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It's about that time! Another dinner party menu coming your way. This time get ready for the most perfect Roasted Chicken Dinner Party Menu!! (and yes, there's a new signature cocktail!)

If you're looking to host a spectacular holiday dinner party with your loved ones, consider whipping up an amazing roasted chicken feast. This easy yet delicious meal is sure to become a new family favorite and will be something everyone can enjoy. With juicy succulent chicken as the highlight of the menu, there are plenty of sides and dishes that pair perfectly with this savory center piece dish. From homemade stuffing and mashed potatoes to freshly roasted vegetables – roasting a tender chicken for the main course allows for so many options when it comes to planning out the perfect holiday dinner! We've got all the tips and advice you need on what goes into creating a sensational marinated roasted chicken with scrumptious side dishes that make for an unbeatable combination. Whether you’re entertaining guests or searching for some inspiration, this comprehensive guide has everything from recipes all cooks should have prepared in advance through useful serving ideas (with accompanying photos). Let's get roasting!


There's nothing I love more than entertaining friends. I'm always down to host some of our nearest and dearest for a fun night of good food, great drinks and quality time together. Add a game into the mix and I'm in heaven.... LIVE for a game night at the end of a dinner party.

Below you'll find my go-to winter dinner party menu these days. It's centered around one of my favorite roasted chicken recipes (inspired by Zuni Cafe up in San Francisco). The whole menu is mega flavorful and honestly quite easy to pull off. The chicken gets prepped the day before so it's one less thing to worry above day of. The sides are all very approachable and easy too! And the cocktail... chefs kiss. I'm obsessed.

Full menu with all the recipes below along with tips and tricks for getting everything on the table seamlessly!


Campari Rosé Spritz

This Campari Rosé Spritz takes all the components of a traditional spritz but with a spin. Campari instead of Aperol. Rose instead of Prosecco and Lemon instead of Orange. It’s an easy swap and equally as delish.

Gaby's Tip: The campari and rosé part of this cocktail can be batched out in a pitcher and made the morning of your dinner. Store it in the fridge and then follow the recipe as needed when it's time to serve.

Winter Greens Salad with Pecorino Dressing from (@whatsgabycookin)

Winter Greens Salad with Pecorino Dressing

I LIVE for a big bright bold salad that is easy to make, mega flavorful, and lends itself to basically anything else on the table. This Winter Greens Salad with Pecorino Dressing is IT!

Gaby's Tip: Any winter green will work for this recipe. But the combo I use here is my current favorite!

Roasted Broccolini with Lemon Garlic and Parm

Pectly crispy Roasted Broccolini with a lemon, garlic parm dressing that you'll want to slather on just about every veggie moving forward.

Gaby's Tip: Another one that can be prepped ahead of time. Just don't add the dressing until right before you serve. If you're prepping it early, re-heat in the oven for 5 minutes to warm at 350 degrees and THEN add the dressing.

Cheesy Polenta Recipe from (@whatsgabycookin)

Cheesy Polenta

This Cheesy Polenta is delicious, so easy to make, and ready in 10 minutes! You will be obsessed with this comforting side dish!

Gaby's Tip: You could prep this ahead of time but if you do, you'll need to add about ¼ cup of milk or stock to thin it out when you reheat.

Zuni Roasted Whole Chicken with Chimichurri from (@whatsgabycookin)

Zuni Roasted Whole Chicken with Chimichurri

The best Roasted Whole Chicken with a foolproof method for the most crispy skin!

Gaby's Tip: Prep the chicken the day before, or even 2 days before and let it brine in your fridge.

Photography by Matt Armendariz / Food Styling by Adam Pearson


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