20 Thoughtful Miscarriage Gifts

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Well here's a post I never thought I'd write... 20 Thoughtful Miscarriage Gifts.

20 Thoughtful Miscarriage Gifts from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)


Here's the deal - miscarriages suck. There's no way around it and unless you've been through it before, it's hard to relate. I've talked about this before here and done a video with my fertility doctor here and I'm truly honored that you guys come to me with questions about it and we can provide some resources. 

One of the questions I see over and over again on Instagram and over email is what to send to a friend who's going through it. I rounded up some of the things my friends sent me over the years when we were deep in our fertility journey. Bottom line - it sucks. And anything that was sent to me along the lines of "I hope you’re taking a bubble bath or lying on the couch. NOT things like, you're so strong. blah blah blah" were greatly appreciated. Key takeaway: intensive self care! So below... some of the most thoughtful things that made me smile... 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket - so they can park it on the couch and watch terrible TV

Cozy Slippers - This is one of my absolute favorite pairs and let's be honest, we all deserve them.

Maya Brenner Heart Charm Necklace - a really thoughtful gift that someone could wear forever and ever.

A Candle That Feels Very Happy - for a little extra sunshine

Flower Arrangement - Flowers are always appropriate. This is a great flower company that ships nationwide.

Gift Box of Cheeses - from around the world.

A Box of Cured Meats - if they have a sense of humor because you're not supposed to eat lots of cured meats while pregnant.

DIY Cheeseboard Set - just a fun way to show someone you care.

Robe - same reason as the blanket... we all need a good robe when we're practicing extreme self care

Pajama Set - same as above.

Ice Roller - for days when they need a little de-puffing!

Chocolate Lover Ice Cream Assortment from Jeni's - truly my go-to gift for any reason. Ice cream is always the answer

Bath Salt Soak Set - again - extreme self care is the name of the game.

Face Mask + Lip Mask Set - worth every penny!

Harney & Sons Tea - another great self-care inspired gift

Sushi Date Night Gift Card - pick their favorite sushi restaurant and send them a gift card for take out or dining in! Or better yet, take them on a girls night out.

Massage or Day at the Spa Together - gift certificate to go with a friend. One of my best friends did this for me after our 3rd miscarriage. It was the most restorative day of pampering and laughing. We didn't event talk about the miscarriages and it was so needed.

Mani / Pedi Gift Card - to their favorite nail salon!

Nice Bottle of Wine - grab a great bottle of wine or champagne from your local market.  


  1. Dear Gaby, This is such a tough and personal topic, thank you for sharing your story and insights. My daughter experienced 2 miscarriages and, only reluctantly, shared her heartbreak with us. I’m sure her private pain is excruciating even almost 20 years and 2 wonderful children later. I respect her privacy and don’t want to cause further pain so I don’t talk about it with her. I pray that she doesn’t think my silence means I don’t care.

    It is so wonderful that Poppy can call you “Mommy!” Enjoy every single moment!

  2. I'm glad you're writing about this. Thank you. I'm sorry for your IF journey and your losses and hope it ends in joy for you. It's a journey I wish on no one, but so many of us have been on it. And in some ways you never leave it. Sending love and lots of bubble baths, cozy robes and hope you'll wear them while exhausted by your crying baby.

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