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Gaby's Guide to Paris is here and LOADED with everything you could need for a trip to the city of lights!

Gaby's Guide to Paris from (@whatsgabycookin)

I think my new years resolution is to get my travel guides up on the blog within 2 weeks of getting home from a trip. Clearly that didn't happen for Paris but moving forward - HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! Now that we've got that out of the way - Gaby's Guide to Paris is here! It's everything we've eaten in Paris of the past few years, our favorite places to stay, the can't miss sights and basically everything you need to know for a successful trip!

It's all color coordinated with green being our fav hotels, yellow our favorite restaurants and purple the sights you can't miss!

Gaby's Guide to Paris from (@whatsgabycookin)

Let's start with hotels!

First let me just say that all hotels in Paris are outrageously expensive so prepare yourselves. A lot of people have suggested renting an Airbnb the past few times we've gone, but truth be told... I love a hotel! And that's what credit card points are for!

Hôtel Lutetia - it's nestled in the saint germain des pres and just underwent a massive overhaul so it's super chic and beautiful and the spa is gorgeous. It's in one of my favorite neighborhoods for wandering around and getting lost!

Four Seasons Hotel George V - I mean, if we're gonna go for it, we're gonna for it! The George V is literally everything. The flowers are enough to make you go weak in the knees. Worth it if you really want to splurge

Prince de Galles - if you've got some SPG points, the Prince de Galles is right next to the George V and it's VERY easy to get around from here! You can walk to tons of different landmarks and such - but be warned, this neighborhood is NOT where the food is!

Speaking of food and drink.... here are our favs. And word to the wise - you must make reservations! Have your hotel concierge call ahead and book for you! 

Fragments - we went almost every morning for a coffee and a cookie. It's super sweet, tucked away into a quite street and has the best vibe! It's exactly what you need for a little jet lag cure! Also their avo toast is epic

Septime + Septime The Cave - both are tough to get into but worth it if you can! The Cave is more of a light bites and wine bar and it's very very cute!

Clamato - a small seafood restaurant churning out incredible light bites AND excellent wine pairings!

Les Fines Gueles - a very seasonal chalkboard menu with incredible wine selections! We went with friends the first night in Paris and loved every bite! The soups are phenomenal and the dessert was heavenly!

Frenchie + Frenchie Wine Bar - go to Frenchie for a tasting menu, go to the wine bar for something a little more casual but just as delicious!

Breizh - my favorite crepes (made with a buckwheat batter) in the entire city! We've been every single trip to Paris and I love it more and more every time. It's the perfect place for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack!

L'as du Fallafel - it's almost a right of passage to go get fallafel here! It's top notch and part of the Paris experience. We've been going every trip for 10 years and I can never get enough. Get it spicy - it's the right move - trust me!

Miznon - just a stones throw away from L'as du Fallafel, Miznon is quickly upping the fallafel game. It's home to the BEST fallafel in my opinion, and the whole roasted cauliflower is quite possibly one of my favorite things to eat on earth. Go early because they sell out of everything on a daily basis!

Balagan - who knew some of the best Israeli food would be in Paris! It's so freaking delish and this is def a place you'll want to book way ahead of time!

Le Petit Marché - another tres seasonal menu with a fab vibe!

Le Baron Rouge - a super sweet wine bar 🙂 Are you getting a feel for how we spend a lot of time in Paris yet?

Clown Bar - some incredible wine and a very adventurous menu (even for me!) but if you're up for it, it's really special!

Verjus - we went for lunch and had an incredible seasonal meal! It's cozy and cute and very approachable.

Le Servan - French fusion food that makes the perfect place for lunch!

Bar Hemingway - go for drinks and don't bother with the food. It's tres chic and the perfect place to start a night in Paris! You might even see a celeb or two - it's a popular hang!

Ellsworth - Fried Chicken. Enough said. It's really the only way to live.

Let's get into sweet treats!

Du Pain et des Idées - trust me when I tell you to take the time to wait in line. I hate lines but I would wait for an hour for the pastries from this cute little shop (but the line will never be that long, don't worry) go hungry, order one of everything you think looks fantastic. And I know this place is kinda out of the way of everything else - but trust that it's worth crossing the city for!

Blé Sucré - some of the best croissants in the city!

Chez Janou - just swing by after dinner for dessert and get the chocolate mousse and a glass of wine!

Maison Mulot - more croissants!! because calories don't count in paris! and all their other pastries were phenomenal too!

Mokonuts - CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!! You know I'll find the best chocolate chip cookie no matter where I go!

And when it comes to sight seeing - 

you'll see the can't miss spots in purple on the map! We've done Paris with a guide and without. It's great both ways - just depends how much you want to learn and spend. Feel free to email me for our 2 favorite guides info  that we've use - they are wonderful and you'll learn more about history and culture than you thought possible!! Happy traveling!



  1. My husband and I are planning a trip to Paris and I would be interested in finding out who you used for guides and what kind of tours you'd recommend. We typically do our own research and planning. However, we traveled to Italy last fall and I arranged a private tour of the Vatican and a small group tour (6 max) of the Colosseum. Both were phenomenal and gave us such an appreciation of what we saw - I only wish I could remember all I learned 🙂

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  2. Can I please get a copy of your two favorite travel guides in Paris. My first time, very excited! Love your travel blogs, very helpful!

  3. This is so great - thank you! Paris is one of my favorite cities - I'm excited to go back to try some of these places!

  4. We are planning another trip to Paris. What a beautiful city. You mentioned 2 guides that you liked?

  5. Have you tried the Paris by Mouth food tour? It was the highlight of our trip this past May! And they’re a great resource of local restaurants to try out

  6. how are all your photos so perfect!?! and without any tourists or anything. I'm impressed. Now I need to book another trip to Paris asap!

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