Gaby's Guide to Orcas Island

On my constant quest to bring you the best things to eat/see/do while traveling, today is all about Gaby's Guide to Orcas Island!!

gaby's guide to orcas island

Last summer we headed north for part of our Surprise Vacation! Our first stop on the trip was Orcas Island. I instantly fell in love. From all the friendly faces, to the most incredible bed and breakfast, to every single piece of food I put in my mouth... I'm officially an Orcas Island fan. It's the perfect place to go during the summer months and it's easy to get to! Hop on a ferry in Washington state and you're there in no time! But what to do while you're there other than watching all the Orcas play off the coast... well, I've got you covered!!

Where to Eat:
New Leaf Cafe - some of the best seafood on the island!! From the octopus to the salmon to the clams to the scallops, you really can't go wrong. It's open for breakfast + dinner but I'd vote for dinner as you can sit on their patio and watch the sun go down while you sip on a glass of wine!

Brown Bear Baking - ugh. Where do I ever begin. Everything to come out of Brown Bear Baking is incredible. Their pastries are out of this world - the quiches are works of art. The cookies are freshly baked and perfectly soft in the middle. Their Triple Chocolate Muffins are basically my new fest friends!

Rose’s - the perfect place to grab lunch after a hike!! Ask for a spot on the patio and when you're down scarfing down all the delicious pizzas, wander over to the farmers market for some insta-pics!

Hogstone’s Wood Oven - I take my pizza eating skills VERY seriously and Hogstone's is absolutely on the top of the list. Some of the best pizza I've ever had - and that includes trips to Italy. Boom. It's a hot ticket so you absolutely HAVE to make it a priority!

Orcas Island Food

Where to Drink:
Island Hopping Brewery - the perfect place to grab a beer after a long hike! The patio is perfect for groups too!

Where to Stay:
Inn on Orcas Island - perhaps the cutest B+B I've ever laid eyes on, The Inn on Orcas Island is pure perfection. It's nestled right by sunny Deer Harbor and the hosts are EVERYTHING! The breakfast situation here is top notch and you can sit on the porch and sip on champagne before dinner.

Gaby's Gaby to Orcas Island

Gaby's Gaby to Orcas Island

What to Do:
Deer Harbor - a quick drive from the Bed + Breakfast, Deer Harbor is where you need to go to rent kayaks or hop on a whale watching cruise.

Turtleback Mountain - part of traveling is about burning off all those calories, right? Turtleback Mountain is an easy hike with serious views at the summit!

Mt. Constitution - another gorgeous but more strenuous hike. Pack a picnic and head up the trails and camp up at top for a few hours to chill. It's kinda incredible.

Buck Bay Farm Inn + Lavender Fields - swing by here for a plate of freshly shucked oysters and a sunny picnic table!

Gaby's Gaby to Orcas Island

Gaby's Gaby to Orcas Island

Gaby's Gaby to Orcas Island


  1. This post made me book a side trip to Orcas on my trip to Seattle for the 4th of July! Looking forward to your recommendations!

  2. You nailed Orcas Island! All the delicious details of where to eat, sleep and play. Now you'll have to sample Lopez and San Juan Islands. I'm here to help.

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