Fifty One and a Half – Handmade Ceramics by Monika Dalkin

So I’m pretty excited to share this with you guys! It’s been a long time coming, lots of work behind the scenes, but it’s finally ready to make it’s big debut! A few months ago my fabulous mom and I decided to start a business together! You see, she is an amazing artist, and always making gorgeous paintings and installations for her clients, lots of different kinds of ceramics and of course things for me so I can hang beautiful art on my walls. But a few months ago we decided that she totally should make handmade ceramics that can be used for food styling and photography. Why? Because it’s always so much fun to have great props that make the food look ah-mazing! So that’s what we did. She has been working on this first set of ceramics for the past few months and I’m so excited to launch the store today! It’s called Fifty One and a Half

It’s called Fifty One and a Half because well, that’s how old she was when we started this a few months ago!!

And, here’s the best part. Not only are you getting handmade ceramics, made with loads of love, but no two pieces are the same! So you’ll have a totally unique piece!

And let’s just talk about how gorgeous all these images are?!? Since we are keeping things in the family for this new venture, my bestest friend and wonderfully talented photographer, Matt Armendariz, (also from Matt Bites) did all the stunning photos for the site!

So go ahead and check it out!!

Fifty One and a Half

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think and hope to see some of these pieces popping up around the web. I’m so thrilled to be starting a business with my mom ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Miss @ Miss in the Kitchen

    Gorgeous! Congrats to you and your Mom, both of you are so talented!

  2. Allison [Girl’s Guide to Social Media]

    These are simply gorgeous! Congrats to you and your mom.

  3. jaclyn

    amazing! your mom is super talented, and all of her pieces are beautiful! i am completely in love with the polka dotted pinch and condiment bowls. WAY too cute!

  4. Caneel

    Those are gorgeous! I LOVE that blue one with the tomatoes – what amazing color in that photo! Congratulations on your store (love the name, btw) and I wish much success to your and your mom!

  5. Amanda

    STAH NING . Seriously beautiful!!! And those pictures… just breathtaking. If you ever make a cake stand let me know. I’d be happy to test it out for ya! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Heather Christo

    gorgeous pieces, gorgeous photos. I wish you the best of luck Gaby- how exciting!

  7. Brooke

    These pieces make any food item look like a super model. I can’t wait to save up my pennies and get me one. You come from such great, creative stock! Congratulations to you both!

  8. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    This is an amazing idea and I love that they are one of a kind, hand made, and made by your mama and that you’re going into biz together. And that it will benefit the food blogging community.. AWESOME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. marla

    I LOVE when people follow their passions and dreams. I am so proud of you mom. Her talents are amazing!

  10. Heather | Farmgirl Gourmet

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the white oblong dish…that’s totally up my alley. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on a new venture.

  11. Tickled Red

    What fun!! I am so excited for you and your mom. There’s nothing like being creative and starting a new venture with your mom ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats you two.

  12. LoveFeast Table

    We totally agree with Tickled Red! We are tickled for you and your mom! These are beautiful!
    Kristin & Chris Ann

  13. Gina @ Skinnytaste

    Beautiful! What a perfect way to showcase a recipe. Best of luck!

  14. aida mollenkamp

    Congrats to you and your mom, Gaby. These plates are just as pretty as you had described!

  15. brandi

    how fun to be doing this with your mom! i love the pieces – and the colors are gorgeous!

  16. Brenda @ a farmgirl’s dabbles

    Gorgeousness!! Love the forms and colors. Yay!!

  17. Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum

    My father in law is a potter who makes lots of ceramic plates, mugs, pitchers, vases, etc. I went to a pottery fair with their family, expecting to be bored out of my mind, and after about 10 minutes I was ready to drop 250$ on pottery. I loved it! I didn’t spend all that money, thankfully, but since then I’ve been more and more excited about buying handmade pottery and ceramics! I’m going to have to go take a look at your mom’s stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Cathy/ShowFoodChef

    Gaby, these are gorgeous. Good luck and Great SUCCESS to you and your mom – just beautiful!

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  20. Rose Mary Hernandez

    Canโ€™t wait to order some of these unique pieces, there so pretty. Congratulations on starting this adventure with your mom. A very talented family.

  21. Julie Langan

    Hi Gaby! Does your mom sell her watercolors? If so, where can I see them?
    Thank you,