WGC Cookbook Checklists

You guys asked for it so here we go!! We made downloadable checklists from both cookbooks so you can Julie and Julia your way through the books!! Unsure what the prize is for finishing first but just know that you'll automatically get a gold star and I'll love you forever!! And don't forget about the biggest giveaway to date.



  1. Not sure if there are others missing, but the Modern Day Marg Pizza is missing on the checklist!
    (It was DELISH)

  2. Instagram page does not go all the way down still........it gets to "other fun goodies and we'll...." and that's all so I cannot see the details of the giveaway. I have been to your blogs, Facebook page, podcasts, etc. can't get beyond those words and don't know why. Help

  3. Tried to find out about the "biggest giveaway to date" andthe Instagram page would not load all the information. Is there somewhere else to find it?

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