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Happy weekend Friends! We're just getting around to editing Galapagos images from WGC our trip a few weeks ago and I wanted to share! Take a peek and also read a little bit more about our adventures below...


When I first decided to do a What's Gaby Cooking hosted trip, I didn't really know what to expect. Would anyone want to come? Where could we go that makes sense for a group of 30+ people? Will there be enough adventure to keep every entertained. The first company that came to mind was Quasar. I've traveled with them twice before (both times in Patagonia) and my parents did the Galapagos with them a few years pre-pandemic. It felt like the right move. A luxury cruise, incredible food, daily adventures, snorkeling with sharks... SIGN ME UP.

So I put the word out, dropped hints for a week so we could run it like a surprise vacation and then a year later we were embarking on the boat with 30 people who loved food, drink and adventure as much as me!

To say it was the trip of a lifetime doesn't even do it justice.

The animals, the landscape, the boat, the food, the crew... everything was superb. But what was even better was the friendships that were made aboard the ship. I mean... vacationing with your closest friends can be hard... but vacationing with 30ish mostly strangers... it's anyones guess. But a day into the trip, every worry I had about everyone getting along vanished. The group of us that took time off work, flew to Quito and embarked on this journey couldn't have jived better in my wildest dreams. Everyone was ready for an adventure and that's exactly what we did! Take a peek at some of our photos from the trip! And if you want to watch it and see all the incredible sea life which is best captured on video - here you go! I've been sending friends and families on the Quasar Patagonia trip for years... and I can say with 1000% certainty... this is how you should do the Galapagos too! xoxo G


  1. Gaby, this trip inspired me and my husband and our friends to book this trip in Nov! Do you have a packing guide you could share? Thank you!

  2. Those birds with the blue feet!!!! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos and I will watch the video. I will say - we just ventured back from Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island. They have 15 rooms total and you dine/do excursions with all those at the hotel - by the end...we met some of the most amazing people. It sounds like your cruise was quite similar - how could it not! Gaby's personality and charm would attract some special people who like to take adventures!

  3. How fun! Galapagos & Quito have been on my bucket list! More photos please(!)…animals, ship, people, food, etc. etc. Thanks for sharing. I’d been wondering what cruise line to go with since I usually travel by land/air. Thanks Gaby!

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