Tips and Essentials for Traveling with a Baby

After traveling with Poppy on a handful of flights and many road trips, we've learned a few tips and tricks along the way. These are our best tips and essentials for traveling with a baby.



Travel Crib: Lightweight, easy setup/breakdown, comes with a travel bag, so it's easy to check when flying.

Sound Machine: Good battery life, various sound options and volume, quick to charge.


When traveling with a baby, you want to travel with a bunch of toys that do not take up a lot of space and will not cause any worry if they go missing or have to be thrown away because they fell on the airplane floor. When it comes to picking out travel toys, think texture, color, and exploration. These toys achieve just that. Pro tip - only let your kids play with the travel toys when you travel so they do not get bored or used to them.

Our Favorites:


ErgoBaby: When it comes to the airport, you want to make life as easy as possible. Strapping Poppy to our chest does just that. It also frees up our hands to help carry the other million bags we now bring when traveling with Poppy.

Lunch Bag: Snacks are key when flying with a baby. Stick with the theme of being organized. We pack all of Poppy's food into this lunch box before we leave on a trip. This way, we can easily access it if she starts to freak out on the plane. No more frantically digging through the diaper bag for that small bag of cheddar bunnies while little Rickie is losing his mind.


Car Mirror: We got this on day one with Poppy and still use it above her car seat. Super easy to set up and allows us to keep our eyes on her while driving. It's a must for traveling with a baby in the car.


Travel Stand: The baby camera is probably the most important thing we travel with. We use the Nanit at home and have our stand secured to the wall. So instead of having to break down our home set up each time, we bought this travel stand which works great.

Travel Case: Organization is key when it comes to traveling with a baby. This travel case keeps the camera gear and travel stand all in one place so we can quickly unpack and set up Poppy's bed when traveling. It also protects the camera.

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