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WHEW!! I'm feeling pretty on top of things this year. Holiday shopping is well underway and it's all coming here today. There are 4 gift guides this year: 3 in this post Kitchen Splurges, Kitchen Essentials, Gaby's Favorites. The last, which is all about Cookbooks, coming next week. So basically if there's someone on your holiday shopping list, I've got ya covered! Shall we dive right in? Also... almost every single thing is on MAJOR sale! So hop to it.

What's Gaby Cooking Gift Guide / Kitchen Splurges (from www.whatsgabycooking.com) @whatsgabycookin

1 - pans galore! my favorite brand of pans ever.

2 - immersion blender! It's mandatory for soup season!

3 - this all purpose pot is literally my favorite thing in the whole wide world!

4 - love a panini press!

5 - my all time favorite knife set on the planet!

6 - this stand mixer the work horse of the kitchen and I'm obsessed!

7 - how festive are these enamel pots? perfect for soups / stews / bread making / you name it!

8 - it's a copper blender. Need I say more?

9 - the all time best wine opener ever.

What's Gaby Cooking Gift Guide / Kitchen Essentials (from www.whatsgabycooking.com) @whatsgabycookin

1 - the best purchase I've made in the last few months - prep bowls are life!

2 - obsessed with all things Finex

3 - garlic press = major time saver when you cook with as much garlic as I do!

4 - the cutest mini bakeware ever

5 - COOKIE SCOOPS for Christmas cookies. Obviously

6 - how cute is this salt cellar?

7 - this spiralizer is going to come in REAL handy come Jan 1 when we clean things up a bit!

8 - bakeware essentials

9 - for the cocktail lover in your life, fancy ice cubes are awesome

And a few other items from some of my favorite small businesses...

1 - my go-to hostess gift!! Love a glassybaby moment!

2 - my favorite ceramic serving pieces and shibori towels of all times! They are all hand made and unique and GORGEOUS! There's a whole SLEW of inventory over on instagram 

3 - This parachute robe is quite possibly my favorite thing on earth

4 - my all time favorite handbag designer came out with sweatshirts. I'm in heaven.

5 - hands down the thing I get the most questions about is THIS personalized necklace!

6 - my favorite company ever has the best handbags ever. It's called ABLE and it's a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. They manufacture directly in the communities they wish to impact, both locally and globally, creating jobs and ending the cycle of charity dependency. Through our purchases, we are ABLE to empower women and give them a job with dignity

Happy Shopping guys!!


  1. Worked on stuffed peppers with quinoa and other veggies with tomato sauce and cheese on top Came out a winner thankyou.. Love the recipes and the general conversation on your site. Signed love to cook need to discover more plant base recipes whole new way of cooking!!

  2. Thanks to you I just ordered 5 gifts from ABLE for some of the most important women in my life. (Not sure how I resisted buying EVERY BAG for myself but it's better to give than receive... right?haha) Love your recipes and your great taste in everything else.

  3. Great ideas! Have you used the Williams Sonoma bakeware? Also, we used your turkey recipe (actually, my husband did) for thanksgiving and it was delish. Zero leftovers!

  4. LOVE. My sister recently graduated from CIA and I adore cooking but I am by no means a "profesh" ya know? So thank you thank you thank you for posting this because now I know some things I can get her for her kitchen that she will actually be able to use/love!

    XO, Madison

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