Brie Stuffed Mushrooms

Happy Monday! We’re keeping the Thanksgiving train rolling over here on WGC with a super festive appetizer… Brie Stuffed Mushrooms!! […]

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Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

Say Whaat? Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms! These bites are insane. I’m in full on game day prep. I’ll be home for Brazil by then and I’ll be ready to throw an epic party. Part of that party is totally going to consist of these pizza stuffed mushrooms. Can we just discuss my absolutely love and affection […]

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Stuffed Mushrooms

Being a personal chef allows me to make a lot of food all the time. I made about 6-10 dishes a day and get to experiment with different ideas and recipes to make my own. Recently I made these stuffed mushrooms for a client and they literally were so excited she then requested that I […]

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