WGC Kitchen Reveal!

Omg it’s been months in the making and here it is! The new What’s Gaby Cooking Kitchen and OMG I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE IN LOVE!! Take a tour below. I’ll be linking sources to everything we used as well! If I missed anything that you’re curious about, just leave and comment and I’ll update!

Here she is in all her glory!! The new HQ for What’s Gaby Cooking! Home of all the recipe development that’s coming to the blog, a place to shoot our next book, a place for IG Lives, the place where we’ll teach Poppy all about food, and hopefully a place to entertain again someday…. I AM OBSESSED!!

Before we get into the after pics… take a look at what it was like when we bought the house last year!!

And now… the after!

All large appliances are Sub Zero, Wolf and Cove! I’ve been cooking with these appliances since my old private chef life and I have always been obsessed. It’s a dream come true to have them in my own kitchen now! Nitty gritty of the appliances are here:

  • Backsplash Tile: Fireclay 4×4 in Limestone
  • White Paint: Benjamin Moore custom flat white, if you give them these numbers, they’ll match it for you Y3-0.1875, S1-0.0625, W1-8
  • Cabinet Color: we matched to Portola Home Again

Can we talk about these fixtures!! Everything is from Rejuvenation and let me tell you, when we went to go pick everything out, I was in heaven! We ended up going with the Sutton collection for the kitchen!! Just wait until the bathroom is done and you see what we did in there!

Okay lets talk about this bar!! It’s a custom design from our designers Thea Home and it’s made by this incredible wood worker Eric, here in LA! it’s basically a wooden bar WRAPPED IN LEATHER!! We built it around all of our other Sub Zero appliances and it’s truly a work of art! He somehow managed to take the panel ready Sub Zero appliances and wrap them in leather. Truly a magician!

And what’s a new kitchen without new plates!! My mom custom made me these insanely beautiful bubble plates and I am obsessed!! She does custom orders if you want to DM her on instagram!

More details:

  • Contractors: Lyons Development – never have I EVER heard of anyone finishing on time and within budget and OMG WE DID!! I cried happy tears!!
  • Designers: Thea Home – easily the most dynamic mother daughter duo!! And the fact that Dorianne (the daughter) went to culinary school makes their kitchen NEXT LEVEL AMAZING
  • Cabinet Maker: Don’s Cabinets – he’s a magician!!
  • This is who did our marble counter treatment so we can spill lemon juice and other acidic things on our marble without destroying it! Shoot them an email, ask for Ted. He’ll help you find someone in your area!
  • Painters: TPG Group – truly truly an incredible group for painting anything you need in your home!! And wait until you see the Roman Clay and Lime Wash we did in the other parts of the house! They are so talented!
  • Windows: Pella // Reserve Contemporary Collection
  • In-Ceiling Speakers // Sonos (Thomas will share all those details soon)
  • Marble Counters: Carrara Marble
  • Stools // Restoration Hardware
  • Reclaim Wood Cutting Boards + Wooden Bowls
  • Kitchen Runner

Photographed by Matt Armendariz // Styled by Stephanie Hanes

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  1. Hillary

    Hi! I’m in love with your new kitchen!! We are doing a new build, and I’m trying to decide if a speed oven or steam oven are worth investing in. I don’t see them in your kitchen—did you consider them? And if so, what factored into your decision not to put them into your new kitchen? Thanks for your insights and thanks for sharing your home and your talents!

    • Gaby

      didn’t get either of them – gimme the regular oven all day!

    • Jessica M.

      Hi Hillary! I also loved this post as I’m doing a new kitchen too but I saw you were asking about speed overs and I thought I’d comment! I went with a gas range/oven AND a speed oven. Went with the 30″ JennAir built in after comparing it to several others. I love it as a second oven since it has so many cooking modes/features aside from just being a microwave (which I don’t use almost at all anyway!). I hope that helps!

  2. Jen

    Love, love, love your Carrara marble!! Can you please share the sealer you used to help prevent etching?

  3. Julie Iantorno

    Your before kitchen was really nice but the after is spectacular. Absolutely stunning. You will have so much fun cooking in your new kitchen. Well done. Enjoy and bon appetite.

  4. Kristin Murdock

    Gaby! Loooove this remodel – you guys did such a great job. Could you fill us in on what the wood drawers on the side of the island are used for?

  5. Cara Hulett Singh

    Obsessed. Like stalker obsessed. If you see someone peeking in the kitchen window, don’t worry, I’m only looking at the island.

  6. Lynn

    amazing – love the mix of painted cabinets, marble and wood (and let’s not forget leather)!!!

  7. Soozieloo

    Gorgeous!!!!! (We’re going to need to see ice photos at some point. What kind of cubes are you working with in that maker??!)

  8. BSJ

    Wow this is beautiful! Would love a video or post showcasing all the clever/functional design features. I saw on the live last night that you have that awesome paper towel holder drawer which blew my mind. Would love to see what other cool features you went with!

  9. Andrea

    The kitchen is gorgeous and so functional! In your IG live yesterday I noticed the under shelf lighting on the pretty display/bookshelves. Can you talk about them? What they are, brand etc?

  10. blu

    I love that your sink is to the side and not in the middle of the island! I love having more prep space in the center!

  11. Cynthia Lucarotti

    OMGOODNESS…I could not be more in love with a kitchen..will you adopt me and I will be happy to take care of Poppy

    • R

      Love the look of the wooden drawer pulls. Did you buy them or did your cabinet maker make them? Are you happy with having wood?

    • Gaby

      my cabinet maker sourced them – they were like 99 cents each and we just painted to match

  12. Tara

    Congrats! Looks beautiful and must feel great to have finished.

    Love the runner- looking for a good brand that’s stylish and nonslip, good for kitchen. Recommendation? Thanks!

  13. Maryellen Johnson

    It is so calming and dreamy – stunning. May you share the back-splash tiles. Love the color and they look textured – so subtle yet frames the wall so beautifully.

    • Maryellen Johnson

      Oops, never mind. I just reread and see that you posted at the very beginning. ‍♀️

  14. Janelle

    Wishing you all much love and happiness in your newly redesigned kitchen! I grew up in a very ethnic Armenian home. The amount of food prepared by my Grandma and mom was amazing in a tiny space but all our friends loved to hang out in our kitchen! Poppy will do the same and begin her story here! ❤️

  15. Julie Adams

    Beautiful beautiful kitchen I love following you. You have great recipes and love trying them. Need to purchase your cook book!!

  16. Olivia

    Where’s the Aperol? 😉 KIDDING but had to ask! Love it 🙂

  17. Galfaz

    Congratulations. What a beautiful remodel! You have thought of everything. I’m curious about the square footage for the kitchen?

  18. Sandy

    Absolutely fxxxcking gorgeous kitchen! Mine is galley size – about the size of your island! But I get it done. Enjoy & I look forward to more flavorful, awesome recipes! And I love the name Poppy!

  19. Katherine

    Gorgeous is an understatement. Can you give me a source for the runner rug?

  20. Maureen “momnwoods”

    It is ALL divine ! Kudos to ALL your designers, contractors , your vision they made use of every square inch for storage The island prepping sink area, it’s epicthe coffee bar, yesthe huge wall of storage , yessssss, no wasted space ! the colors are so homey and beautiful. Love the tiles around the windows, and the white walls above, and lets talk about the ceiling speakers , omgyou be dancin all over that kitchen, yessssssthe marble countertops , I’m speechless, beautiful the plug-ins at the end of the islandI can see you baking a cake right there the frig, a thing of BEAUTY the open shelving the floor is perfectoLet’s talk about that marble sink, what compliments to the gentleman that created that stunning bar area! OMG, it is a one of a kind masterpiece wowit’s all you Gaby! CA inspired . You and Thomas are going to have endless memories and fabulous meals shared in your new kitchen, yessssssit’s been a very productive 2021, so far. Pretty Poppy is here she’s the icing on your cake yummmmmmy ‍‍Enjoyyyyy

  21. Beckie Biedebach

    Wow oh wow oh wow Gaby & Thomas & Poppy !!! It’s fab and I hope it brings you guys years of pleasure and happiness ♥️

  22. Melissa

    Your remodel looks a-mazing!! I’m obsessed with your floors!! We are in the process of updating our house as well, and are deciding on which wide planked floors we want. What size and color did you go with??

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your reveals!!

  23. Jamine Ewine

    Absolutely stunning! All of the attention to detail including the pull out cabinets and organizers in drawers. In love with this kitchen!

  24. Anita Tseng

    Can you show a photo looking in the other direction…..from the cabinets by the refrigerator looking toward the bar?

  25. Heidi Ildhuso

    Gaby & Thomas-
    Well done, you really thought things through and it shows. It looks BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL. Many fantastic meals are going to be prepared here. So happy for you and I look forward to watching you “do your thing”. Again, congratulations and enjoy your new home. Cheers!

  26. Julia

    Amazing! It looks deeper than the previous space – did you push out a wall at the back where the wall of cupboards are?

  27. Rebecca

    Over the top gorgeous! Would you mind sharing where you got your fridge handles from? They are beautiful!

  28. Rachael Wattanasak

    Stunning!! Question, I noticed you have large pulls on the cabinets next to the sinks, are those for towels? Do you have a source for those?

    • Gaby

      that’s the dishwasher handle! I’ll add the source to the post!

  29. Sharon Cohen

    The floor!!! What did you put down?
    Enjoy this new stage in your growing family’s fortune, and know how we all look forward to see What’s Gaby Cooking this week in her new kitchen.

  30. Braden

    Your kitchen is gorgeous – I cannot get over that leather bar! And props to Thomas for all the attention to the Sonos speakers, that’s going to be so amazing to have throughout the house.

    Any chance you can provide a source for the runner rug in front of the sink? Thanks in advance and congratulations on your beautiful new space!

  31. Karen

    Where did you hide the microwave? We are debating what to do about it for our kitchen design…We don’t use it a lot so don’t want it over the stove but making it not stand out in the overall design is hard!

  32. Kate Peterson

    This kitchen reno is fantastic! Congrats! Can you please provide details on the runner (rug). Thanks!

  33. Sharon Kelley

    Your new kitchen is beautiful!
    Any chance you can link your flooring?

    • Gaby

      I wish I knew what brand it was – the showroom only shows that its a 10inch european oak!

  34. Sharyl

    Did you consider a drawer microwave? What are your thoughts about them?

  35. Barbara Gabbe-Harris

    Your new kitchen is beautiful!
    Are the Cherry Blossoms in the blue jar real or silk?

  36. Kelly

    This kitchen is better than anything I could ever even dream of! I love all the details and how bright, airy, spacious it is. The countertops are so beautiful. I love the wooden shelving in the wall and the island. Everything is so perfect – and now I can’t wait to see some of the great food coming out of there!

  37. Taylor

    Hi! Amazing kitchen Gaby! We just got an oven very similar at our new house so excited. Random Question, Where is your olive oil vinegar spouts next to your oven from??

  38. Victoria

    Is the sink marble, too? Or is it actually a continuation of the slab on top? Beautiful!

  39. Sara

    We’re building a bar and went to look at Subzero today. Lots of questions! Do you have under lighting on your floating shelves? And what is your bar top – is it leather too?

  40. Heather

    Me and that appliance pull you are posing with would get along juuuuust fine! Is that also from rejuvenation? I’m on the hunt for some currently as my kitchen remodel begins in a few months. I can’t seem to find any that aren’t too dainty.

  41. Joanna Lugarini

    Do you have an image of the interior design of your pantry? Please and thankyou.

  42. Melissa Faircloth

    Love the kitchen, where can I find the vintage glass vase?

  43. Cyndi

    Gaby it’s beautiful! Can you share the link for the gorgeous fridge pull?

  44. Jessica M.

    This is absolutely stunning, congrats! I am doing a kitchen remodel this year and am pouring over all the detail here! I am DEAD over your BAR!!! OMG! Where can I find the video you did/are doing of the kitchen?