Big Sur, CA

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Our last stop before making it to San Francisco for IACP was in Big Sur.

For someone who went to college in the bay area, and has lived in LA for the last 5 years, it’s pretty tragic that I have never been to visit this serious gem of a town. I basically fell in love with Big Sur before we even got there. The drive in and out is seriously stunning. Can we just look at these views? I mean, honestly. It’s breathtaking.

A word to the wise – you’re going to be oooo’ing and awww’ing the whole drive in. So take note. Get gas before you enter Big Sur. We basically ran out just as we were hitting the windy roads that lead into big sur and had a moment of panic when we realized our cell phones had basically no reception, our gas light was on, and we had no idea where the closest gas station was. So be prepared and fill up before hitting the windy roads that lead into Big Sur.

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

After our little gas mishap it was smooth sailing from there. We stopped at multiple hike and scenic locations to check out the views.

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

We did a seriously intense hike up the Julie Pfiffer State Falls and were on serious time constraints as we had a lunch reservation to get to. So we basically sprinted the hike. It was gorgeous, but we certainly didn’t look stylish while doing it!

After our hike we headed over to the Post Ranch Inn for lunch. The food, wine pairings and the view were all not to be missed!

After filling our tummies, we headed to our hotel at Glen Oaks Lodge and got checked in. Hotels in Big Sur are way cute, and ours was no exception. It was basically a little cabin in the woods, about a block away from the check in desk. We literally stepped out our front door to these massive trees and a cute little fire pit for s’more roasting.

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with  Big Sur, CA: On The Road with  Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

Big Sur, CA: On The Road with

The room was perfect too. And it had heated bathroom floors, which are literally my latest obsession. They should come standard in all hotels. We pow-wowed in our room for a bit and just hung out until we skipped over to Big Sur Bakery for dinner. Super cute! I’m so bummed we were taking off early and missed their breakfast because apparently, it’s not to be missed!

Here are some links as to where to eat, stay and check out while you’re in Big Sur!

Glen Oaks Lodge

Big Sur Bakery

Post Ranch Inn 

And we didn’t have time – but next time I’m there I’m for sure checking out

Cocktails at Nepenthe

Cocktails at Ventana Inn 

and Esalon which is supposed to be a super fab retreat with some killer hot springs

I’d highly recommend all of it. And I can’t even wait to go back 🙂 Big Sur is basically a must for anyone visiting or living in California!

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  1. DessertForTwo

    Gaby, this post brought tears to my eyes. We just moved away from California one year ago this week, and Big Sur is what I miss the most. We always say “if shit hits the fan, we are packing our car and moving to Big Sur. Who cares if we have to live out of it the rest of our lives, at least we’ll be in Big Sur.” Ahhh…I love our Plan B at life. Do you have the Big Sur Bakery cookbook? You would love it–it has the bohemian vibe of the town.

  2. Sally

    Your first trip to Big Sur will never be your last! We love it too! We splurged fora birthday trip a few years ago and stayed at the Ventana Inn. Just incredible. The restaurant has great food too. Would like to try the cute little cabins at Glen Oaks next time. JPB Beach is beautiful. And Nepenthe? Not to be missed! Love sitting outside on the patio on a sunny day for lunch with a glass of wine, overlooking the ocean. Truly the California experience! Good for you!

  3. Jamie @ green beans & grapefruit

    This looks incredible! I haven’t been to Big Sur since I was a kid but I KNOW that needs to change. I can tell it’s one of those places I’d probably end up moving to.

  4. eve

    Big Sur is my happy place. Can’t wait to go back. Thanks for sharing your photos. Added a nice little bit of happy to my day!

    • Gaby

      I want to go back right now too! love Big Sur!

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  7. gabrielle

    not only is my name Gaby, but i love big sur as well. it has me heart and soul. thank you for this post, after having three kids back to back we’ve only been able to go out to big sur area three times in the past four years, which is a sin.. ha! this has inspired me to push our trip this year up a bit (before kids we’d travel down 6 times a year, yes 6!) anyway, thanks, we love nepenthe too, you must try their version of a burger if you get a chance.

    ps. i also color coordinate everything. it was kinda weird reading your ‘about’ section, seeing that we are very similar judging solely from the list. 🙂