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Wow - it's been a minute since we were able to do a travel guide!! But we're back! So let's kick things off with a guide to Maine!


Our trip to Maine was DELISH. We consumed approx 10 lobster rolls within 4 days, a few dozen oysters, countless cocktails and many other incredible bites. It was the perfect quick summer trip and I wish we would have stayed for weeks. Below you'll find the highlights from our time in the Portland, Biddeford Pool and Kennebunkport area!

Where we stayed:

  • The Langsford - super cute B&B that we absolutely loved!
  • Hidden Pond - a few friends stayed here and it's lovely!!

What to eat + drink:

  • Duckfat Friteshack - go for the french fries and all the dips
  • Eventide Oyster Co - one of the best lobster rolls of my life
  • The Shop by Island Creek - get a few dozen oysters and some bubbles
  • Central Provisions - little bites!!
  • Fore Street - incredible seafood dinner
  • The Honey Paw - 2 words.... Lobster Toast
  • Scales - another option for a fab dinner
  • Street & Co - one more dinner option for you!
  • Tandem Coffee - be prepared to wait in a line but OMG good coffee
  • Bard - more good coffee. Thomas did some serious research
  • Speckled Ax - one more coffee spot depending on where in the city you are!
  • Standard Baking Co - omg just get everything
  • The Holy Donut - another line - but if you're into donuts, this is the place!
  • The Lobster Shack at Two Lights - LOBSTER ROLL!!
  • Bite into Maine - more lobster rolls!
  • Rover Bagel - one of the best bagels of my life
  • The Shop on Biddeford Pool - Lobster rolls + steamers!
  • The Clam Shack - great lobster roll right in Kennebunkport! Go early to avoid lines
  • Dock Square Coffee House - great coffee in Kbunk!
  • Rococo Ice Cream - I mean, transports me right back to childhood with this quant little ice cream shop
  • Mabels Lobster Claw - one of the best lobster rolls of the entire trip
  • Nunan's Lobster Hut - another winner when it comes to lobster rolls
  • Cape Porpoise Kitchen - get the cookies! OMG
  • Forage - more bagels!!


  1. Gaby - I just discovered you via the Caro Chambers on substack podcast! I LOVE your travels guides - you are incredibly well traveled and take gorgeous photos!

    Feel free to check out mine focused on New England the next time you are out this way! xx Kristen

  2. Gaby, Love Maine. Took a trip there a few years ago. Went to Orchard Beach, it was a pretty neat area. Looks like you had a Fabulous time. Thanks for sharing!!! Ellen

  3. We're Chicagoans who are in Maine several times a year. Gaby's recommendations are spot on! Our special favorites are Eventide, Holy Donut, and the Lobster Shack at Two Lights (be sure to check out Edward Hopper's iconic painting of the two lighthouses.) Best ice cream is in Wells - about 20 minutes south of Kennebunkport. The Scoop Deck!

  4. Oh so excited to add this to my list of "must-go" adventures after your review. I wonder, do the locals ever tire of lobster? I can't imagine anyone would and I'd sure like to give it a try. I love how you are sharing your adventures with Poppy. She will be a seasoned traveler by the time she enters pre-school.

    1. As a local, most of us don’t eat lobster all that much! I don’t know anyone that eats it regularly I am a case study of one but I do live in Portland. I think down here there are so many amazing food options that are worth trying that it’s not exactly our number 1 choice. ( SN: the pizza photo is radicci and they deserve aaaaaalllllll the love because they finally brought decent ‘za to this town).

  5. YES!!! What a list - I have been to most and can't wait to try the rest. So glad you loved your trip to Maine.

  6. We just stayed at the Langford a few weeks ago and it was amazing! It’s such a nice set up for families and my inlaws had the townhome right next to ours. We love Kennebunkport and Earth at Hidden Pond was the best meal ever.

  7. Thank you! We are off to Maine next week! These look like some great stops on our way to/from to Bar Harbor.

  8. Coastal New England summer is the best! Too bad it’s been so rainy here! Looks like you still made the most of it 🙂 xxxx

  9. I love Maine it is my happy place!!! You must visit Two Fat Cats Bakery if you are in Portland. PBS did a special about bakeries years ago and they were featured it it. The Blueberry Pie was out of this world!!!!

  10. Superb photos and suggestions. I never had a desire to go to Maine, but now I'm feeling the itch. Your baby is adorable. Love the photo that looks like she's fallen asleep with food hanging from her mouth. Thanks for all your recipes. You're making me a good cook.

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