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Hello! I’m Thomas.  For those of you who do not know me, I am a professional Instagram husband.

I am also the personality behind the world famous Instagram account @whatsthomaseating and husband to Gaby and father to Poppy and our cat Stella.

Fun Fact: I named Stella after the beer but Gaby insists she named her after the Fashion Designer. You be the judge… 

Anyhow, Whats Gaby Cooking as most of you know is a place for tons of awesome recipes, epic travel adventures, and countless lists of things Gaby is totes obsessed with.  

You know the stuff that is “literally EVERYTHING!!!”….

Makeup, yoga pants, kitchen items, pilates classes, tie dye sweatshirts…you get the gist  

This stuff is all great but I have one major question:

Where is the guy content?  

Many of Gaby’s readers have husbands, sons, or boyfriends and there are lots of men out there who cook WGC recipes. 

What I am getting at is that the recipes work for everyone but the supplementary content is sparse for my dudes.    

As great as the Lululemon align leggings are (feel free to click this affiliate link and snag a pair of Gabys favorite leggings) 😉 the majority of guys are not rocking a Crop 23” align in Willow Green.  INSTEAD we are rocking the Lululemon 22” Surge Tight Nulux in black.  No joke the best tights I have tried, and I have tried them all.  (Feel free to click this affiliate link and snag a pair of Thomas’ favorite tights here). Also why are they called leggings for women and tights for men?

You see where I am going with this.  Maybe this is just me feeling outnumbered with the arrival of Poppy, and the ratio of women to men in our house jumping 2:1 but I feel that whatsgabycooking.com could use a little more balance.  Think of it as the occasional piece for the modern male.

None of that toxic masculinity BS.  Instead it will be a a place for content coming from a dad and husband who thinks he still has a little cool left in him.  A place to discuss single malts, grilling techniques, cocktails, joggers, technology, electronics, kicks, workouts, with the occasional anecdote of life in a house full of women, hell we will even cover my favorite shower gel (Jack Black reserve, no joke this stuff is next level and worth the price tag).  To round everything out we might even get a little deep and discuss the dad POV during pregnancy and miscarriages, not being the breadwinner, and any other stuff that is not been traditionally discussed or viewed as “manly”.   Most importantly it will be content where we don’t take ourselves too seriously and discuss cool shit. 

On that note, it’s great to meet you. If this sounds remotely interesting to you please feel free to share moving forward. Anything you want me to hit on or possible cover feel free to leave a comment below or send me a DM @whatsthomaseating.



    1. Hi Thomas, I’d love to read your perspective and I’ve always had fun watching you. I remember one time you were cooking solo on IG and you couldn’t find something in your kitchen (spatula maybe?) and I knew which drawer it was in! Does that say more about you or me?

  1. I accidentally discovered you two when I stumbled upon a long post discussion on the miscarriages experiences. Having had many miscarriages back in the early 90s and receiving zero support or understanding – people were just scared. Meanwhile I watched everyone else have baby after baby. It was a lonely and hard place. I was mesmerized by not only the information and how I wish I had had a resource like that back in the day. I soon became tremendously and awe of how honest and supportive you guys were with each other and the world you were sharing with. You were two super generous and nice souls and it is fun for us to feel like we are connecting with you… and I guess we are electronically. In any case I’m excited you will have a blog because you are dumb and funny and I’ll just put a vote up there for those kinds of things he referred to as not traditionaly manly – because you are clearly a role model for men. Also I loved your Valentines video to Gaby and and Poppy and your other fun videos that you do. I think following your creativity will give us a wonderful ride. Thank you!

  2. Love this! Thanks Thomas for your thoughts and views. Looking forward to reading about them and bring some new insight of what I learn to my hubby.

  3. Mazel Tov Thomas on your post and especially to your new title: father. Whenever Poppy naps, grab a nap yourself! I look forward to your next post. In my home it’s 2:1 boys to girl. I raised a son who was dear enough to call me today and ask for my secret cheesecake recipe so he could make it himself. Even after he realized he had none of the tools to bake it (no springform pan, no measuring cups or spoons and no stand or hand mixer), knowing he could borrow everything he needed he said he’d rather bake his own then buy one somewhere. Sweet! Your column was sweet too! Poppy and your wife are lucky to have you!

  4. This is super duper excellent!! Love it and think you guys are great. Congrats on Poppy! Buckle up!!

    Kara (lover of what’s Gaby cooking)

  5. It’ll be nice to read your perspective on here as well. I’m looking forward to all the grilling tips and maybe some wine recs too. 🙂

  6. Loveeee! Thomas is such a cool/funny Instagram Husband. I love that you are now going to be writing blogs here. It was a really fun read! So excited to learn more about how things look from your POV. Also, so happy for you both! Poppy is a beautiful baby. Sending all the blessings to your family!

  7. Toxic masculinity is a myth created by people to emasculate men. I’m a woman married to a man and we’re raising 4 daughters. We love WHC and look forward to the male content. Your gifs are hilarious!

  8. This is great! I’m a wife but would get a lot out of your perspective on life! Thanks for being a supportive dude!

  9. Hi Thomas. – that was fun. Nice to meet you. What’s your sign! what a great family. Congrats on your beautiful baby. I love your cat!

  10. I got a Theragun based on Gaby reporting you use it constantly. It is awesome! Kinda for everyone in the family but bought for the hubby. Might be a good thing to talk about! Love both of you!

  11. Hi Thomas, I think it’s sexy when a man knows how to order a drink. If he knows how to order a drink and also make a solid classic drink then I’m just smitten. So, my suggestion is to cover cocktails. Like why using the best ingredients is so important, alcohol reviews, what does navy strength mean, why are there three types of tequila and why is it important, what does neat mean? I think you get the point. There’s a lot of material, and it’s not nearly as deep as a man’s perspective of pregnancy, miscarriages or supporting your wife after she comes home with your kid, but maybe you could smatter it in to bring levity. Also, please do an article on “Look like a hero, and learn to avoid calling your wife from the grocery store, when she only sent you to the store for one thing.” I’m just saying. I hope your blog does really well, and I look forward to reading it and sharing it with my husband and son!

  12. OMG. I loved your article. Yes, it’s refreshing to get the guy’s point of view….and you did it with great humor.
    I look forward to reading more of your articles.

  13. Right on! This is a great idea. Really love guys getting honest about being in a situation where they aren’t the ones bringing in the majority of the income or maybe taking a supporting role. I love that you and Gaby are so respectful of each other. Secret to any long lasting relationship!

  14. Love this! I think you provide the perfect balance and support to Gaby (and you’re already a kickass dad, obvs). Your new blog will be a complementary addition to the brand – for all your readers – not just the dudes 😉

  15. This sounds awesome! I am always looking for new clothes for my hubby and 22 year old son. We just got some simple Sonos in our new little beach house on the tot opposite East Coast in Avalon NJ. And we love to drink and have a Traeger Smoker. I think you have a very smart and humorous POV and love your wife so it’s a win-win for me. And you preg.video of Gaby is Oscar Worthy

  16. Aww i love this! My husband definitely cooks WGC recipes weekly and can relate to much of what you mentioned above. Looking forward to your corner here on WGC!

  17. I was turned on to Gabby this past Thanksgiving and her Turkey recipe changed my life!! What a hit! Now, somehow, I’ve become cooking obsessed too, and Gaby has become a household friend. I love all that you wrote, in your first intro to you….very clever writing, so I would say, you are spot on, and I’ll be sharing with my hubs, as well. Congrats with Poppy!❤️

  18. Laughed through this whole post! I love Gaby, and love seeing a small aspect of her family life. Thomas you’re hilarious and a wonderful addition. Would love to see more as your family evolves, and give us all the Poppy news! Congratulations again!

  19. Longtime follower of both, thank you for inviting us into your lives, your feed and content are uplifting, informative, and a fun place to be!

  20. Great post. As Mom of 3 boys and one hubby I understand the imbalance vibe. Looking forward to more post. Poppy is adorable.

  21. This is amazing!!
    I am always sharing your content with my husband. We bought a Breville Espresso machine because of your insta-story on how you make your espresso .
    I do gotta say that the ratio in your household is 3:1 (you can’t forget Stella). Cant wait for more content!!

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