Wine Tasting in Santa Barbara

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Weekends filled with friends and wine are just about as good as they get. If you're doing one of those in Santa Barbara at the Bacara, well life is pretty perfect if you ask me. Seriously, it's the ultimate weekend getaway.

Two weekends ago Thomas and I packed up and hit the road with Matt and Adam on a jaunt to Santa Barbara. We knew we were in for a treat when there was an abundance of food and wine tasting at the new Foley Food and Wine Society Tasting Room on the agenda. (p.s. the tasting room just opened a few weeks ago and I'm hooked)

If you've never been to the Bacara, you've got to go! It's one of the most magical places I've ever been to in California and it just oozes relaxation and fabulousness. (Obviously, two of my favorite things) Not to mention it's gorgeous. Take a peek...

We started the weekend with lunch at the Bistro and We ordered a little bit of everything on the menu including artisan cheese plates with wildflower honey, calamari fritto misto, spicy italian sausage pizza, garlic pecorino frites, macaroni and cheese gratineé, and a few other dishes. And that was just to start.

You'll have to excuse my terrible picture of the food, I was a few glasses deep into our bottle of bubbly!

After our mid-day feast we walked up to the Foley Food and Wine Society Tasting Room which is just a few steps away from the lobby. It's basically the most brilliant idea for a tasting room ever. Not only is it on the property, ummmm jackpot, no one has to worry about driving, but it's also stocked with over 70 different world class wines. How fab is that? I'm so used to going to individual tasting rooms where only 1 label of wine is poured, this was like heaven on earth! We got to sample a variety of wines from all over the world like Kuleto Estate, Chalk Hill Estate, Sebastiani and Lancaster Estate.

I'm super jazzed about  this kind of tasting room concept from the Foley Food and Wine Society. Rumor has it there are some other fantastic experience the society has to offer!  I'm ready to hop on some planes and experience all of them. Have wine glass, will travel. That's totally my new thing and I think my partners in crime for this weekend would agree!

Because Bacara sits right on the ocean, we were able to head down to the beach to watch the sunset after our tasting.

I also worked on my super awesome fashion blogger pose. It's totally my new signature. I think I have quite the career ahead of me in fashion blogging. Get ready. It's going to be 90% lululemon and a sprinkling of leather jackets and fun sunglasses. kthanksbye

Once the sun had set, we scampered to another restaurant on the property, Miro, where we indulged in a wonderful dinner. I was too involved in the conversation, food and the wine to remember to take any pictures - but the food was outstanding. Here's a word of advice... get the mac and cheese. Order 2 if you're there with your significant other, or 3 if it's a party of three. Don't even bother to pretend you're going to share... it's just not worth it. YOU NEED YOUR OWN MAC AND CHEESE. Pinkie promise. It's the best mac I've ever had in my entire mac and cheese filled life.

After brunch the following morning, Thomas had to drag me off the property because I was ready to set up shop in my room and never leave. I'm already counting down the days until I get to go back!

A big giant warm fuzzy thank you to The Foley Food and Wine Society for making our stay at Bacara so special!! I can't recommend both the hotel and the tasting room enough. You've absolutely GOT TO GO! These 2 special places paired together are a match made in heaven. And another huge thank you to Jenna Galloway at The Barn Group. You made this weekend perfect!  Also a big giant thank you to my husband for being my resident photog for the weekend! And to Matt for snapping that glorious pic of me and Adam! 🙂


  1. I have traveled the world, yet I haven't even come close to California... when I do, I want to see this beautiful place!!

  2. HOLY crazy awesomeness! That place looks amazing! Now i want to go to Santa Barbara. It's been too long....

    Also, I think you'd make a FABuLOUS fashion blogger. You better buy up before someone else snatches it up...

  3. I have heard this is the most beautiful place. it looks great- I would love to get down there for a romantic weekend sometime soon!

  4. Rough life 🙂

    Girl. This is my dream. Wine, in SB, with fabulous friends, in an amazing resort. WOW! Congrats!

  5. This looks like a wonderful property. We have been wanting to visit Santa Barbara, so I do believe we will have to stay here.
    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos.

  6. first of all, SO JEALOUS. second of all, I LOVE SANTA BARBARA. third of all, your fashion blog is already better than mine, unless people really like reading about grey, navy blue and black t-shirts, in which case my fashion blog is the best.


  7. CAN YOU BELIEVE I'VE NEVER BEEN TO SANTA BARBARA? That has to change soon. Your pictures are soo good, I'm gonna have to book a flight now. You inspire me!

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