Gaby's Guide to Nashville, TN

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Gaby's Guide to Nashville is here!! It was the last official stop on my book tour but I was SO obsessed with the food, the people, the city and the hotel, I'm bringing it to you today because I just can't wait!

Gaby's Guide to Nashville from (@whatsgabycookin)

Nashville is quite possibly one of my favorite cities to date. I feel the same way I feel about Austin and Portland. It's not too big yet, the food scene is off the hook, and the people are beyond lovely. There's something about those kinds of cities that just speaks to me and Nashville is HIGH up on my favorite city list! My mom came with me on this leg of the book tour and we went to town! We ate our way through the city, walked over 20,000 steps a day in order to combat all the food we were eating / and get to know the city as best as possible. Below you'll find our favorite places to eat, stay, drink and hang! And feel free to shout anything out in the comments if I missed something epic. There is NO doubt in my mind that I will be back in Nashville very very soon. There is more to see and more to eat and more to add to my guide to Nashville!

Gaby's Guide to Nashville from (@whatsgabycookin)

Side note - Nashville is split up in a variety of cute little neighborhoods. Our favorites were 12South, Belmont, East Nashville, The Gulch and Germantown. ALL of which are worth a stroll around because they are loaded with cute boutiques, neighborhood bards and occasionally a cute farm stand!

Noelle - first things first, you need somewhere to stay. The Noelle is EVERYTHING. It's the perfect location, adorable rooms, an incredible coffee bar and a very chic rooftop bar. Hands down, it's everyones favorite!

Cafe Roze - an all day eatery in East Nashville that has a pretty epic breakfast situation going on!! Worth the trip for sure!

Henrietta Red - best brunch I had on my entire book tour. You need everything on the menu and if you're lucky enough to get a croissant or a lemon polenta cake, DO IT!

Gaby's Guide to Nashville from (@whatsgabycookin) Gaby's Guide to Nashville from (@whatsgabycookin)

City House - a very delicious neighborhood pizza place!

Little Octopus - tapas and cocktails! what more could you ask for! Plus it's right in The Gulch area so great shopping is all around!

Folk - perhaps one of my favorite meals of the trip. It's from the Rolf and Daughters team and its impeccable. The design, the menu, the food, the vibe... we loved every second here!

Gaby's Guide to Nashville from (@whatsgabycookin)

The 404 Kitchen - grab a seat at the basement bar and order up! They've got an extensive bar program and really delish classic european dishes with a bit of Nashville flair!

Rolf and Daughters - all about that pasta life at Rolf and Daughters! Order them all and a few starters to share with your friends

Husk - it's southern staples with a spin at Husk and it's at the top of everyones recommendation list!! If you're lucky enough to go when their fried chicken is on the menu, consider yourself lucky!

Mas Tacos Por Favor - you know I'm never going to pass up a chance to try tacos in a new city! And Mas Tacos Por Favor did not disappoint!

Gaby's Guide to Nashville from (@whatsgabycookin)

Bartaco - more tacos. Because it's always the right thing to do!

Hattie B’s - it's not a trip to Nashville without some fried chicken!! Go with a large group and order everything!

The Pharmacy - order the burger. and don't be scared of the line!

Five Daughters - I know everyone raves about the donuts, but also they might have one of the best chocolate chip cookies in the South. I'm a creature of habit... what can I say!

Jeni's Ice Cream - while Jeni's not local to Nashville (it's an Ohio based company) there is NO WAY you can come to Nashville and not get some ice cream while you wander around the cute neighborhoods! It's just the way the world works!


  1. I spent my first 24 years in Nashville and have been gone for 20...the place has been completely remade! I don't recognize any of the restaurants you mention, which is not surprising since the food scene moves quickly. One place you didn't mention, in the Gulch, is Peg Leg Porker, which has amazing BBQ. So happy to hear you enjoyed "Nash-vegas" and that you'll be back.

  2. Loved Pancho & Lefty’s Mexican Restaurant in the Gulch! Great food, service and ambiance! Can’t wait to go back and eat there and to try your recommendations!

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