Surprise Vacation 2013

Where are we going for surprise vacation?

Happy Sunday Funday guys!! Hope you guys all have a fantastic holiday weekend. Today we're talking surprise vacation AGAIN. We leave in less than a month. We got the final clue. And my dad's got a little message for ya'll!

To those being Puzzled-
Now that all the clues are done
Give Gaby your thoughts and have some fun.
If you are of keen insight
I am sure that you will get it right.
Check out a day in July
The 4th of course is the day to apply.
To see the answers for my rhymes
So easy they will then seem, but yes quite sublime.
It has been my pleasure to keep you guessing
I look forward next year to resume my messing!!!

He's clearly having a whole lotta fun with this 🙂 And here it is....

Final Clue

Passive, active or ney, hoorah!
A choice to make each lovely day.
A monthly read, what a buzz
Amazing views with words to love
Name, borrow and brothel are close
Tap across the garden hose
"Au naturale" is it for me?
Helps me learn of what I see 🙂
Sounds bizarre of that I am sure
But promise I do that while away,
All that ails will be cured!!

Previous Clues:

Along the eastern coast, ruins to behold
Some cities, some towns, so quaint and so old.
The rugged wildness of life
Such beauty, such magic, such strife.
Inside we go, away from the beach and away from the bold
To pass the time, for ages untold.
At 2:15 we lay down to sleep, at 2:17 she snores
How much can I take, I need my rest, with wonders still to explore.

From here I sit,
To leave on this wonderful trip,
We will be there soon,
Heading home in June.

Early to rise,
The sky so blue
I don some clothes
And observe the view.
Sites abound
Wonders all around

So warm on top,
So cold below,
Two different worlds
For us to go.
On the rocks,
My calves so cold
Or is it I, just getting old

Sites for sore eyes:
My wonderful Uncle Sal will visit us on monday, GREAT!

Boy, what an amber looking ale, it tastes so good on these hot summer days!

Mom's house, in the middle, of AA
I must find her room, "Aack this is hard",
But well worth the pain.

Or; can in the mirror, I only see
A name, or me?

Any ideas?!? I've also come to learn that we do NOT need any vaccinations or anything for where we are going. Maybe some pills to take while we are there - but my parents are staying tight lipped on if we will need to take anything while we're gone. Also - I'm fairly positive we are leaving the country. Alaska might be the only place in America that's an option... but I think we're going to need our passports.

If you've got an idea - or can decipher a clue - leave me some info in the comments!! We'd love to solve the puzzle before we go!


  1. Hi All-

    I just started reading this blog and am dying to know where the surprise vacation ended up being! Does anyone know? It seemed like her travel posts right after this were mostly with her husband.


    1. Brittany - It was a small boat cruise to the inside passage of Alaska!!

      Thanks for giving it a try!

      The ClueMaster

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