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Here’s the deal guys… Black Friday pretty much doesn't exist this year. Like is anyone actually venturing out of their house to shop - doubtful!! I'm doing it all online and I'm starting now! We’ve got 5 guides to start (home, baby, tech gear and cookbooks will be added shortly!) and they are perfection.

First – kitchen splurges. These aren’t so much splurges and really they are investments. Aka, they aren’t cheap but they’ll last you forever!

  1. Breville Espresso – Thomas is a coffee / espresso snob and now that he can make his own every morning our credit card bill doesn’t have little $5 charges multiple times a day! Another option if you prefer a different color!
  2. Breville Tea Kettle – my latest investment and OMG it’s changed my tea game for real!
  3. All Clad Pots and Pans – if you want a new set of pots and pans, this is my go to!
  4. KitchenAid Stand Mixer – I mean, no explanation needed.
  5. Le Creuset Braiser – keep adding to your collections! These beauties will never go out of style
  6. Global Knife – if you want my IGLives on Mondays, you know this is my go-to knife. And if you want a starter set - this is my fav
  7. Vitamix Blender – smoothies, sauces, soups… you name it. It’s the most used thing in my kitchen
  8. Finex Cast Iron Skillet - the chicest cast iron of all times! I have the 10-inch
  9. Boos Block - best cutting board of all times!
  10. Fontana Forni Outdoor Pizza oven that is truly my lifetime obsession!! Or the Breville Pizza Oven if you need something for inside– honestly it’s the greatest invention of all times and will change your pizza game forever

Second - Kitchen Essentials. Things that are easy stocking stuffers or smaller gifts that are less expensive and AH-MAZING.

  1. Kapoosh – forget a knife block, it’s all about the Kapoosh life now.
  2. The most epic WGC Pasta Night Kit! But also you can use these sauces for EVERYTHING else!
  3. Non Stick Skillet - you just need 1 or 2!! Simple!
  4. Salt Holder – the chicest one I’ve ever found!
  5. Mercer Collection of plates - we got these for our wedding and have been obsessed ever since!!
  6. Garlic Press – it's so heavy duty you don't even have to peel the garlic!!
  7. The WGC gift set! Some of the fav WGC products in a cute gift box!
  8. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet - inexpensive and a WORK HORSE. Get the 12 inch.
  9. Prep Bowls - I mean, buy 2 sets. We use these non-stop
  10. Gold Touch Sheet Pans – for any cookie bakers out there, these will change your life. NOTHING STICKS!

Third - My favs. We're talking athleisure all day every day!

  1. Cuyana Backpack – fits a laptop and I’m obsessed
  2. The Robe - the most light weight comfy robe of all times
  3. Bomber Jacket (it's reversible!) - I have it in pink and it's SO CUTE and v comfy!
  4. My fav jean jacket of all times - it's the best!
  5. Slippers! BEST SLIPS EVER!
  6. Nike Pullover of my dreams – buy it in every color before it goes away!
  7. The BEST Lululemon pants – everyone always asks me my fav Lulu pants and these are them!
  8. Maya Brenner Necklace – haven’t taken mine off in 6+ years!
  9. The best tank of all times with a built in bra
  10. Nike kicks! My absolute fav for every day life!

Fourth - Self care + beauty!! We all deserve it!

  1. Saie Glowy Super Gel - if you've ever seen my skin glow - it's because of this!
  2. Eye Masks - these are cooling and clean and I am obsessed! I store mine in the fridge for extra cooling effects 🙂
  3. Lip Kit - if you're obsessed with moisturizing your chapped lips - this is for you!
  4. One of my fav candles of all times!!
  5. Hands down my most fav fragrance of all times!
  6. Osea Face products - legit the best moisturizers / oils / gels / serums in all the world!!
  7. PowerGlow Peel - the best 1-minute peel of all times!!
  8. Makeup Brushes - throw out all your old brushes, there's a new brush in town!!
  9. Tinted Moisturizer - the best and cleanest in the game!
  10. Ocean Cleansing Mudd - this is what my shower dreams are made of!

Fifth - Thomas made us a gift guide for MEN!! It's perfection!

  1. Thergun – if you’ve seen me on Gaby’s IG, you’ll know I love the theragun. So long soreness after a long workout. This thing is magic.
  2. my new fav travel Backpack
  3. Shorts - my fav and only work out shorts that I rock these days
  4. Lululemon Pull Over - I'm on the lulu train with Gaby. There's no stopping me now.
  5. Madewell Men’s Jeans – bet you didn’t know Madewell made mens jeans… in fact they do and they are my go-to
  6. J Crew Pullover – my favorite sweatshirt of all time that comes in just about every color
  7. The best Work Out shirts in the land.
  8. Casa Dragones Tequila - the most baller tequila gift for the tequila lover in your life.
  9. Misto Box Coffee Subscription – the ultimate curated coffee subscription with the best roasters
  10. Sonos Move – our fav home speakers that you can now bring on vacation or to a party!

Fifth- Tech Gear from Thomas

  1. Sony Camera: 61 Megapixels is kinda mind blowing.  Welp that's what this camera is.  If you are looking to take massive photos that you want to print out super large this is your camera.  Pretty crazy to think that the cameras we had like 10 years ago were 10 and 14 megapixels.  
  2. Sony Lens: If you have the A7R you need an equally impressive lens to get the ultimate shots in a super crisp sharp image.  Enter my workhorse lens, (actually the only lens I have at the moment, my 24-70GM.  It's a game changer.  
  3. Google Nest Wifi: Is your wifi connection poor at your house? Are you still using the router that your cable company provided? Step your game and your signal up with this super easy to install google nest wifi.  Best part about it is that it's expandable so when you move to a larger home, you can get a couple more of these suckers and still have awesome speeds across your entire home.  
  4. GoPro Hero Max: Looking to make that epic travel video? Don't know if you should get the new gopro hero 9 or the 360 gopro hero max? I opted for the 360 camera and have not been disappointed.  It pretty much does everything the new regular gopro does plus it can shoot in 360.  
  5. GoPro Jaws Flex Mount: Pretty much the only gopro mount I use.  It literally attaches to almost anything. When shooting in the wild versatility is key.  This is as versatile as you can get.  If you have a gopro this is a must have.  
  6. Feit Recessed Smart Light Bulb: Looking to change the color temp of your lights at home? Enter Feit smart lighting.  These bulbs connect to your wifi network so you can control everything with your phone, including the color of your light.  You can thank me later. 
  7. Lutron Caseta: Looking to turn your current home lighting smart? Want Lutron but don't want to spend all the money that Lutron costs? Check these caseta switches out.  They are made by lutron and they are the world's easiest thing to install to instantly turn your home into a smart home. 
  8. Airpods are great.  Add noise canceling tech to them and somehow great gets even better.  
  9. Nest Hub Max: Pretty much Gaby's life line in the kitchen when it comes to timers.  It also plays nicely with my smart lights, Sonos speakers, and every other connected device in our home.  
  10. Sonos Arc: Step up your home audio with this amazing speaker.  One of the first soundbars that is ready to play dolby atmos.  It not only sounds EPIC but looks amazing.  So long big ugly speakers. Also available on Amazon

Sixth - my fav Cookbooks of all times!

  1. Eat What You Want - my 3rd cookbook baby!!
  2. Everyday California Food - all the delicious food inspired by California
  3. Falastin - Palestinian food that will make you want to jump on a plane as soon as we can travel again
  4. Six Seasons - my favorite vegetable based cookbook
  5. Istanbul and Beyond - more incredible eats from the middle east
  6. East - Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from Bangalore to Beijing
  7. Eating Out Loud - just like move me to Israel, I'm ready.
  8. One Tin Bakes - if you're into baking and 1 tin wonders - this is for you
  9. Dessert Person - MORE DESSERTS!!
  10. Flavor - one of my favorite authors newest book!

More soon - check back this weekend!


  1. Hi!

    Can you recommend a place where I can order nacho cheese sauces for someone who lives in North Hollywood?


  2. Hi Gaby, Quick question, I know Thomas is working on audio set up on the house for after the renovations. I am looking into the Sonos ARC but I am struggling to figure out which other Sonos items should go with it.
    Any chance Thomas can do a story or post about the total solution? Trying to surprise the hubs with a nice solution. ~Thanks

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I am making my Christmas list.....what size make-up brush do you use for foundation? My list is a GOOD garlic press and the makeup brush LOL


  4. Hi Gaby! When I tried to click on the items I was interested in, it took me to a blank page.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. no it's not you - there's a massive issue with links across the entire internet this morning!! working to resolve ASAP!!

    1. there's a massive issue with links across the entire internet this morning!! working to resolve ASAP!!

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