Gaby's Guide to Las Vegas, NV

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Gaby's Guide to Las Vegas is ready to roll. And I stood by my new years resolution to get my guides up ASAP. Pat on the back 🙂 Here we go...

Gaby's Guide to Las Vegas from (@whatsgabycookin)

OMG has this post been a long time in the making! I think we've been to Vegas for work or for fun at least 2-3 times a year for the past 10+ years. That means I've had ample time to eat my way through the entire city. Stay at plenty of hotels. Scope the best spas. You name it - I've got Vegas covered! It's truly home to some incredible food, great hotel rooms and LOTS to do! Let's get right into it shall we?

First up.... FOOD!

Let me preface this by saying there is ZERO natural light in Vegas restaurants. Zero. So that means food photos are hard to come by! But the food at each of these restaurants is gorgeous, over the top, and delicious! And the service is Vegas is beyond!

Zuma - it's a trendy, see or be seen high-end Japanese restaurant with an izakaya-inspired menu including sushi & robata! They have gold plated sushi and the bartender carves the ice on demand. It's pretty much everything.

Secret Pizza - late night pizza after the club. It's mandatory, especially if you're staying at the Cosmo.

Estiatorio Milos - this is one of the best lunch deals on the strip! A 3 course gourmet Greek lunch for less than $40 (not including wine) It's refreshing and light compared to many other restaurants in Vegas!

Jaleo - spanish tapas and a open-fire paella station. Promise me you'll order all the little bites like the Pan de cristal con tomate, Patatas bravas and the Croquetas de pollo!

Spago - one of my favorite bars in the city! Plus I love a good Wolfgang moment! Food is fantastic too - but I've been so often in LA that I try to go eat at new places when I'm traveling!

Nobu - you need to go and get all the sushi, the yellowtail sashimi and the miso cod. TRUST ME.

Mizumi - more sushi and such a fun vibe! Perfect for sake and dinner with a group of friends (but not cheap!)

SW Steakhouse - if you're looking for a steakhouse, look no further! This is one of my favorites! And the bread basket - EPIC.

Costa Di Mare - if you're feeling some seafood and someone else is footing the bill, this is where you go! And order all the spritz cocktails because it's basically like you're in Italy.

China Poblano - it's part Mexican, part Chinese and every bite is fantastic! It's also not quite as fancy as a lot of other restaurants so it's easy to get in and out within an hour if you're on a time crunch.

CUT - okay okay, one more steakhouse because I love CUT. We used to go to the LA location every year for Thomas' birthday before we branched out and go a little more adventurous. The food is fantastic and the side dishes are almost better than the steaks! Great cocktails too.

Carbone - a hip Italian restaurant that will make all your pasta dreams come tru!

Twist - I'm NOT a fan of tasting menus - but when your BFF insists then you happily oblige. And I'm glad I did - this was one of the most incredible tasting menus of my life and impeccable service.

Block 16 - if you need a super quick bite, this food hall is the place to go! They've got an assortment of different eats and all are worth a stop!

Nomad Bar and/or Restaurant - one of my favorites places in LA just opened an outpost in Vegas and I couldn't be more excited! The bar is so fun, the cocktails are great, their burger is epic and it's a great vibe!

Next... hotels + spa life!

Waldorf Astoria - so this hotel used to be a Mandarin Oriental which was our favorite! It's one of the only places on the strip that you can go and not inhale copious amounts of second hand smoke. The building is gorgeous, the rooms are huge and their pool is actually relaxing! Hands down one of the best places on the strip. Also their spa - life altering.

ARIA - I'm not sure what they pump into their vents, but the entire ARIA hotel smells like vanilla cotton candy and I am here for it! It's right in city center so it's so easy to get everywhere! Plus gorgeous rooms!

Encore - Encore is the fancier new sister hotel to the Wynn. We love it because 1: it's new and 2: it's close to a few of our favorite restaurants and bars! For some reason we always end up staying here and getting a few rooms with friends! Party central without being a scene. Also their spa - epic

Nobu Hotel - my last trip to Vegas (last week) we stayed at Nobu and loved it! It's a small boutique hotel within Caesars Palace. It's quite, clean, gorgeous rooms and not a scene in the slightest - very on brand!

Cosmopolitan - okay if you're going to party, there is not where else I'd rather stay than Cosmo. They've got the clubs, the restaurants, the bars, the glitz, you name it!! It's quite the scene and if you're into it, this should be your home bade!


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