Gaby's Guide to Vancouver, Canada

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OMG. Can we talk about how epic Vancouver is?? I'm OBSESSED. We headed north to BC for Thomas' birthday last month and literally ate our way through the city. So as usual - Gaby's Guide to Vancouver is coming your way! And if you want to hop on over to instagram, check out my IGTV video recap of the trip!! Promise it'll be worth it 🙂

Where to Eat / Drink 

Vij's - easily the best Indian food I've ever had in my life

Revolver - our go to for early morning coffee and pastries!

Miku - some of the best sushi in Vancouver!

Bella Gelateria - gelato. Get ready for a line and be patient, it's worth it.

Fayuca Restaurant - fun place for happy hour margaritas and guacamole. Warning - the guac comes garnished with arugula so don't be thrown... it's still legit!

Lobby Lounge at the Fairmont Pacific Rim - more sushi!! and cocktails. And incredible people watching.

Mister - omg the s'more ice cream bar. Enough said.

Ask for Luigi - really incredible pasta and a fun wine list! Get ready for a wait!

Nightingale - perfect for a fancy night on the town. Plus an epic bar.

Botanist - hands down on the best meals Thomas and I have ever had. The food, service, wine program... all of it was incredible.

Kingyo - go for the Bento box. You won't be disappointed.

Forage - farm to table dining that my dad actually discovered last time we went!! So godo!

Meat and Bread - the best sandwiches in the city

Minami - more sushi, because more is more!

Bao Bei - the best chinese food in town and promise me you'll go very hungry because you'll eat a LOT!

Nuba - casual Lebanese food that is NOT to be missed!

Crema - hello pastries.

Savio Volpe - charcuterie & wood-fired food. Enough said.

Where to Stay

Fairmont Pacific Rim - hands down on of my favorite hotels to date. It was perfection and centrally located to boot! Plus they have an incredible a Stay & Taste program which you absolutely have to take advantage of. Genius

What to Do

Stanley Park - rent bikes and cruise the trail for an hour or two!

Walk Yaletown - one of my fav neighborhoods!

Gastown - another super cute neighborhood that's easily accessible from downtown

Cross Design - one of my favorite home stores in the world. The candle selection alone is worth the trip.

Sea to Sky Gondola - fun activity if you have a free afternoon!

Lululemon. Visit all of them.


  1. My husband and I spent a couple of days in Vancouver on our honeymoon last year. We LOVED Forage!! I was scrolling through your list and was totally going to recommend it for a future visit if it hadn't been on there. We still talk about their food almost a year and a half later!

  2. OMG I love Vancouver! When I lived in Seattle we would LITERALLY just drive over the border for an afternoon to go to Vijs. Seriously the best Indian ever!

  3. I looooooove that you loved VanCity!! That video was hilarious! So cool to see my city thru somebody else’s eyes.
    Just so you know, we don’t even have Uber up here yet, so you’d have been waiting a long time! Haha
    (Also, it’s Vij’s like fridges, not veejes.)
    Thanks for making my city look so awesome!!

  4. Gaby, next trip to BC take the ferry over to beautiful Victoria! Love your suggestions for Vanc and love Vig! Spend some of our winters down your way so will take up on some of your south Cal recommendations!

  5. OMG, I read the top paragraph a third time and now I see the "BC" that I totally glazed over more than once. Red-faced and hoping I wasn't alone!

  6. Love all your posts! Is this from Vancouver, Washington, or Vancouver, BC?
    Those of us on the East Coast (any maybe elsewhere) are not that familiar with Pacific Northwest geography and the tiny map doesn't offer any hints.

  7. Yaasss!! As a local Vancouverite, I can say I've been to most of these places and love your recommendations! Just went to Botanist for the first time on Sunday night for our anniversary dinner and got the rib eye, just like you!
    Come back for a book signing?

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