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Pesto Pea Pizza

Peas on Pizza? I know, right? It’s kinda crazy but it’s actually out of this world delicious! I’m calling it now, Pesto Pea Pizza is about to be all the rage!

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Summer Snack Board from (@whatsgabycookin)

Summer Snack Board

We’re on the homestretch of my book shoot this week (2 more days!!) and I can’t even wait for it to come out next year. But we’ve got roughly 9-10 months of waiting ahead of us and there’s only one way…

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Grilled Corn and Stone Fruit Salad from (@whatsgabycookin)

Grilled Corn and Stone Fruit Salad

No joke, I rolled into the farmers market this weekend for 2 things (neither of which were corn) and then proceeded to walk out with 12 ears of corn. So get ready for some corn recipes… they are coming in HOT.

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Easy French Summer Picnic

Here’s the deal…why am I not in France right now? I know I’m on a crazy deadline for my next cookbook, but I feel like I should be in Europe. Provence to be exact. Last week it was Italy, and now…

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Penne with 5 Cheeses from (@whatsgabycookin)

Meal Plan // Week 33

Whew! I am SO pumped it’s Sunday! This past week was insane – between 2 photoshoots, a quick jaunt to Palm Springs, the early stages of some major new things…just stick a fork in me…

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Summer Cheese Board

My love for a cheese board, or any board with a variety of food, runs deep! This summer I’m jazzing up the traditional pre-dinner nibble situation and giving the Summer Cheese Board a life of its own!

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Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

This won’t come as a shock to those of you who’ve been reading / cooking from What’s Gaby Cooking for the past few years, but I didn’t have a Caesar Salad until I was well into my 20’s!

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Fish Taco Bowls from (@whatsgabycookin)

Meal Plan // Week 32

I’m ready for an insane week full of photoshoots, meetings, filming and hopefully a few minutes to sleep! Let’s do this. Week 32 of What’s Gaby Cooking meal plans coming in hot!

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Seafood Pasta

We’re re-living one of my favorite meals from Positano today with this incredible Seafood Pasta! 

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