LAUNCH DAY // Cookbook #5 // Grilling All The Things IS HERE!!

Welp, we did it again friends!! My 5th cookbook is out today and we have so much to discuss. The book, the tour, you guys, etc etc! I'll be on Today Show today at 8am and 9am and tomorrow at 10am if you want to tune in!!

What’s Gaby Cooking: Grilling All the Things is a healthy grilling book for every kind of griller—from a first-timer to a seasoned pro! If you have ever been intimidated by the idea of grilling, I am here to help you conquer your fears and become a backyard pro. If you're already a backyard pro, here are 100 new recipes to wow your friends and family. Also I should note that every single recipe in this book works on an indoor cooktop / stove / grill pan too!


From the perfect steak to cedar-plank fish to pizza and fruits and veggies and everything in between, I'm revealing my secrets for marinating, spicing, and grilling anything you can think of. And of course, talking about grill mechanics: the difference between grills (gas and charcoal), smokers, pizza ovens, and the cooking techniques that go along with each, so you are prepared to choose the best equipment for any recipe and get started.

With 100 recipes to cover every part of the meal, including appetizers, seafood, meat and poultry, vegetables, and desserts, there will be super-quick high-heat recipes to get dinner on the table ASAP and more low and slow “project” recipes that take some time and work well for weekend parties. In traditional "Gaby" fashion, there will be menus, cocktails and hosting tips to really set the mood. What’s Gaby Cooking: Grilling All the Things is for all grillers, both men and women who are ready to step out of the kitchen and take over the grill, and anyone who just wants to cook outside more.

Here are some of my favorite places to order your book

Let's discuss Book Tour:

Tickets for most events are on sale as of right now / some have already sold out. Some events are limited in capacity so it's first come first serve. Here's the plan so you can hop to it:

New York City, NY

May 20th

Book Signing at Crate&Barrel + Conversation with Dan Pelosi

New Jersey

May 21st

Book Signing at Crate&Barrel + Conversation with Katie Lee

Boston, MA

May 22nd

Happy Hour + Light Bites + Book Signing + Conversation with Trillium founder & CEO, Esther Tetreault

Washington, D.C.

May 23rd

Book Signing at Crate&Barrel

Toronto, Canada

May 24th

Book Signing at Crate&Barrel + Chocolate Chip Cookies from Le Gourmand

Chicago, IL

May 29th

Book Signing at Crate&Barrel

Chicago, IL

May 30th

Dinner with Gaby at The Table with Crate.

Austin, TX

June 4th

Happy Hour + Light Bites + Book Signing at Commodore Perry + Conversation with Kelly Krause and Matt Armendariz

Atlanta, GA

June 5th

Book Signing at Crate&Barrel

Dallas, TX

June 9th

Happy Hour + Light Bites + Book Signing + Conversation with Alex Snodgrass and Courtney Kerr

Portland, OR

June 11th

Dinner with Gaby at Cafe Olli

San Francisco, CA

June 15th

Lunch with Gaby at Penny Roma

San Francisco, CA

June 15th

Happy Hour at Sezane + Light Bites + Book Signing


June 25th

Book Signing at Crate&Barrel + a Q&A led by Gaby's Dad, Bruce, + giveaway raffle from our friends at Le Creuset!

And a few FAQ’s:

Ticket price: unless otherwise noted, this covers the cost of the book. If you already pre-ordered 1,000 copies of the book because obviously you want to gift them to every single person that lives near you, you can bring them no problem and I will sign every single one! Feel free to bring old books too!

Will there be food / drink at the signings: Some - yes!! Please see above for specifics on each event. The food and drink costs are why some events are priced differently!

Tell me more about the Chicago dinner: it's an entire WGC meal (from the book) with drinks at Table by Crate!! Book your tables with you friends, parents, significant others etc! Just come hang and have an incredible meal with me! Be sure to book for the number of people in your party so we can seat everyone appropriately.

Any other questions, shout them out below or send me a DM!

I wrote this book for many reasons but 2 big ones.

One – YOU. You guys make my job so much fun! I love seeing my recipes in your kitchen with your spin! Getting your messages on social and emails about how you’ve started cooking more with my recipes and don’t feel as intimidated in the kitchen literally make my YEAR! I love each and every one of you and am so thankful for you.

And two….because how often do you buy a book and only cook a few recipes out of it? Me – all the time. I always want to write books that you guys are able to use OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Every recipe in the book is fantastic and I know you’re going to love it! This is your summer bible and I can't wait to see what you guys cook up!

Okay!! I think that’s just about it. GAME on. I CANNOT WAIT to meet you guys in real life. I can’t wait to see what you guys make. ALL MY LOVE! XOXO


  1. I am one of those people who have shied away from the grill. No MORE!!! You lay everything out and exude confidence! So here I go!!

  2. I visit your blog often but rarely comment, but THANK YOU for making this cookbook! All of your recipes are incredible and grilling is a fun new hobby of mine. I jumped straight to the Amazon link and pre-ordered. I cannot wait, and congrats on the launch!

  3. This is so awesome Gaby! Can't wait to grill from the book. Yowza, that cheesy cheeseburger looks amazing! Look forward to following along on all your fun book tour spots.

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