Antelope Valley

You guys!I I'm so excited to kick off a new feature here on WGC! We've been hard at work on some behind the scenes stuff that you'll get to witness very soon! And some of those features are coming to you in the form of new columns!! Like this one - Field Trips!

I feel like I totally lucked out when I moved to LA. I had no desire to A: live here and B: stay here... but after 6 years I kinda couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I have access to some of the most amazing farmers markets on earth and there are countless day trips surrounding the LA area. Thomas and I are making a serious effort to visit as many of them as possible and I wanted to bring you along for the ride!

Antelope Valley California

So last weekend we packed up the car for a little excursion to Antelope Valley. It's basically the poppy reserve of California and it's crazy gorgeous - not to mention mega windy. We grabbed a picnic and headed north!!

If you live in LA or anywhere near LA, you've got to go! There are about 2 more weeks of poppy season and then you'll probably have to wait for next year. But you can check in on their website where they will give you up to date info on all things poppies!

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve California

After getting our fill of poppies we headed back to LA to visit one of my favorite farmers markets in Brentwood! If you're in LA you've absolutely got to visit the Brentwood or Hollywood Farmers Markets on Sunday and the Santa Monica farmers market on Wednesday. Life changing. And get the pupusas. Omg. Best Sunday brunch ever.

photo 1

We made a quick loop through the market, grabbed our weeks worth of veggies and then stopped by the new Welch's booth to visit my friends at SheKnows and learn all about their latest and greatest product Farmer's Pick by Welch's.


It's basically my new favorite thing and I'm planning on sipping on the mango variety all summer long. Farmer's Pick by Welch's is a line of 100% juices that contains nothing artificial and tastes like heaven! It's available in Mango, Grape and Blackberry and they are all epic. It's basically like getting freshly picked juices right to your table. Ah-mazing. And while I can't really get fresh mangoes at my local farmers market - I'll totally take some delicious mango juice!! Or blackberry! Or Grape!


Stay tuned for more food inspired field trips coming soon 🙂

And here are some handy dandy links if you want to take a field trip like this one:

Antelope Valley

LA Area Farmers Market

Farmer's Pick by Welch's


  1. Ooooh I am soo excited about this series. After being here only a year I am constantly feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to do and I sometimes don't even know where to start. I will be watching this series closely for inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
    I am hoping we can get up this Sunday to check out one of the farmers markets, is there one you recommend over the other for a first timer?

  2. Looks like a beautiful adventure! I just found your website recently, but I'm looking forward to more field trips. :]

  3. I am so jealous of all your fresh finds already. With this winter I think we will have to wait till July before local produces starts to pick up. Love the photos!

  4. I grew up in central CA, and went to school in Orange County. I always had to take at least one trip "home" during the spring to check out the poppies and wildflowers through Antelope Valley and the Grapevine. There's a perfect magical time when multiple colors of flowers are on the hillsides, and it looks like someone has poured paint from the sky. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a GORGEOUS photo of Antelope Valley! I just love all kinds of poppies - and this looks like it is definitely worth the drive.
    You are so fortunate to be living where you are with all those great farmers markets!
    I can't wait to see your other 'field trips' - such a great idea for locals and visitors. I love to check out the best 'local' places when I am visiting anywhere, and this should be a great tool for me when in LA!

  6. I grew up in Lancaster in the Antelope Valley. The poppy season is one of my favorite times of the year.

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