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Here's the deal guys... I don't believe in Black Friday. I spent most of small business Saturday at the gym and did absolutely zero shopping on Sunday except at the farmers market. I do however very much believe in Cyber Monday hence why I'm bringing you all the gift guides today! We've got 5 guides this year and they are perfection.

First - kitchen splurges. These aren't so much splurges and really they are investments. Aka, they aren't cheap but they'll last you forever!

  1. Breville Pizza Oven - honestly it's the greatest invention of all times and will change your pizza game forever
  2. Vitamix Blender - smoothies, sauces, soups... you name it. It's the most used thing in my kitchen
  3. All Clad Dutch Oven - truly my favorite stainless steel pot of all times. It does it all
  4. Global Knife - if you want my IGLives on Mondays, you know this is my go-to knife
  5. Wine Opener - Thomas has been obsessed with this things. It's the best when you want a glass of wine and don't want to open the whole bottle!
  6. KitchenAid Stand Mixer - I mean, no explanation needed.
  7. Le Creuset Dutch Oven - keep adding to your collections! These beauties will never go out of style
  8. All Clad Pots and Pans - if you want a new set of pots and pans, this is my go to!
  9. Breville Tea Kettle - my latest investment and OMG it's changed my tea game for real!
  10. Breville Espresso - Thomas is a coffee / espresso snob and now that he can make his own every morning our credit card bill doesn't have little $5 charges multiple times a day!

Next up - Kitchen Essentials! These are things that won't break the bank and really make all the different when you're cooking on a daily basis!

  1. Kapoosh - forget a knife block, it's all about the Kapoosh life now.
  2. Garlic Press of my dreams - put the whole clove in there, skin and all!
  3. Gold Touch Sheet Pans - for any cookie bakers out there, these will change your life
  4. Salt Holder - the chicest one I've ever found!
  5. Maldon Salt Tub - honestly its my favorite thing I order once or twice a year
  6. My new Mini Rub Set!! The perfect hostess gift
  7. The full WGC line of seasonings!!
  8. Latest and great WGC selects - Tastes Like Pizza!! Welcome to the family
  9. Garlic Goodness - everyones fav oil
  10. My cookbook!! Duh!

We'e gotta talk about Cookbooks! These are some of my favorite books of all times. Some are new and came out this year, others are tried and true favs that I find myself always reaching for!

  1. Mine - duh
  2. Two Peas and Their Pod - great family focused cookbook with ALL the cookies
  3. Six Seasons - if you loves veggies as mains and sides, this will be your new bible
  4. Istanbul and Beyond - truly some of my favorite recipes for dinner parties
  5. Where Cooking Begins - seriously amazing recipes for any meal you could imagine
  6. Israeli Soul - I just think it's best if I go to Israel next year. I clearly am obsessed
  7. Nothing Fancy - another winner from Alison Roman
  8. Pioneer Women // The New Frontier - the latest and greatest from the OG food blogger!
  9. Skinny Tastes // One and Done - my favorite of all Gina's incredible books!
  10. Love Real Food - incredible vegetarian recipes that will blow your minds

My personal favs - aka the things I get asked about most frequently! You name it... it's skin care to shoes to sunnies etc.

  1. Cuyana Backpack - fits a laptop and I'm obsessed
  2. Maya Brenner Necklace - haven't taken mine off in 6+ years!
  3. The Edition Candle - honestly it's the best smell in the entire world and one of the reasons I love staying at Edition hotels
  4. Parachute Robe - the coziest!
  5. Ray Ban Sunnies - cutest glasses ever! And they come in all sorts of colors
  6. Osea Face Cream - all of my face products are from Osea. I'm obsessed
  7. Saie Starter Kit - the latest and greatest when it comes to clean beauty products!
  8. Nike Shoes - all the colors available or design your own!
  9. The BEST Lululemon pants - everyone always asks me my fav Lulu pants and these are them! and if you want them a little longer - get the 28 inch
  10. Nike Pullover of my dreams - buy it in every color before it goes away!

Thomas' personal favs! The guy rounded up all his favorite things for the men if your life. And I'm not gonna lie... he crushed it!

  1. Thergun - if you've seen me on Gaby's IG, you'll know I love the theragun. So long soreness after a long workout. This thing is magic.
  2. Whoop - my latest obsession. It tracks your heart rate and recovery so you can be in peak condition at all times!
  3. The Softest T-Shirts ever made - enough said.
  4. GoPro - the camera we use for a lot of our travel footage! No gimbal required.
  5. Madewell Men's Jeans - bet you didn't know Madewell made mens jeans... in fact they do and they are my go-to
  6. J Crew Pullover - my favorite sweatshirt of all time that comes in just about every color
  7. Away Luggage - comes on every trip we've done in the past few years and has yet to disappoint!
  8. Dos Artes Tequila - our fav tequila!
  9. Misto Box Coffee Subscription - the ultimate curated coffee subscription with the best roasters
  10. Sonos Move - our fav home speakers that you can now bring on vacation or to a party!


  1. Gaby I am obsessed with you!!! I have been buying everything that you suggest and my hubby said that he is going to put me out of the house if I don't stop spending money like I am Gaby!!! I can't help it I am obsessed!!! Thank you Gaby

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