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Guess what guys - I started a podcast!! If you haven't heard What's Gaby Cooking in Quarantine, hop to it!!


WGC in Quarantine is your one stop shop for all your food related questions! We’ll be talking tips and tricks, how to store food, how to put together meals based on what’s in your pantry and more! We’ll have guests every few episodes and I'm going to be highlighting a company that’s doing awesome things for home delivery since we’re all limiting the amount of time we go out looking for food!

I'll be releasing new episodes (15 mins each) M, W, F for the foreseeable future while we all work our way through quarantine!

I'm taking all the calls at 888-338-4429 so call in, leave me a message with whatever you need help with! Have questions about techniques, lay it on me. Need to know what to do with the random ingredients in your fridge or pantry, bring it on! I can't wait to create some recipes for you guys! Head on over to the podcast tab in the top right section of my nav bar for all the episodes and make sure to subscribe on whatever platform so you never miss the good intel!


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