Cookbook Club // Month 5

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Coming in hot for Cookbook Club Month #5 with Rose Water and Orange Blossoms!!

Here’s the deal if you’re new to cookbook club... each month I announce the cookbook of the month and then we can buy it, borrow it, check it out from the library and cook! Cook by yourself, invite your friends over, host your own cookbook club with the assigned book, whatever floats your boat. The idea is for us all to cook recipes from the same book in the same month. Pick one or two or three recipes. Whatever you can manage! THEN… for one of my Facebook Live posts (every Wednesday at 11am PST) we’ll cook a recipe from the cookbook together and you guys can tune in, share your own pics from the recipes you’ve made, share your friends photos, you name it!!

We can talk in real time about the cookbooks, what we loved about certain recipes, what you have questions about, what worked, what didn’t…. the whole nine yards. And then we do it all over again next month. Fun, right? We get to virtually eat our way through a different cookbook every single month. I’m so jazzed about this idea and I hope you will be too. So let’s get round 5 going!

I'm so excited for this month because it's Rose Water and Orange Blossoms from Maureen Abood! There are 2 types of food I'll never turn down - the first Mexican, obviously! The second... Lebanese!! And who better to turn to for the most epic recipes than Maureen Abood. Maureen is Lebanese-American, lives in Michigan (GO BLUE!) and has the most gorgeous cookbook full of 100 + irresistible recipes that you'll absolutely love: Spiced Lamb Kofta Burgers, Pistachio Crusted White Fish, Fattoush Salad, Avocado Tabbouleh in Little Gems, and Pomegranate Rose Sorbet. Plus, you'll get the stories of Maureen's Lebanese-American upbringing, the path that led her to culinary school and so much more. I for one, can't even wait!! It's going to be a majorly delicious month.

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon (Rose Water and Orange Blossoms!) if you want to have it delivered or go grab it from your local bookstore or library! I’m starting to cook my way through this week!! Feel free to leave any comments here if you have questions. On Wednesday Feb 22nd at 11am PST let’s all plan on tuning into Facebook live and discuss!

PS…. when you make something from the book, if you post it on insta use the hashtag #WGCcookbookclub so we can see!!

PSS – here’s cookbook club month 1 in case you’re interested! And month 2! And month 3! And month 4!


  1. I think including a few pictures from the interior of the cookbook would add more depth and pique my interest more in these posts and in the cookbooks you're suggesting. Just my two cents!

    Hard to get a good feel for a cookbook and its vibe with just a cover pic.

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