Cookbook #4 // Take It Easy

SHE’S GOT A NAME AND A COVER!! Almost 2 years in the making and my 4th cookbook is officially ready for pre-sale and available everywhere books are sold!!

Take It Easy from (@whatsgabycookin)

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to get this book into the world. Book #4 – this is seriously a dream come true and it’s all thanks to you guys! You make my job so fun and I am so excited to be able to share even more recipes with you!

Take It Easy // 100+ Recipes for Zero Stress Deliciousness is coming your way this fall!! Official release date is Sept 27 and I’m so freaking excited. Book tour is absolutely happening and it’s gonna be major! Cities are still TBD so any requests leave them in the comments!! In the meantime, linking all the places to buy the book below as pre-orders are HUGELY important for authors. That said, I’d be eternally grateful if you snagged a copy or two or three today!! Can’t wait for you guys to see it in the wild!

Here are some pre-order links:

Okay – want even more info:

Here’s a little except about the book: In her new book, Gaby Dalkin returns with her signature approach: Enjoy your life by eating the food you love. But this time around, she also emphasizes a no-fuss attitude. What’s Gaby Cooking: Take It Easy offers 100 new delicious and stress-free recipes, suited for any and all occasions.
Everything we cook right now—whether it’s for a potluck picnic with friends or a solo night in binge-watching reality TV—needs to be crazy simple, easily pulled together from those lasting pantry items, still shockingly delicious at room temperature, and not requiring that one random ingredient you drove 45 minutes to get and will never use again. We want food that tastes like it took hours to prepare but doesn’t actually require anything too exact. Give us the forgiving recipes: Out of shallots? Try an onion. The more fail-proof, the better. If this low-maintenance approach sounds like your kinda thing, Dalkin has got your back. With 100 easy ideas for dishes to serve wherever you go (or don’t go!), make-ahead dressings and sauces for lazy last-minute dinners, and of course—give the people what they want!—big, crunchy, fresh salads and rich, chocolatey, you’re-in-sweatpants-anyway desserts, Take It Easy is Dalkin’s first book bringing her tasty, crowd-pleasing concepts to quicker, simpler meals.   

I wrote this book for many reasons but 2 big ones.

One – you guys. You guys make my job so much fun! I love seeing my recipes in your kitchen with your spin! Getting your messages on social and emails about how you’ve started cooking more with my recipes and don’t feel as intimidated in the kitchen literally make my YEAR! I love each and every one of you and am so thankful for you.

And two….because how often do you buy a book and only cook a few recipes out of it? Me – all the time. I always want to write books that you guys are able to use OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Every recipe in the book is fantastic and I know you’re going to love it!

Okay!! I think that’s just about it. Countdown is on. I CANNOT WAIT to meet you guys in real life. I can’t wait to see what you guys make. ALL MY LOVE! XOXO

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  1. Amy Glessner

    I just preordered! Please come to Philadelphia, either B&N or the Philadelphia Library!

  2. Pam

    Would absolutely love, love for you to visit Birmingham, AL on your book tour! That would be so awesome!!

    • Jordan

      I second coming to Detroit! If you come, Oak & Reel is an amazing restaurant to try!

  3. Carty

    Many congratulations, Gaby!! I pre-ordered, and I cannot wait to try these new recipes. Please come to NC! 🙂

  4. Kristine Novak

    Pre-Ordered. So excited. CONGRATS.
    I know you go to Tucson for book tour but would love it if you could do a stop in Phoenix area.

  5. Joan Rosenbaum

    Hope to see you at Politics and Prose in Washington, DC. I grew up in Ojai, CA so I love seeing your Ojai posts!!
    Hugs and congratulations on your new book.
    Joan Rosenbaum

  6. Molly

    Preordered!! I can’t wait for it! Please come to Charlotte Gaby…..and bring Pops

  7. Hillary Priest

    This is the best news EVER! I’m headed to Amazon right now to pre-order a book for myself and also one for each of my 3 kiddos, who are just venturing out into the world (one is a recent college grad, one about to graduate college, and one who is in college). Any time I make anything the family goes gaga for, the first comment at the table is “is this from Gaby???” And, let me tell you, more often than not the answer is YES! Family fave is hands-down your crispy chicken and smashed peas; it’s what’s requested for birthdays, first nights home for holidays, last nights before heading back to school, and any time in between that they can convince me that it’s been long enough since I’ve made it that I should make it again. I’ve sent my kids a bunch of easy recipes as they’ve moved into places with kitchens, and a few of yours made it into that list. My 21 year old son makes your blackened salmon and avocado salsa at least once a week for himself and his 3 housemates, as it’s always a hit. Being able to give our kids a WHOLE BOOK of easy recipes is going to blow their minds!!! And, now that I’m an empty nester after 25 years of cooking for a brood, I can’t wait to have a fresh set of easy recipes to keep things interesting for my husband and myself. It may also give me time to meet him at the pub for a pre-dinner cocktail if I don’t have to spend loads of time prepping and cooking!!! Thank you SO much for doing this. You’ve read my family’s mind, although we obviously weren’t the only ones hoping! Keep the recipes coming and we’ll keep trying to do them justice. Cheers to you and best of luck on a super-successful book launch!!!

    Oh, and if you’re looking for a reason to travel internationally for your book tour: I’m American but have lived abroad for 8 years. A stop in London would be amazing, I’m sure you have a UK following but I could also help you promote through a bunch of American expat groups. And if you’re looking for the most fun stop ever we also live in Marbella, Spain where I can further help through the same expat connection! Come to both!!!

  8. Frances Gabriel

    I am so happy for you! (And happy for me because the book is coming out on my birthday!) Please come visit in Boston, we love you! ❤️

  9. Kristin

    I’ve been waiting for this since you mentioned it on Instagram. Please consider stopping in Oklahoma City. It is a hidden foodie city I think you’d enjoy and I’m confident there are lots of fans here for you.

    • Jen

      Hi! I did pre order but curious about why the pre order sales matter so much?
      I’m sure it’s some silly answer I should know, just wondering!
      Looking forward to the new book!

  10. Emily

    Come to Tampa!! We have a great food scene and Poppy would love the beach! Can’t wait to add your new book to my collection of your others.

  11. michele schwitzky

    Hoping you’ll swing by Tucson on the book tour! Congratulations on all your success, Gaby!

    Michele Schwitzky

  12. Marketing Marci

    So excited! Ordering one for me and one for my friend right after I leave this comment. So excited to receive this fall. I just got your other book In the mail last week and have been searching high and low for the avocado book! Congrats.

  13. Shannon

    Please come to Toronto, or somewhere within a couple hours of Toronto.

  14. Amber S.

    My book is pre ordered on Amazon! I can not wait to start cooking with your new recipes. I hope to finally meet you in Richmond or VA Beach, Virginia on your book tour!

  15. Katharine Miller

    Placed my preorder!!! Congratulations on the 4th one! My sister and I absolutely love your recipes, please come to VIRGINIA!!

  16. Ann

    Congratulations! Just ordered on Amazon.
    Please come to Dallas Texas.☺️

  17. Tom Laskarides

    Please come to the Detroit Area as part of your book tour………we have an absolutely beautiful WS at the Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan. Wanted to meet you at your book tour for your last amazing cookbook when Covid hit and as we all know, that put the squash on everything!

  18. Kim Dollinger

    Please come to Atlanta!!! Barnes and Noble in Dunwoody!! Making 2 of your recipes for dinner tonight! Seriously, please Atlanta!

  19. Dana kelm

    Please visit Hackensack NJ! Barnes n Noble at the Riverside Square Mall! All NY and NJ will be there !!! Xoxo

  20. Sandy Lepire

    I have preordered and really want to go to the book tour, can I get on a list> San Diego would be a great spot!!! Or anywhere in S.California. Thanks!