Juice Cleanse 101

Juice Cleansing 101. Let’s figure this thing out!

I’m a huge fan of juicing. I just love it!! And because so many of you have asked me to elaborate on it, I’ve decided to share what my juice cleanses look like from start to finish!

So let’s start at the beginning shall we? Okay well wait, one second. First and foremost let me say, I am not a nutritionist and I don’t claim to know everything. I just know how my body reacts to juicing and it’s nice to shed 5-7 pounds when I’m feeling bloated and pudgy after some serious holiday indulgence. I also know it’s not for everyone – so if you’re totally anti juicing, might I suggest you check out these healthy quinoa salads I’ve been whipping up!

Okay, ready? Let’s go.

Juice Cleansing 101 from www.whatsgabycooking.com

I usually juice for about 5-6 days. 3 years ago when I first started, it was a 3 day cleanse. Which really means 9 days… because there is a 3 day pre cleanse and 3 day post cleanse schedule that I follow. That means, in the 3 days leading up to the cleanse, I cut out basically everything except fruits and vegetables. I eat loaded salads with different veggies, drink boat loads of herbal tea, and hydrate with large amounts of water to prepare myself.

So once I’ve got the 3 days of pre-cleansing under my belt, it’s time to hop into the juicing stage. Let’s talk equipment. I have the Breville Slow Juicer. It’s amazing. I’m obsessed and I like the “slow” juicers because you actually extract more fiber and nutrients from the fruits and veggies which gives you more pulp and gives you a bit of a thicker juice and all that jazz.

So during my 3, 4, 5, or 6 days of “juicing” I drink about 6 glasses of juice a day and 6 glasses of water. I make 3 kinds of juice and for lack of better names, I call them by color:

Green Juice

Fresh Pressed Kale, Cucumber, Apple & Ginger Juice

Red Juice

Fresh Pressed Beet, Spinach and Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Fresh Pressed Carrot & Turmeric Juice

I usually have 3 large glasses of green juice, 2 orange juices and 1 red juice. And then there is the strawberry almond milk I have at the end of they day.

Juice Cleansing 101 - Almond Milk

So here’s what a day would look like for me:

7:00 am wake up – drink some white ginger tea

8:00 am – Green Juice #1 + Water

10:00 Orange Juice #1+ Water

12:00 Green Juice #2+ Water

2:00 Red Juice #1+ Water

4:00 Green Juice #3+ Water

6:00  Orange Juice #2+ Water

8:00 Almond Milk and some more white ginger tea

And that’s about it. Then it’s off to bed where my dreams are usually filled with food. Just kidding, kinda, not really. It’s hard when I live in the food world not to dream about food!!

Post juice cleanse I slowly work my body back onto normal food. I eat lots of raw veggies to start and then slowly work in fruits, quinoa, farro etc. I usually try to stay off of meat for a few more days because that’s just how I roll. And I can promise you when you work your way around to having a burger post juice cleanse – it’s going to be the most delicious thing in the whole wide world.

If you’re new to juicing, I’d say start with a 3 day cleanse. They aren’t easy – and you want to make sure you aren’t going crazy all the time! So I vote for starting on the shorter side and seeing how your body reacts. And for sure, don’t skip the pre and post cleanse – I’ve done it before and it’s not pretty. Your body basically kicks you in the stomach. Trust me.

Day 1 is always the hardest for me because I am “head” hungry. Which basically means I think I’m hungry… but really I’m not. I’m just bored and want to eat. Truth is, I’m packing my body with so many micronutrients, it has plenty to run on. I just start day dreaming about grilled cheese sandwiches and then I go crazy. So if you’re juicing, you should probably stay off the food section of Pinterest. :)

By day 2 I feel like a million bucks. I sleep better at night, wake up in the morning ready to go. (I literally jump out of bed and Thomas thinks I’m a crazy person) Okay and this might sound weird, but you actually see things more clearly. Not figuratively… I mean literally. Things are sharp and crisp and you’re just ready to take on the day!

So… you might be wondering why I juice? Well, I love it. I do it about every 2-3 months as a way to re-set my body and let it rest. And have you guys ever seen that movie, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead? It’s kinda life changing. I’d highly recommend it if you’re into this kinda thing. It’s super inspiring.

Alright. Ready for some recipes… I am going to give you recipes for all 4 of the liquids I drink during the cleanse. And each recipe is enough for 1 glass.

Green Juice

Yield: Makes 1 glass

Green Juice


  • 3 leaves kale, stem removed, roughly chopped
  • 1 handful spinach leaves, roughly chopped
  • 1 cup chopped romaine lettuce
  • 1 bunch parsley, roughly chopped
  • 1/2 English cucumber
  • 2 sticks celery, roughly chopped
  • 1 apple, halved and seeds removed
  • 1 inch piece fresh ginger
  • 1 lemon, rind removed


  1. Place everything into a juicer and juice!

Red Juice

Red Juice


  • 1 apple, quartered
  • 2 red beets, quartered
  • 3 large carrots
  • 1 orange, rind removed
  • 1 (1-inch) piece of ginger
  • 1 handful spinach


  1. Place everything into a juicer and juice!

Orange Juice

Orange Juice


  • 9 carrots
  • 1 orange, rind removed
  • 1 apple, quartered
  • 1 slice pineapple, skin removed
  • 1/2 of a lemon
  • 1 inch turmeric root


  1. Place everything into a juicer and juice!

Strawberry Almond Milk

Strawberry Almond Milk


  • 1/2 cup whole natural almonds
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 tablespoon Agave Nectar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
  • 1/2 vanilla bean, seeds removed
  • 3 strawberries, tops removed


  1. Soak the almonds in some water for at least 2 hours
  2. Drain the almonds and combine them with 2 cups of water, agave nectar, cinnamon, vanilla bean and strawberries in a high powered blender and blend for about 2 minutes until smooth.

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  1. It’s pretty clear that I need my own Breville Juicer. I’d love to be able to create my own 3-day cleanse once in a while. Thanks for those recipes!!! So I’m on the 4th day right now of a 6-day juice cleanse. You would have totally laughed at me yesterday- I was filming the video trailer for my cookbook and had to pretend to be eating things that I was making all day long. It was hysterical. I actually took a bite of my red velvet cake and then had to spit it into a napkin, lol! I didn’t want to ruin my cleanse!! I totally agree that the pre and post are important. And I love the amazing feeling I have after a cleanse. Thanks to YOU for introducing me to cleansing in the first place :)

    1. rock on Lori!!! Love that you’re going strong!! And I’ve totally done the same thing for filming before! Hysterical :)

  2. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about people having success with juicing. I was just thinking to myself this morning… what kindof juices are they drinking?! I’ve tried many on the Williams-Sonoma website, but several of them are down right nasty. And others don’t really seem that healthy.

    Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial. I am going to give this a try. I’ll make sure I tell EVERYONE about it, so I get the full health benefits :)


      1. just want to share. I juice and I use the vaccum sealer. mine has the jar sealer. mine keep for at least 5 days

  3. this is SUCH an awesome post, Gaby. I love how detailed it is and it really does uncover the truth about juicing and how to do it, etc. I’ve always been so curious about it and I really do want to try a pre-wedding cleanse. I’m going to have to make some of these juices from you and give it a shot! You’re such a trooper for being able to do 6 DAYS!!

  4. These look great! Unfortunately I don’t have a juicer and my budget definitely won’t allow for one right now. Can you think of an alternative? Would a blender work? Thanks!

  5. Looks fantastic. I’m going to take the plunge and try it out. Are you able to exercise while on the cleanse?

    1. yes!! I exercise the whole time!! But I don’t go do crazy things like rock climb… more spinning and yoga etc :)

  6. I have never tried to juice but really want to. I ordered a 3 day Blue Print juice cleanse to do next week. If I like it I want to buy a juicer and make my own next time.,,and I will use your recipes :)

    1. I love blue print!! They cashew milk is soooooo good!! I always feel like it’s such a treat to drink that at the end of the day! Good luck! xo

  7. Such dedication! I loooove juicing but I’m not sure I have enough self control to do it as a cleanse haha One question, do you make the juice and drink it right away or do you make big batches and store it to drink over three days? I heard if you make bigger batches the juice can lose it’s nutrients after like an hour, do you know if that’s true??

    1. I juice every morning to make enough to last me through the day! I think it’s true that juices can lose some of their nutrients if they are sitting around for too long – but I find that just doing them each morning totally works!! And then I just store them in air tight containers until it’s time to drink!

  8. Gaby, I will juice every now and then when I felt it was time to clean the pipes and love the healthy feeling from it when I do. I am having surgery soon and plan to cleanse post-surgery and can’t wait to use your recipes! I am wondering if you could post some of your recipes for pre and post-cleanse? Thank you!

    1. Hey Theresa!

      Good luck with surgery first of all!

      And yes – I’ll be posting a BUNCH of the healthy recipes in the coming weeks. A lot of them already live in the “healthy/figure friendly” section on my recipe index… but I’ve got more coming for SURE!!


      1. Thanks! I noticed your healthy recipes after I sent my comment. I am so excited to start making your dishes! I love your site- Thank you for sharing such wonderful creative good food!

      2. These look amazing. Any chance you could put up a grocery list for three days juicing with these juices??
        Thanks for the recipes and being so open to sharing your skills and experiences.

    1. I usually keep most of it off! Like if I loose 6 lbs… I only gain 1 back usually. But I’m also eating much “cleaner” post cleanse too!

  9. I’m curious to know why you don’t juice everyday….. I wonder if juicing and eating normal health food everyday would give me the same results. And if juicing gives you so much energy and clarity, why don’t you drink everyday?

    1. Hey Paola!

      I love juicing, and I do usually make a green juice once a day… but I also love eating, so I like to incorporate the two!

  10. Soo….what does day 1-3 and 6-9 of pre and post look like? I need to do this and i love juicing! And I need a serious cleanse after the holidays and a month of travel. I drink detox tea and hot water with lemon….but need a week of a cleanse! Tips welcome :)

    1. I do all fruits and veggies for pre and post! no booze, caffeine or sugar! Or meat :) So just lots of salads, green tea, and fruits!

  11. Wow. Now that I’ve done the three day cleanse I can see what you’re talking about. I think just jumping into the cleanse (which I did) was pretty intense and I’ll make sure to do the pre-game warm up next time. Thanks for the great recipes! Time to start saving up for a juicer!

    1. I just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I am pre-diabetic and already on Metformin. I need to drop 200 pounds so I decided to jump in and try this juice cleanse.

      I do wish I had found YOUR site before I started the 3-day cleanse this week! I’m on the first day still (and all 3 days of juices made up already) and I did NOT to a pre-warmup so I’m a little nervous about what might happen. :( Guess I’ll tough it out though as I have no choice now. But if I make it through this 3 days alive (haha) I will definitely try some of your recipes and to the pre- and post-cleanses as well. That makes logical sense…just wish I had thought of it yesterday. lol

  12. Gaby this is super inspiring and helpful… I’ve just started my first three day juice fast, not easy but I am sure it’ll be worthy

  13. I’m new to juicing- but I just got the Breville slow juicer! Do you make a larger batch to drink for the day or do you make a new drink each time? I work and go to school currently- so making a new drink every few hours doesn’t seem possible. Thanks ;)

    1. I made big batches at the beginning of each day!! That way I only have to clean the juicer once :) Have fun juicing!!

    1. Hi Mary! You can totally use your vitamix but it will be more like a smoothie! Still equally as delicious – but it won’t be just juice. Which actually means you’ll be getting more fiber which is great!

  14. Making my list of veggies and wondering if you use raw beets oppose to cooked? I suppose it wouldnt be easy juicing cooked beets? :)

    1. raw beets :) Nothing is cooked so you keep all the nutrients in tact! Happy juicing! if you have any other questions – don’t hesitate to email!!

  15. I went to a few different produce stores and didn’t have any luck finding Turmeric root and found the powder instead. Any suggestions for a substitute or can I just give the drink a dash of Turmeric? ;-)

  16. I have a question: I have a blender only, and no juicer. Is it still a ‘cleanse’ if it’s just straight-up the whole vegetables blended together into like a smoothie? I feel like it might be equivalent because of the extra nutrients, fiber, etc., but wondered what you thought.
    Awesome recipes, by the way! On my second day of drinking them as smoothies and they’re fantastic. I love the green one :)

    1. Hey Molly! It’s totally still a cleanse if you use a blender rather than a juicer! I think that’s actually better because you are getting more fiber as you said. Glad to hear that you’re loving it!! I bet you feel great :)

  17. Starting the pre-cleanse today and I can’t wait to follow your juicing plan! I loved fat, sick and nearly dead and ended up here after a quick google search!

    Can’t wait :)

  18. Do you work while you do the juice fast? I work crazy hours and am trying to figure out how I can balance juicing and keeping up my energy with 12 hour shifts… Any advice?

    1. Hi Charisa,

      Yes, I work while juicing. I usually start my cleanses on Saturday so I have 2 days to be at home before going back to work on Monday!

      And the juice actually gives you a lot of energy :) Sometimes if my energy is super low at work, I’ll snack on some celery :)

      Hope this helps!

  19. Hey! I’m planning to follow your plan next week. Super excited to try your Almond Milk recipe. Do you happen to know the daily calorie count on this plan?

  20. HI! I was so excited to find your juice plan. I am planning to do a juice cleanse next week. Really excited to try out the almond milk. Yum! One question, roughly how many calories a day do you intake on this plan?

  21. Hi there! i was just wondering how expensive all of these ingredients will be? would you say you spend more or save more when you cleanse? thanks!

    1. Soooooo I think I spend less in groceries… maybe $40 a day? But I do spend a lot of time cleaning the juicer… which is painful, but what can ya do! It also depends if I can get things at my farmers market since that’s cheaper than the regular grocery store. But a cleanse in LA is about $70 a day, so I’m saving some money by juicing at home!

  22. I cook for my whole family, 3 meals per day for everyone. My husband works long hours and my kids are not old enough to make their own meals. I’m worried that I won’t have the willpower to stick with it while I am preparing all that yummy food for everyone else. Any tips for staying on course?

    1. Hi Lori! What if you made some dishes ahead of time and kept them in the freezer? That way you could just pull them out, pop them in the oven, and you dont have to cook them for the few days you’re juicing? That’s what I’d do :)

  23. Gaby, I am new to your site and just love your insights and commentary. I see you are using the new Breville vertical juicer and just wanted to comment that their are also multi-purpose juicer options that offer the slow juicing abilities and can do nut butters and baby food! Check out the Omega Nutrition Center juicers, not too spendy and they look nice too!

  24. Hi Gaby,

    I am totally new to juicing although I have been on a few water fasts before. I really love your article and would like to thank you so much for it. Your recipes sound so delicious, I have finally decided to start a 6 days juicing (plus preparation of course) but I just have a quick question. I understand that your juices are mainly sweet and cold(right)? How would you recommand to go about juicing some vegs with hot water to make it more like a soup, at least for 2 or 3 of the meals? It’s just for the salt craving people like me… 6 days of sweet juices can be a bit long…
    Waiting to read your reply :-)

    1. Hi Dee,

      I’ve never tried making the juices more soupy – and yes they are all cold. I think the only thing I can see with the hot juices is that steaming or simmering the veggies kills some of the nutrients – but that said – I still think it would work for juicing! I say give it a go! Let me know for sure :)

      Hope this helps!

  25. Hi Gaby,
    Just wondering if it’s ok to add tofu or any other protein source to the juices? If so, will they still be effective for a cleanse? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dawn,

      hmmmm that’s a good question. I’m not sure. I’ve never tried it or see it with protein – so my guess it that would alter the results. I’ll ask around and see if I can get an answer!

  26. Hello! How do I add beets to the juice? They are tough to cut raw, should they first be boiled? Also I work out pretty hard at the gym, should I do lighter workouts so as not to faint or you think I will be just fine? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Jen – just chop up the raw beets and add them to the juicer!!

      I usually decrease the intensity of my workout during a cleanse so I don’t over-do it! But you’ll know what feels best for your body – so I’d just trust yourself! Good luck~

  27. Hi, I noticed that in your normal daily routine you have two Green Juice #2’s
    So do you have 3 green juices total and only 1 Red juice per day or do you have 2 of each color each day?

  28. I have been researching juice cleanses for some time now and would like to try one soon, I like they way your “program” is designed and will probably be following the recipes you have provided. My one question to you is how much do the recipes yield and what are your serving sizes? Are the recipes listed for one serving or multiple, and are you taking in 8oz per consumption? Thanks for sharing!

  29. Thanks for the recipes! I have an overactive thyroid and have been told to stay away from kale….what can I use as a substitute?

  30. Hey Gaby!
    I am on day 24 of what started as a 3day cleanse! now, I am shooting for 30 days! I just wanted to say thanks, because found your website to be very helpful when I first started! Just one question…I noticed you and many others sites sometimes use Almond Milk! Doesn’t Almond Milk sort of contradict the 100% juice fast and slightly wakes up the digestion? If not, please advise, because my research thus far has shown pros and cons to using Almond Milk! Thanks!

  31. Hi There
    i am new to juicing and was wondering if these servings are 8oz?
    Can i use turmeric powder form? is it just for flavor?

    1. Hi Maria!

      Yes, they are about 8 ounces. Some might be slightly more and some slightly less. And I’ve never used turmeric powder, but I’d imagine it’s the same thing. Although if you can find fresh turmeric, give it a go as it’s excellent!

      1. So are we to drink all the juice in one day. The red juice and almond one is so much i was just wondering if i should save half for the next day?

      2. So are we to drink all the juice in one day. The red juice and almond one is so much i was just wondering if i should save half for the next day? My husband has now started on this cleanse too :)

  32. I have a question…I typically stay away from milky type drinks or substances. Is there a viable substitute for the Strawberry Almond Milk drink? I am allergic to milk and I stay away from some nuts because of an allergic reaction a few years back.

    1. Hey Charm, I don’t know if there is a sub. Are you allergic to all nuts? Because you could easily make this with cashews or walnuts too!

  33. This cleanse looks great! Just curious what the nutritional value of the almond milk is/what role does it play in the cleanse. And are there any alternatives to the strawberry almond milk? Thanks!!

    1. The nut milk is the most caloric of all the juices and its great to drink at night because your body then gets some nourishment before you go to sleep. You could easily do this with cashews or walnuts too!

  34. Wonderful information regarding the cleanse, it’s just what I was looking for, but have yet to come across anything definitive until I found your site. Thanks again, will be back.


  35. Hi! i really wanna do your cleanse but i like my coffee. can i still drink my coffee while doing this? thanks!

  36. hi! we met at the ferry bldg like a month ago (i’m aida’s friend).

    i am on my first juice cleanse and am using your recipes/plan. they’re really delicious!


  37. Is the juicer that you have quiet? I have a very old juicer that I found in the basement of my parents house (so old that the instructions came with a cassette tape) and it is so loud it is impossible to have a conversation while it is going and it drives my boyfriend crazy!


  38. Where can I find some cute straws like yours?
    Thank you for the pre warm up plan! I’m about to embark on a juice cleanse so I started juicing more and eating big salads. I will make sure to clean up my diet even more and post pone starting. It makes sense to give the body time to adjust.

  39. After watching Fat, Sick and nearly dead I went out that night and bought a juicer. I am on day 2 of my juice cleanse. My biggest worry was being hungry but so far I am not hungry at all! I actually feel really bloated and my belly hurts. I guess maybe it’s just getting used to all the juice? Do you have any recipes for a stomach soother? I hope this gets better soon!

    1. Hi Whitney, I don’t have anything on the site – but have you tried drinking any caff-free tea? Or hot water with lemon? That might help! Let me know :)

      1. I have not tried that but I will get some and give it a try. I was expecting to feel “empty” and not so full! I will let you know if it helps. Thanks again…you have an awesome site. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes when I am done with the cleanse!

  40. Hi Gaby,

    Thanks so much for the website! It’s amazingly helpful.
    A few questions for you:

    1. Do you peel/wash the beets?
    2. Where do you buy vanilla beans? And how do you take the seeds out?
    3. You throw the beans away and only use the outside?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey lolo!

      Beets – yes peel them!
      Vanilla Beans – whole foods or amazon.com
      you use the insides of the beans!

    2. Hey to take the seeds out of the vanilla bean just use the tip of a knife butterfly the bean and scrape both sides

      1. And you can store the vanilla pod in a jar of sugar to make vanilla sugar for baking or dusting or steep it in brandy to make your own vanilla essence.

  41. Hi I have a couple of questions 1- what would be the pre and post juicing what doi need to do? 2- I’m nursing is this something do while nursing. I already drink the green juice in the morning. Thank you

    1. Hi Sammy! I’m not sure if it’s okay to do while nursing. I’d check with your doctor before starting :)

  42. I know this is a silly question, but where can I find those adorable straws?!
    I also wanted to say thank you for the juicing info! I start my actual juicing on Sunday and am doing the Pre juice stuff beginning tomorrow! Fridge is all stocked up! Thanx again!

    1. woot woot! good luck with the juice! The straws are just from Etsy! Search for cute straws and about 1 million options will show up and you can pick your fav colors and designs :)

  43. Hey Gaby!
    Just wondering what sort of meals to eat on the pre-cleanse? For lunch and dinner (without cheating with rice or pasta !) thanks!

  44. I like your idea of prepearing for juicing and exiting from it. Sure, it’s not easy and not healthy to jump straight to juicing without preparation. That’s why so many people give it up because of hunger breaks, headaches and various side effects. Exiting from juicing detox is also not less important than preparation. I agree with you, your mind is so clear and your body wants to fly after juicing. It’s great! I like it also.

  45. I plan on trying this. When you say you do the cleanse for 5-6 days, do I do the juicing 5-6 and do 3 pre and 3 post pre days? This would be a total of 12 days? Right? Thank you for posting this.

    1. yup! I usually do 2-3 days of pre, 5-6 days of juice, and then 2-3 days of post!! Good luck! Keep me posted

  46. Gaby I missed this post the first time around and I agree with everything you said and this is a great post! I have stopped buying cleanses and just do my own juicing and my juices fall into the green and/or pink/red/orange and then the creamywhite bedtime juice categories. Head hungry. That is such a perfect way to describe day 1. And yes to the pre-cleanse stuff. I tried to get off coffee AND do a cleanse at the same time about 2 yrs ago. I was literally going thru the worst caff withdrawals and was head hungry. Can you say hot mess so I’ve since learned to go into cleanses way more prepared and in a better place. Love love this post!

  47. HI Gaby, I love juicing and these recipes look delicious but I also worry about the left over pulp. Do use it for any other recipes or compost or do you just throw it away? It always seems like a such a waste to me but maybe there are no nutrients left in it anyway? Thanks for the help!

  48. How long do you juice for? sorry if you already answered and missed it? I know you said you do it every 2 tp 3 months, but do you juice for a whole week?


  49. Gabby, I am so glad I found your website. All your juice recipes are delicious! Thank you! Jeanne Thomson

      1. OMG adorable……….and will make drinking my smoothies so much fun! Do you ever order the BPA free ones? I would imagine the plastic ones would be a b—- to clean!

  50. This is super awesome, thanks for sharing the step by step. I’ve been doing various cleanses for years and am starting one next week. And I love to incorporate a few days of juicing the middle, so this makes my life so much easier and less expensive! Making them is so much tastier too!

  51. This may be a silly question, but would this cleanse be recommended for people of any size? I am a fairly petite person (about 110 lbs.) and am worried that this may be too much for me, as I’m not a huge eater to begin with.

    1. Hi Amy! I’m not sure since I’m not a trained nutritionist – my best advice would be to work in a few juices a day and see how you feel before attempting a whole day of juicing!! Hope this helps :)

  52. Great recipes, but it would be helpful if you listed the volume per serving. We made the orange juice following your recipe and got ~600 mL. How many servings (or ‘glasses’) is that?

  53. Hi there,

    Just started your cleanse today on Juice #3, thanks for posting the recipes! Quick question, what if you’re not hungry the two hours between the juices, is it better to keep drinking them to get all the nutrients, or okay to skip?

    So far, all the juices taste great!!

  54. I love juicing but have honestly have never made it past one day not eating. But I like this post and you make it seem like a possibility for me. Maybe I will shoot for 2 days:) Good combos-

    1. totally! and you can always give it a try and see how your body feels and adjust from there! It’s all about what feels right for you :)

  55. Just curious.. could you use almond milk in the strawberry juice instead of soaking the almonds yourself? Why or why not? This sounds amazing and I am trying to get all of my ideas together. I am a breastfeeding mother and want to be cautious and not detox to harm my baby but perhaps add a few extra good things into my diet. Thanks in advance!

  56. Quick question…I have a friend who has been juicing for some time now since she learned of having cancer. Her methods are much more in depth (read: crazy!), but one thing she mentioned is not using a whole beet in any one serving of juice. They are highly detoxifying as I understand and can make you ill…but I have yet to find a red juice recipe that DOESN’T call for 2 beets. Have you read/heard/experienced anything about this?

  57. This has been very informative. Thanks so much! I am on day 2 of my first ever cleanse and while the first day was super easy, today, oh so hard. I have been looking for some place when I can find the support I need to get through this. Doing pretty well, I feel. Trying to only drink a juice when I would normally eat a meal and have water in between or when I get a craving. Seems to subside the hunger. Am I doing this right? Any suggestions on other support groups as well? I don’t have the home support I should be getting. I’m the only one who believes I can do this, so I’m out to prove everyone wrong. And thanks for the recipes! Just had the red juice for dinner. Yum!

    1. Leslie, keep up the great work! I did this juice cleanse for 7 days straight and I felt the best I’ve ever felt! The first day was hard and the 2nd day was even harder but by the 3rd day, it got easier and became natural. If I felt hungry in between and the water just wasn’t doing it for me, I would have raw veggies to snack on or have another juice. You’re determined to do this and you will. Stay strong because each day will get better. The rewards are well worh it. Since doing this cleanse a year ago, I have now implement it into my daily life. I’ll have at lease 1 or 2 juices a day along with a healthy light meal and it has help maintain the weight I’ve loss as well as a clear glowing complexion, oh and of course, fell so good! Good luck!

      1. Thank you! Glad to know it gets easier. Trying to do just the juice and not raw veggies so I don’t confuse my digestive system with the fibers for at least this first week. Would like to go a full 30 before I start implementing raw veggies or a salad. I have a lot of weight to lose and I’m not expecting for it all to go right away, although it would be nice. Just have to keep myself positive and brush others negative comments off my shoulders. I’ll admit, last night was my first meltdown. I will do this though, and I will prove my friends and family wrong. I may have been “built bigger” as my family tells me, but I believe the convenience if society has allowed that and played a huge role. Healthy choices for a better lifestyle. Thank you again for the support. You don’t know how truly grateful I am.

  58. How many ounces is each juice serving? My wife and I are having a hard time drinking 5-6 of these daily and we may have made them too big.

    1. Hey Corey! Not sure how many ounces each drink is, but they each make 1 serving. It’s a LOT of liquid, so if you can’t drink all of it… save it for the next day!

  59. Hi I have a few questions.
    Your recipes, how much do they make? And can you make them in advance? If so how long do they last? You also said you drink white ginger tea. Ive been drinking green tea lately, can I drink that instead of the white? Do you use anything to sweeten the tea? What size cup do you drink them out of. Im not sure how many ounces to drink of each.

    1. Hi Samantha!!

      Each recipe makes enough for one large juice glass.

      You can make them a day or two ahead of time – but I wouldn’t do too much more than that. They will last for about 3 days! And green tea is great – whatever kind of non-caff tea you prefer! I’ll add lemon juice, but no sweetener. And you can drink as much tea as you want!

      1. Thank you so much for your reply.
        Im having a hard time finding tumeric root and vanilla beans. Is there something else I can use?

        1. Whole Foods is a great source for tumeric! And you can omit the vanilla bean if you want. Otherwise I order it on amazon!

  60. I watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” a few days ago. I agree that it is an eye opener! I am really interested in juicing and have been doing extensive research since watching Joe Cross’ story. This is great for a beginner! I am looking forward to seeing the results. I am not sure how well I will do with this because I just don’t like vegetables or fruit a whole lot. I hope to start soon.

  61. a little confused.. isnt a juice cleanse supposed to remove all the fiber so that the nutrients are readily available and absorbed immediately putting less stress on the digestive system making the body have energy and time to detox? sooo wouldnt using a blender to make smoothies just be healthy eating or rather “drinking” not detox or cleansing?

  62. These recipes were amazing…..I tried them and I loved them. So easy and not too many ingredients. Thank You so much, you are the best.

  63. I am excited to try this! Do you have any links for the 3 day pre and post diet. I know you have some ideas, but I was wondering if you had anything a little more in detail?

    1. you can check out pressed juicery website for their recs on the pre and post cleanse!! I just try and eat fruits, veggies and drink a lot of tea to prep!

  64. Hi Gaby, your recipes look great and I can’t wait to try them but I have a quick question. I am allergic to both raw beets and kale. What can I substitute for the beets especially? I’ve just subbed spinach for kale in the past but any other suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  65. Hi! This might seem like a dumb question, but when you say 9 carrots, what size carrots are you using? Like the big carrots with the tops still on or the precut ones? Thanks!!

  66. Gaby! Such a lovely recipes for juicing you got there. What I would love to try is the strawberry almond milk. I just would like to ask, what kind of blender did you use in order to achieve that kind of consistency? This would be perfect to drink before I go to sleep. Thanks for sharing!

  67. Hi there, thanks for the ideas! I am allergic to celery… do you have any suggestions on what to replace it with or should I just add some extra cucumber?

  68. Thanks for sharing this such informative blog about the juice cleanse are very famous these days because it helps you to improve your health and the functioning of body like skin, liver, kidneys, intestine and other parts of the body.

  69. Is there a juice to replace the one with almonds and strawberries at night that you recommend? I’m allergic to both. Thanks!

  70. Hi all. I’m new to your site Gaby. Thanks for the good information. I am in the process of picking recipes for my first juice cleanse. I don’t have a juicer. I see that you say that a blender will work but I am hoping that someone that has tried it in a blender can confirm that it worked. I’m skeptical of the carrots and beets being anything smaller than bits and pieces. Thanks!

    1. Hey Mattie! If you have a super high power blender like a blend-tec or vitamix then it will work great!

  71. Are these recipes the bulk recipe or should I double it? I am starting today with the salad and veggies. With 2-3 juices.

  72. Hi! Love this recipe plan, and I can’t wait to try it! I am allergic to pineapple, so I was wondering if there is a comparable substitute? Maybe half a peach or something? Thanks!

  73. Great article Gaby! I love juice cleansing also, and especially loved your green juice recipe! I also liked how you included ginger tea into your cleanse. A lot of people don’t know that adding teas, and especially herbal teas is not only good for cleansing goals, but also really helps with adding variety. Some days you just need that little change up in your juice cleanse to keep you going!

    I’m going to have try your red juice recipe next! :)

  74. Hi Gaby,
    some great recipes those juices looks great I own the Breville Slow Juicer too, I love it but its been gathering dust for some time your article has just given me the push to dust it off and get back into juicing.
    Thanks ;-)

  75. Hi Gaby,

    I am looking to follow your cleanse this month and I just wondered are your recipes for one juice or a bulk of juice? Thanks Emily

  76. I really want to do juicing but I don’t want to loose weigh, just be super healthy!! Any sugestions?
    Zelia Barbosa

  77. Hi. Couple questions please and thanks
    About how many onces are you making your juices? Also are the recipes listed for one juice? Or the whole day?

  78. Hi there,
    I am allergic to all tree nuts. Can I use unsweetened flax milk for the strawberry almond
    as a substitute?

  79. Gaby, thanks for the step by step juice cleansing process! I’m always looking for more great juicing recipes, so thanks for these colorful ideas! I haven’t actually done a cleanse yet, but I think it’s probably time to clean out my system! Thanks for the advice.

  80. Hi Gaby,
    I recently came across your website and love the juice cleanse recipes! Do you happen to know the nutritional value (approx) for each juice? Thanks!

    1. Hi Liz! I don’t know the nutritional value for each juice – so sorry!! I don’t have the software to calculate that! Hope you enjoy them!

  81. Thank you so much for posting this Gaby, I really appreciate it. Here’s my story: I just found out a couple weeks ago that I am heavily sensitive to Milk and Egg products. My stomach was like a war zone it was so bad. I would find myself feeling horrible, nauseous, and sick quite a bit. I finally figured out what it was and switched up my diet, however my stomach was still feeling a bit off from all of the craziness I sustained over time. I decided to try out this cleanse to get rid of anything left over from the poisoning of my system. Yesterday was my final day on the cleanse and today I feel phenomenal. Back to myself again. Thank you so much for this. For anyone trying this, if you have a ‘Wholesome Choice’ nearby, try them out for the ingredients. It was super cheap to do this cleanse, whereas it would have cost me a fortune if I had gone to Vons, Ralphs, or any of the other well recognized brand stores. Good luck to all who are trying this out!

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