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Happy New Years guys!! I’m so ready for it! I’m really looking forward to what 2023 has to offer! We have some fun things coming down the pipeline and I cannot wait to share! But until then – let’s do this weeks meal plan!

You know the drill. 6 nights of dinner recipes – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I’ll add in something sweet here and there, or a breakfast smoothie creation, or blow it out where there’s a celebration… but you can count on at least 5 nights worth of meals every single Sunday all year round. So, here we go! If you guys want to see anything else pertaining to weekly meal plans, just holler in the comments!

SundaySalmon Shawarma Bowls!

Salmon Shawarma Salad from (@whatsgabycookin)

Monday –  Deconstructed Falafel Salad is happening for Meatless Monday!!

Deconstructed Falafel Salad from (@whatsgabycookin)

TuesdaySheet Pan Salmon with Broccolini!

Sheet Pan Broiled Salmon with Broccolini from (@whatsgabycookin)

WednesdayVeggie Fajita Bowls with Cauliflower Rice feels like the right way to usher in hump day!

Rajas Veggie Fajita Bowl from (@whatsgabycookin)

Thursday – Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers except I’ll be using brown rice (which also can double for leftovers over the weekend!) and some garlic roasted mushrooms!

Friday – we’ve got a super exciting announcement come Friday so we’re doing this Chicken Tagine with all the accoutrements to celebrate that night!

Chicken and Olive Tagine from (@whatsgabycookin)

Saturday: Mushroom Pasta – omg this stuff is INSANELY good! 

We aren’t going cold turkey with the sugar – it’s just no way to live.

And if you’re looking for something healthy to kick start every morning… might I suggest these smoothies!


  1. Oooh, I LOVE this idea. I do so dislike having to think about a plan every day!! This is going to make it much easier and more fun!!

  2. The week looks delicious! It would be nice if it was posted before or at the beginning of the weekend so we could get groceries on Sat or Sun. Thanks, Gaby!

  3. I seriously hope you do more of these! For one of my meal prep recipes this week I combined your chicken fajitas with the brown rice and cilantro vinaigrette and all I can say is wow. Simply amazing! I’ve been trying to make ye meals a little more interesting so thank you for bringing some great flavors into my food! Will definitely be making again, and please please please do more weekly meal plans (:

  4. i’m a total n00b on here – just found your site from listening to the alton brown podcast.
    this is amazing!!!!!!!! thanks so much.

  5. Ah! These recipes look fabulous! I’ve printed a few, now to find the time to make them!
    Since becoming single, cooking at home isn’t quite the same. And I cook for a living so all the more reason not to cook at home. But your recipes inspire me and I can make them for 2, and have leftovers!
    Wishing you a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

  6. Thank you for sharing these weekly plans. They are so inspiring. Do you do anything with pork tenderloin? I love how clean and easy your meals are.

  7. Gaby – you friggin ROCK! Thank you for these recipes. Any chance you can include a grocery item list for each week from your recipes? That would be kilerrrrr to copy and paste into my shopping cart. YOU ARE THE BOMB. thank you!

  8. HI Gaby- These look fabulous! Is there somewhere there is a weekly shopping list? I shop by pickup and need to plan….Did I miss an email? Thanks, Cindy

  9. Love your recipes and your meal plans but would love to see the calories/nutrition per meal. It is really helpful when trying to plan my eating for the week. Thanks.

  10. Wow these all look delicious! Any chance you can also share something along the lines of Chile Rellenos maybe a casserole (easier & not deep fried)? A local restaurant here has an amazing variation that include pine nuts and currants or raisins inside and a panko crust yum!!!

    Thanks Gaby!

  11. A weekly shopping list would be AMAZING. I pretty much just make what you tell us to each week and having a simple grocery list would make it next level!

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