks to you and your amazing team for getting all of us the books even without the book tour, you guys are ALL rockstars!

  11. Congrats Gaby!!! Can’t wait to get the cookbook! Literally ordered/bought it first thing in the morning! In the meantime I’ll munch on choc chips
    Side note: the first dish ever tried in Rome few years ago? Cacio e Pepe!!! Gotta love all the cheese!!

  12. So excited to get this book. I've been making your dishes from the blog during quarantine and my whole family loves them. My book will arrive tomorrow and I can' wait to dive in. Thank you for making it for us. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your hard work shines through. Congratulations!

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