50 Incredible Fourth of July Recipes to Feed a Crowd

The 4th of July is a week away and we need a menu!! So behold… the most epic 4th of July Menu to ever grace your computer screens – and hopefully your homes too! […]

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50 Best BBQ Sides

Summer cookout season is here! And to celebrate, we’re rounding up 50 of the best BBQ sides. These BBQ side dishes are perfect for any backyard BBQ cookout, big or small. From potato salads and pasta salads to grilled corn and fruit salads, there’s a side dish to go with every main. CORN SIDES: Basil […]

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35 Summer Desserts

Happy Saturday guys! Coming in with the top 10 summer desserts here on What’s Gaby Cooking and let’s just say this: THEY ARE EPIC! These are the perfect way to cap off any night this summer! We’ve got crisps, cobblers, cheesecake, ice cream… the works! […]

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80+ Healthy Dinner Ideas

If you’re looking for some new delicious and healthy dinner ideas to kick off the new year, I’ve got plenty of recipes that are great for a family or just for two. The best part is most of these recipes are also great easy dinner ideas and can be made in 30 minutes. Perfect for […]

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65 Easy Grilling Ideas

It’s almost that time of year when I call it quits in the kitchen and shift to outside cooking as much as possible!! So one thing is for certain… we need PLENTY of grilling ideas to get us through this summer. So, without further ado…. let’s talk easy grilling ideas for ANY DAY OF THE […]

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35 Things to Make with Canned Beans

Let’s get right into it. Making a meal out of canned beans is incredibly useful, especially when we’re doing a lot of cooking out of the pantry. So in honor of the occasion, below you’ll find 35 recipes to make with a can of beans!! We’re got all sorts of flavors going on but a […]

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80 Best Chicken Recipes

It’s hard figuring out what’s for dinner every night, but these chicken recipes are all sure to be crowd pleasers. There’s something for everyone here, from chicken breast recipes to chicken thigh recipes to 7 different spins on chicken parmesan. Whether you’re looking for an easy, quick, or healthy dinner recipe that can feed your […]

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70 Easy Desserts

I’m all about easy dessert recipes that you can whip up at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re making something for a dinner party, a school bake sale, or you just want to bake a few chocolate chip cookies after dinner, there’s something here for everyone. From all the chocolate desserts you could dream of to […]

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McCarthy Chopped Salad

If you’ve ever been to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, you know it’s all about the McCarthy Chopped Salad. It’s incredible. Knife skills on display! But if you’re not really wanting to drop $40 on a salad… here’s how to make it at home. I haven’t been to the Beverly Hills Hotel […]

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Cookbook Club #24

Hi, y’all! It’s me Kristina and we are back with Cookbook Club #24! This edition we have cookbook author and recently turned farmhand Julia Tushen’s latest cookbook, Simply Julia: 110 Easy Recipes for Healthy Comfort Food. Accessible cooking is Julia’s trademark. In this collection of healthy comfort food recipes, she manages to really bring you […]

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Grilled Scallops with Avocado Corn Salad

The most perfect light and fresh summer dinner of Grilled Scallops with Avocado Corn Salad! I say this every time I eat / make scallops – but WHY don’t we make them more often? They are so easy to make, incredibly flavorful, lend themselves to any number of seasonings and are packed with protein. I […]

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Italian Dinner Party Menu

We’re kicking off a new feature here on WGC today! Dinner party menus along with a prep schedule for the day of so you can host and entertain with zero stress!! First up: let’s go to Italy with an Italian Dinner Party Menu! I think it’s safe to say that 2020 is going to be […]

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