35 Recipes for your Memorial Day Menu

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!! And that means it’s time to buckle down and get a Memorial Day Menu squared away! Get ready – it’s everything you could possibly need for this weekends cook-out!

Charred Corn Guacamole from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Appetizers – KEY to any Memorial Day Menu! There must always be guacamole. And dips. And nibbles. ALWAYS.

Loaded Guacamole

Roasted Chili Pepper Guacamole

Roasted Chili Pepper Guacamole from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Queso Fundido

Queso Fundido from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Bruschetta Bar

How To: Bruschetta Bar // What's Gaby Cooking


Salads – gotta have a little something healthy!

Watermelon Jicama Salad

Burrata Tomato Salad

WGC tomato burrata salad 3 copy 2

Stone Fruit and Burrata Salad

Stone Fruit and Burrata Salad


Mains – the star of the show for any Memorial Day Menu – fire up the grill and get the burgers and pizzas going.

Cheddar Jalapeno Chicken Burgers

Guacamole Turkey Burgers

Grilled Chicken with Avocado and Tomato

Grilled Chicken and Tomato Avocado Salad from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Grilled White Pizza

Yogurt Marinated Chicken Skewers

Caesar Salad Hot Dogs

Caesar Salad Hot Dogs from www.whatsgabycooking.com for the most epic Memorial Day Menu (@whatsgabycookin)

Parmesan Pretzel Dogs

Parmesan Pretzel Dogs from www.whatsgabycooking.com

Spicy Shrimp Tostadas

Grilled Skirt Steak

BBQ Nachos

BBQ Nachos from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Pulled Pork Sliders


Sides – mandatory – and easiest if done on the grill.

Grilled Artichoke

Grilled Artichokes from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Mexican Grilled Corn


Desserts – ICING ON THE CAKE! Make a few options so people have variety – and keep your fingers crossed there are leftovers for the following week!

White Chocolate Marshmallow Popcorn Treats

Potato Chip and Pretzel Fudge


S’more Ice Cream Sandwiches

Strawberry Blueberry Shortcakes

Strawberry Blueberry Shortcakes from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

S’more Pops

S'more Cheesecake Pops from www.whatsgabycooking.com part of the ultimate Memorial Day Menu (@whatsgabycookin)

Mixed Berry Peach Galette

Grilled Peaches

Cheesecake Cookie Bars

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

DIY Dipped Ice Cream Cones

DIY Dipped Ice Cream Cones from www.whatsgabycooking.com perfect for your 4th of July celebrations! (@whatsgabycookin)

Banana Cream Pie Parfaits

Fancy AF S’mores

S'mores Bar



Strawberry and Peach Sangria

Peach and Cherry Sangria from www.whatsgabycooking.com for the ultimate Memorial Day Menu (@whatsgabycookin)

Skinny Margaritas

Skinny Margarita // What's Gaby Cooking

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  1. I can’t wait for the holiday weekend!!! all of this stuff looks so good it would be hard to decide what to make!

  2. Omg, is there a way I can make ALL of this so it would be like the most epic Memorial Day spread, ever?!

  3. Gaby,
    Thank you for this line up of recipes! Everything looks delicious. I can’t wait to make my choices.
    Have a great week!

  4. YOU have the most delicious and mouthwatering recipes!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing and creating so many wonderful dishes!!

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