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Big things are happening friends... I am thrilled to announce that as of today, Thomas and I added 2 new products to our new company, Dalkin&Co!


As many of you know, we've been working on getting Dalkin&Co up and running for the past year and it's been out in the wild for a little over 5 months. We're so excited to be able to operate this new business start to finish and have a direct line of communication with our customer (that's you!).

If you haven't heard, Dalkin&Co is now your go-to pantry resource where you can find the best seasoning blends that will make every meal more delicious. Ranging from my quintessential Everyday blend, to a versatile Meat seasoning, the ultimate Taco enhancer, and a tangy Lemon Pepper. This is just the beginning of an ever evolving brand of pantry staples. And today we're thrilled to add Chimi and Tuscan to the mix!

Additionally, Dalkin&Co is being packaged in glass jars with twist off lids… this is certainly not an easy or inexpensive undertaking, but the result is a beautiful and reusable piece we can keep on our counters and use daily!!

Gaby's Everyday: Meet your new all-purpose kitchen seasoning staple. A perfect balance of classic herbs with a kick of garlic and smoky paprika, this blend lends instant sophisticated depth to even the simplest of dishes. From Tuesday night dinner to weekend brunch, soups and salad dressings, to meat and veg, your go-to recipe rotation just got a major upgrade.

Lemon Pepper: Welcome to a place where sunny bright lemon meets warm peppery spice with a dose of herbal freshness. There’s not a poultry or seafood dish that couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be punched up with this blend, or salads or dressings that couldn’t use a sprinkle. Try a pinch and feel the Mediterranean breeze in your hair.

Meat: When you need to call in big, bold flavor, this blend is anything but shy. The smoky-sweet combination of brown sugar and chipotle plus earthy, savory cumin and coriander is the essential rub-down for all your favorite proteins (or veg, because they deserve a meaty moment too!). Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or braising (or have no clue what any of that means), this is your secret weapon for delivering high-impact meals.

Taco: Introducing Taco, the one-stop essential for all things wrapped up in a tortilla. Whether you’re craving saucy barbacoa, juicy tri-tip, or smoky charred veggies, this robust blend of sultry cumin and paprika spiked with red pepper flakes delivers instant Southwestern flavor. Best paired with margaritas and way too much guac.

Tuscan: is your go-to when your cravings a little Italian vibe! With its signature bold herbaceous combo plus a punch of garlic, tomato and red pepper, you’re seriously minutes away from throwing together a Nonna-worthy dish. Try this stirred into a not-so-basic red sauce, sprinkled over simply grilled steak, or whisked into your dressing for an effortless panzanella.

Chimi: short for “chimichurri”—is my love letter to the garlicky, herb-packed condiment you can find drizzled over just about anything coming off the grill in South America. In this sprinkle-friendly form, it’s nothing short of recipe magic. Use it anytime you want to add a perfectly bright and balanced chef’s-kiss finish to meat, fish, or veg.

I’m over the moon to share this these with you, and we will forever be grateful for your support.

Thank you in advance for your love and continued support. I can't believe after years of dreaming up this brand, thousands of recipe tests, countless conversations with you guys and hundreds of iterations of the product, Dalkin&Co is finally here and our 2nd drop is LOVE!!

Love you all!

Gaby wearing an orange shirt leaning on the counter behind 4 jars of Dalkin&Co seasonings.


  1. Are all the DalKin and Co spice blends Gluten free? I love the spice blends but now I have family with Celiac coming to visit and want to make sure the spices aren’t cross contaminated at the co -packer! Thank you!

    1. Dalkin&Co products are produced in a facility that processes allergens including soy, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, mustard, celery, dairy and sesame. The machinery is HEAVILY cleaned before and after each run but there are other lines that use the above products so the facility is not clear of gluten

  2. How exciting! Love these spices. Is the Tuscan similar to the pizza seasoning you had at Williams Sonoma? I used it on everything. It was soo good. ❤️

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