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We split our time between LA and Seattle for a little over a year and I did some major exploring. My favorite way to get to know a city is through the food scene and Seattle certainly has no shortage!

Below are my current favorites, and like the rest of the Gaby's Guide series, I'll update it any time I find new gems. We still go back to visit my parents every few months, so check back!

Mamnoon - go for happy hour and get all the dips and pita!!

Stateside - one of my favorite places to go with a group. Order one of everything and eat your way through the entire menu!

mBar - perfect place for happy hour downtown!

Manolin - right in the heart of Fremont, this place is adorable. It doesn't hurt that it's right next to one of my favorite bakeries of all times too!

Taylor Shellfish - oysters and champagne. Need I even say more? It's great to go here in Capitol Hill for a bite before dinner!

Revel - oh Revel! Let me count the ways! Some of the best food ever. Those dumplings give me life every single time.

Delancey - pizza all day, every day!

Staple and Fancy - one of the many Ethan Stowell restaurants that I love. This one is right in Ballard and we've been lucky every time we walk in that we can just grab a seat at the bar and have dinner and drinks!

How to cook a Wolf - omg the pasta here, the olives, everything. It's one of my all time favorite places in Seattle for sure.

Walrus + Carpenter - go for the oysters and stay for the dessert. Everything on the menu is fantastic but no reservations so be sure to go early and be okay waiting for a table.

Rooftop bar on the Thompson - FAVORITE place to go in the summer for drinks with a view!

Matts in the Market - the ultimate ladies who lunch place!

Cafe Besalu - easily the best pastries in Seattle!!

Stoneburner - one of our fav places to go for brunch!! Breakfast pizza and avo toast are top notch!

The Independent Pizzeria - if you're looking for the best pizza in Seattle (Washington state for that matter) this is it! The crust is perfect and you can eat an entire pie and walk out without feeling like you're going to pop!

La Carta de Oaxaquena - ok so Mexican food in Seattle is HARD to come by, but this place does the trick for me every time. It's a little over priced but when you need salsa, YOU NEED SALSA!

Tavolata - the spaghetti and meatballs will probably change your life. It's beyond.

Cafe Munir - Lebanese food is my favorite of all times, and this place is fantastic. Get all the dips and a few mains to share and your set. Also it's super casual, so don't feel the need to get dressy.

Joule - it's the sister restaurant to Revel and it's equally as amazing. The octopus in particular is my fav!

Sushi Kashiba - fancy sushi right down - it's delish but spendy!!

Chavez - more Mexican food because whenever I'm in Seattle, I can never get enough.

Spinasse - pasta, pasta and more pasta. Easily one of the best places for Italian.

Wataru - second best sushi in the city in my opinion!

Sushi Kappo Tamura - my other fav sushi place is in this sleepy part of town! It's our favorite place to go for a quick light lunch without crowds!

General Pourpoise - one word: Donuts!

Miir Coffee - it's a coffee shop communal work space during the day and a great place to grab a beer on tap in the afternoon. Also home to my favorite matcha latte and kombucha on tap!

Holy Mountain - one of our fav breweries to set up shop for the day! Bring games or a deck of cards, you'll want to stay a while

Stoup Brewing - a fun brewery in the heart of Ballard!

Reuben's Brews - if you want to go to one of the most popular breweries in the city - this is it! But be prepared to elbow your way to a table. It's slammed if you go anything after 2pm.

Smith Tower - it costs about $25 bucks per person to get to the top of Seattles first skyscraper, but it's worth it! The bar is fantastic, and the 360 degree view of the city is unmatched! But go on a sunny day for maximum fabulousness!


  1. I am heading to Seattle next week for the 4th of July and excited to try these spots!! Thank you for the recs!

  2. Hi Gaby
    Thank you for the list! I’m so excited to try some of your recommendations.
    I wanted to know the Bakery you were talking about close to Manolin.
    I have the biggest sweet toothand love all things Sweet!
    Thx so much! Have a great day

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