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Never have I ever turned a guide around so fast!! But let's recap St Barths for those of you who are dreaming of a trip or in the middle of planning on.

St. Barths is a dream. It's chic and lux and delish and I loved every single second! Below you'll find my favorite places to eat all the meals. We stayed at Tropical Hotel! But I've heard that renting a Villa is also a pro move!!

Also another pro move: everything requires reservations so book early and be prepared to put down your credit card as a deposit!



Kiki-é Mo - while we ate at the hotel most mornings, this smoothie and snack shop just down the road was excellent when we needed to mix it up a bit!


Rosewood Le Guanahani - I love a resort lunch! The food here was lovely and you can also rent day beds on the beach for NOT a billion dollars! Loved the labneh and all the seafood.

Eden Rock - Another great place for a quick lunch or late afternoon snack! Great vibes and also another beautiful beach.

Gyp Sea Beach Club - I love a beachside lunch. Wind in your air. Fresh fish at your table. Fun cocktails. It's fantastic.

NAO BEACH - This was perhaps my favorite meal of the entire trip. The seafood, sashimi, ceviche and cocktails were extraordinary.

Shellona - My 2nd favorite lunch of the trip. Get the lobster pasta. OMG.

La Guérite Beach - another great beachside lunch that's close to the Tropical Hotel!!!

Nikki Beach - We were at Nikki Beach for dinner - but I think it's more of a lunch vibe unless you're throwing a party like we did! Fresh sushi, an epic setting... you'll love it.

La Crepêrie & Restaurant - a quick option if you want to grab a crepe in town!


L'isoletta - if you want a casual pizza dinner with an amazing wine list, this is your place!! You can also dress down and go very casually!

Le Tamarin - think jungle vibes! Bring the bug spray and be prepared for a romantic meal in the jungle with twinkly lights.

L'Isola - Italian food of my dreams. Not a club scene and incredibly romantic.

Bonito Saint Barth - we didn't have time to hit Bonito but it was HIGHLY recommended and you should go!!


L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Saint Barth - if you need a fancy fun place to grab a cocktail pre-dinner - this is it!!

La Petite Plage Saint-Barthélemy - Thursday, Friday and Saturday this is the place to be for late night drinking and dancing!! It's way more tame the other nights of the week but if you're ready to rage... this is it!

Bagatelle St. Barths - same as the above! I thought the food was just so-so here, so just go if you want a fab scene and some great dancing between bites vibes!


Tropical Hotel - tucked away right off the beach, the Tropical was absolutely lovely!! Great pool vibes. Excellent cocktail and bar staff. And a super cute breakfast that comes with multi-courses of sweets, savory, juices etc.


Grand Cul-de-Sac - worth going and taking a swim!!

Shell Beach - a beautiful shell beach that is right by Shellona and truly stunning!!

Colombier - if you want to hike down and hit this beach like we did - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! It's an easy hike and a beautiful view


  1. Loved your pics and that u shared the amazing sites and food ty also really liked ur yellow dress ♥️

  2. Looks like an amazing trip. Will you please share where you purchased your resort wear from? I loved your tropical attire. You must share

  3. YES to Bonito!! We ate there last week. Gorgeous open air dining, + views of Gustavia and amazing food. Book well in advance otherwise you’ll be out of luck.

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