Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

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What’s Gaby Cooking is almost 6 years old you guys! 6 YEARS! Can you believe it! We’ve worked our way through hundreds of recipes, covered some serious ground when it comes to food travel and have been afforded some epic opportunities to work with awesome companies.

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Case and point… a few months back I got an email from Volvo asking me if I wanted to go on the most epic road trip through Sweden to experience their overseas delivery program. I thought about it for .2 seconds and responded IMMEDIATELY and said, DUH! When do I leave! (more to come on their overseas delivery program because trust me - you'll want to know!!)

If you follow along on instagram, you’ll know that earlier this summer (June to be exact) my sister and I spent 2 weeks driving around parts of Sweden exploring the food scene like it was our jobs! Because, it was! We covered some serious ground and I can’t wait to share it all with you… but let’s start at the beginning - and for us, that was Gothenburg! Gaby’s Guide to Gothenburg… ready set go!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Saluhallen - just a hop, skip and a jump away from our hotel was the Saluhallen. It’s a giant food hall with all sorts of delicious eats from smoothie bars, chocolate makers, deli counters, cheese stores… the list goes on. Basically it’s any foodies dream come true - and some days there are farmers markets right outside. I made my sister go back every day because I just couldn’t get enough. Why are there no food halls in Los Angeles?? I’m about this close to moving to Gothenburg!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Food Tour - On our first day in Gothenburg we were treated to a food tour of the city. It’s my new favorite way to see a city because you really get your bearings and learn from locals! We strolled the streets and tasted our way through some of the highlights of Gothenburg - including a shrimp tasting which I’ll admit, scared me at first, but they have the best shrimp I’ve ever tried!!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Kale’i Kaffebar - you can’t go to Sweden and not practice the art of Fika! It’s basically my new favorite tradition and it allows you to take a little mid-day break and go grab a coffee and a pastry with friends, co-workers, family or yourself. We met the most interesting people on each of our Fika breaks and I’m doing my best to re-create this here in the states. If you’re up for it - coffee houses at 2pm - BE THERE!

DSC00050 copy

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Feskekörka - I’m all about a market - and a market dedicated to fresh fish is exactly what I want for lunch. There are a few counters here where you can grab some bites for lunch and then sit out on the patio and chill. Not to mention the building is an architectural gem.

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Barbicu - while it might not be traditional nordic cuisine, the tacos and nachos coming out of Barbicu are are top notch!! It’s the perfect happy hour stop for a little nibble and a cocktail before dinner.

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Cafe Husaren - Swedish Cinnamon Rolls are at the tip-top of my favorite foods ever! We’ve recreated them for the blog - find the recipe here - but there’s really nothing like sitting in a cafe and sipping on a coffee and chowing down on the perfect pastry!!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Cum Pane Ekologisk - I went out of my way to cover the entire city in search of all the cinnamon rolls - and if you’re up for a day filled with sweets, this is a mandatory stop!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Restaurant Gabriel - A few steps up from the Feskekörka is Restaurant Gabriel and they are turning out the best oysters and fish dishes in the city. PLUS - they brew their own beer with a hint of oyster in it - sounds weird (I know) but believe it or not - it was relish!

Da Matteo AB - Fika, all day every day! If I lived in Gothenburg, there’s no question that Da Matteo would be my satellite office. Cute coffee tables lined the cobblestone patio and the coffee was perfection. If you opt to sit inside, try and grab a table in the back so you can watch them roast the beans right in front of your eyes!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Familjen - a traditional swedish restaurant that is equal parts dark and mysterious and delicious. Hands down the best service of our trip and the white asparagus dish, something that only appears on the menu rarely, was life changing.

Champagnebaren Forssen & Oberg - champagne and oyster bar. What more can I say - ON BRAND!

Bellora - after seeing my guide to Copenhagen, you guys know I’m all about the pizza. So when we walked by Bellora, we knew we need to try it! The restaurant is at the bottom of a super chic hotel and you can sit in an indoor/outdoor room that feels like a greenhouse. The pizza was lovely, as was the rosé and it’s the perfect spot to do a late lunch.

Canal Tours - We didn’t walk quite as much as we did in Copenhagen, I mean, we did have a Volvo to drive around in… DUH, but we did manage to get ourselves over to the dock for a canal tour! It seriously is one of my favorite ways to see a city!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Dorisa Hotel and Restaurant - here’s the deal. The Dorsia is EVERYTHING! It’s an incredible hotel, a beautiful restaurant where you can taste test your way through the menu, and the perfect place to grab an after dinner cocktail on their rooftop patio. The attention to detail here is majorly instal-worthy!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Rose Gardens - I mean, we can’t eat 24 hours a day right? So inbetween meals, my sister and I strolled around the insanely beautiful rose gardens that are just east of the downtown area. Hundreds of different kinds of roses line the park and it’s the perfect place to relax on a sunny summer swedish day!

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

DSC00151 copyGaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Gaby's Guide to Gothenburg

Norda Bar and Grill - go for the steak!! Pinkie promise it’s perfection. Norda Bar and Grill is the place to see and be seen. It feels uber hip and exactly where I'd want to go with my friends on a Friday night!

A big giant thank you to Volvo, the Gothenburg Tourism Board and Koalition for such an incredible trip


  1. This looks like it was a wonderful trip. Sweden has been on our list forever - I think this just moved it to the top!!! Thanks for all the tips! I KNOW we will use them all!

  2. Wow- incredible! I'm so jealous of all the good foodand incredible travel! Can't wait to read about the Volvo delivery program.

  3. Gothenburg definitely looks like a delicious city! I am pretty sure I would plan a visit there just for all of those amazing baked goods. 😉

  4. I have always wondered what Fika means--there are several shops in NYC by this name so now I know. Would love to go learn how to practice the art though. Looks like a fabulous trip!

  5. Well now I know what Fika means. We have a Swedish Institute here in Minneapolis with a restaurant named Fika. What a beautiful trip you had!!

  6. Ok sign me up; 'Next Stop Sweden'! What a wonderful adventure. I too want to start having Fika daily (beats mid day M&M's and Diet Coke). Such a civilized tradition! It's so cool that Volvo has an option to come pick up a new car!

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I will look out for the rest of the Swedish places you visited.

  8. My mother is Swedish and it's tops on the list of countries I still want to visit! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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