Gaby's Guide to Sonoma Part II

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You guys know I have a major obsession with wine country! I LOVE it! And each and every time I get up there I consider it research for my retirement (which isn't happening for quite some time - but it’s never too early to start planning right?!)

Gaby's Guide to Sonoma (Part 2)

This past trip I spent a few days with Williams-Sonoma, Fairmont and Fortessa. It was basically the most “on-brand” trip to date and all we did was eat, drink, cook, and enjoy really beautiful table settings because Fortessa is killing it with their line. They have chic white plates that are basically indestructible which is great if your name is Gaby and you have a tendency to drop things. They also make my new favorite line of stemware which I'll get to shortly! It makes me want to drink out of wine glasses for everything all day long, water, wine, kombucha... I just like feeling fancy!

I was living in a dream world and I didn’t want to leave. EVER! You’re going to freak in the coming months as we roll out some gorgeous eye-candy but in the meantime - let’s add some places to my ever growing guide to Sonoma!

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn / Hotel / Spa / Brunch - how have I gone 29 years without a weekend stay at the Fairmont?? It’s EVERYTHING. The spa is quite possibly my favorite spa in all of California and their diner has the worlds most epic brunch. Pictured above and below. It’s a hop, skip and a jump away from the spa and you must go. It’s the perfect destination for a girls weekend. Book it immediately, you’ll thank me later.

Gaby's Guide to Sonoma (Part 2)

Cooking Classes at Williams Sonoma - have you guys been to the ORIGINAL Williams-Sonoma in the center of Sonoma. We took a cooking class from Chef Thomas McNaughton and learned how to make a variety of different pastas and then sipped on some wine (in my new favorite Fortessa wine glasses) in the Williams-Sonoma patio and I basically never wanted to leave. Williams-Sonoma has all sorts of fun classes (not to mention everything you’d ever want for your kitchen) at the store. It's basically a no-brainer to add this one to your Sonoma agenda!

Gaby's Guide to Sonoma (Part 2)

Gaby's Guide to Sonoma (Part 2)

Gaby's Guide to Sonoma (Part 2)

Wine Tasting at Silver Oak Cellars - give me a gorgeous cheese platter, a flight of wine and a fun garden and see you in 2 hours. Silver Oak Cellars had all of that and it was perfect. We took a quick tour of their facilities, sipped on their favorite wines in Fortessa stemware and nibbles on a cheese platter to end all cheese platters.

Gaby's Guide to Sonoma (Part 2)

Gaby's Guide to Sonoma (Part 2)


  1. Looking at all these pictures makes me think that I need to get out to California. LOVE all that food...I want it all!

  2. Have never been to Sonoma, but would love to see the original Williams Sonoma. I want to be buried with that cheese plate!

  3. That cheese platter looks to die for!! What a fun trip - and I would love to visit the original Williams Sonoma!!

  4. Cooking classes at the original W&S?! Plus that Brunch? Gaby, it looks like you had the best time! I've actually never been to wine country. I know, weird, right? That needs to change. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  5. You go on the coolest trips. Napa/Sonoma... those are my dream trips. All of this looks awesome 🙂

  6. Has anyone invented a way to jump into pictures yet? Because I want to go there and eat all that amazing food!! Also... it looks sunny. We have snow here. I think I would like it there better. 😉

  7. What an awesome trip! I'm with you, LOVE wine country. And indestructible plates - I need some klutz-proof plates.

  8. Gaby, what an awesome guide! This makes me wanna plan a trip to Sonoma so bad! Bookmarking this for when I do (hopefully sooner than later)! 😉

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