Recent Food + Drink

Pasta Gremolata

Last month I was in Berkeley for a hot second, back close to my old stomping grounds when I used to live in the Bay Area for college, and I FINALLY had the change to eat at Chez Pannise!! OMG – what took me so long.

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Meal Plan // Week 23

I spent the better part of this last week eating birthday cake and birthday cookies, so let’s up the ante on savory things and get after this week! Here we go…

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Grilled Peach and Prosciutto Pizza

It’s HAPPENING! Grilled pizza season is here and I’m kicking it off this season with a Grilled Peach and Prosciutto Pizza loaded with plenty of basil + fresh mozzarella because why not!

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Loaded Summer Hummus from (@whatsgabycookin)

Loaded Summer Hummus

We’ve covered the how-to’s on plain hummus… we’ve done a winter spin on hummus… and today it’s all about Loaded Summer Hummus!

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Meal Plan // Week 22

Week 22 of meal plans coming your way and this week it’s ALL about summer. 2 kinds of pizza, a little taco situation and way more goodness to get you through the week!

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Blackberry Pineapple Smash from (@whatsgabycookin)

Blackberry Pineapple Smash

TGIT! Let’s make some cocktails shall we? Blackberry Pineapple Smash Cocktails are on the agenda for today and I can promise that you’ll absolutely love them!

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Cheesecake Cookie Bars

Have you ever made a Cheesecake Cookie Bars? If not, please stop whatever you’re doing, get yourself to the grocery store, and then get down to business. They are the best treats ever. 

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Meal Plan // Week 21

It’s a busy week so let’s make it extra easy by lining up all of our dinners, a few breakfasts, a little something something for dessert and hopefully some leftovers for lunch! Here we go! 

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