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The most recent What’s Gaby Cooking Master List! What is a master list you ask? It’s my go-to page here on WGC where I can answer / link every single question I get on a regular basis – from insta, from the blog, from meeting you guys in person, from our secret FB group, from emails… you name it! I’ve been keeping track, writing them down and now everything lives in one place! Read on…

The WGC Master List ONLY includes products that I use on pretty much a daily basis. Things that live on my kitchen counters at all times or things I find myself grabbing on the daily. Things that I travel with every single time I get on a plane because they make my life better. Things that really stand out. NOTHING is sponsored, just 1000% products that I know are epic and you need in your life! I’ll be adding to this every time something new comes up so if something is missing, just shout it out in the comments below!

Garlic Crack Sauce from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Large Kitchen Appliances – see this post

Small Kitchen Appliances 

Pots and Pans and Knives 

  • Finex – That sexy cast iron pan with the cool handle you see on all my videos / live broadcasts! | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma

Coffee Gear

  • Drip Coffee Scale – This is a great coffee scale that doesn’t break the bank. It gives you weight and time which are the two basics for a great cup of coffee. | Available at Crate & Barrel
  • Coffee Bean Grinder – A good coffee bean grinder is one of the most important parts of making a great cup of coffee. This grinder is our all time fav and has withstood the test of time. It also doesn’t break the bank and has a ton of useful options so you can make anything from an espresso to a french press coffee. | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, & Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Pour Over Filters – This filter goes with the dripper listed above. Make sure to always wet your filter before you add your dry coffee beans to the dripper. It removes the paper flavor. | Available at Amazon
  • Misto Box (Thomas’ Custom Coffee Subscription) – The ultimate curated coffee subscription with the best roasters delivered right to your door every 3 weeks. When you sign up they ask you a variety of questions surrounding what flavors you like, how much you want to spend on a bag, and how often you want to receive new coffee from different roasters around the country. Simply put it’s amazing for someone who loves discovering new coffee roasters!
  • Tamp Mat – Sits on our counter by the coffee station. If you already own an espresso machine this is something you probably didn’t know you needed. It protects your counters and gives you a good surface to tamp your coffee. | Available on Amazon

Odds and Ends in the Kitchen

  • Spice Jars – Organizing my spice drawer was one of the best decisions
  • Pizza Peel – For getting pizza in/out of the oven or bbq | Available at Amazon
  • Citrus Press – Easiest way to make margaritas! This works for lemons and limes | Available at Amazon
  • Glass Storage Containers – Say goodbye to all of your other Tupperware these are magical. No matter the size of the container it’s the same size lid so you can always find one without a problem. | Available at Amazon

Grilling Tools


Food Products

  • This is Everything – A better version of the everything bagel spice which wins awards always!
  • All Things Meat – The only rub you need for ribs, burgers, pork, chicken, etc!
  • Taco, Fajita, Senorita – Basically a one stop shop for any sort of Mexican seasoning you might need. Use it on tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, veggies, you name it. If you want a taco flavor… this is it!
  • All Things Seafood – An all purpose seafood blend that works on everything. Fish, shrimp, scallops, lobster, you name it!
  • Tastes Like Pizza – This will transform basically anything into a pizza flavored masterpiece!
  • All Things Egg – The best seasoning for every kind of egg under the sun
  • Gimme Chimi – Your fav chimmichuri seasoning in the world!
  • Garlic Goodness Oil – OMG!! The best olive oil infusion known to man. This Garlic Goodness situation can be drizzled on pasta, used to roast veggies, made into a salad dressing, used for dipping bread, literally the possibilities are endless!
  • Tastes Like Pizza Oil – Elevate everything in your life with this dipping sauce or olive oil to taste like pizza!
  • Mega Mediterranean Oil – Tied for the best olive oil infusion – this one will make you feel like you live in the Mediterranean (on an island in the sunshine!) It’s another all purpose / multi use oil so use it for anything that need some oil and flavor!!
  • Matcha – My favorite Matcha for smoothies and green tea | Available at Amazon

Home Goods

  • Boll & Branch Organic Cotton Bedding – For our Main Bed – specifically the Signature Hemmed Sheet Set and the Linen Sheet Set. It’s my most favorite bedding to date! We have it on our bed , and the guest room bed. They get softer and softer with every wash, rave reviews all around.
  • Boll & Branch Plush Bath Sheets – Recently added Boll & Branch organic bath sheets in Dune to our newly renovated bathroom. They match the paint on the walls perfectly, and are insanely plush! If you’ve never done a bath sheet and only done a towel… get ready to have your world rocked. It’s essentially a robe- they are HUGE! You can get 20% off your Boll & Branch order with code GABY20 (no purchase min!) through the end of October! see site for details
  • Bedside Tables, Mirror and Dresser – Are all from an incredible LA retailer called Croft House
  • Oversized Chair and OttomanSixpenny in Sweet Potato

Beauty Products // General 

  • Under Eye Masks – These are the ones I use most frequently because they are less aggressive

Beauty Products // Morning + Evening Routine

Beauty Products // Make up

  • Makeup Brushes – Throw out all your old brushes, there’s a new brush in town!! and you can try code: GABY30 for 30% off

Electronics / Tech Gear (written by Thomas) 

  • Sonos Arc (SoundBar) – The latest and greatest when it comes to soundbars. We are setting this beauty up with our main TV. The new Sonos Arc delivers dolby atmos (theater quality) sound. One of the best parts about this soundbar is that it is actually not ugly. We are pairing this soundbar with the Sonos sonance in ceiling speakers (2 for the rear) and our Sonos sub woofer that we have had for the last couple of years. The rear speakers are powered by the Sonos amp. Now when I watch the Lakers or Dodgers, I will really feel like I am at the game. You know Gaby is stoked about this. If you are looking to upgrade past your television speakers, this would be where I would begin. I would start with the soundbar. Then I would add the Sonos Sub. The last elements I would add would be two rear speakers and an amp to complete the full surround sound. (link on amazon if you prefer)
  • Sonos Amp – Our Sonos amps are used to power all our in ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers. Each amp can power up to 4 different speakers and creates its own “zone”. We have an amp powering our 2 rear speakers in the TV room, the kitchen/bar zone, the pool zone, and the patio zone. (amazon link)
  • Sonos Sub – The sub we have had for several years now. It was originally paired with the Sonos playbar and now we are planning to pair it with the Sonos arc to get that full Dolby Atmos sound for Gaby when she watched Game of Thrones and or Emily in Pairs. (linked on amazon too if you prefer)
  • In-Ceiling Speakers – The in ceiling speakers are a collaboration Sonos does with Sonance (a different speaker company that makes architectural speakers). The cool thing about these speakers is that they are the only ones on the market that can be tuned using Sonos true play. We have these speakers in the bar/kitchen area and the TV room. (linked on amazon)
  • Sonos Five – The Sonos five is the big speaker on the block for Sonos. Its a desktop speaker that has killer sound. We will be having this speaker sit in our bar area so gaby can listen to taylor swift in hi fidelity while having an aperol spritz. Also, the new Sonos five looks awesome, so its not like you have an ugly looking speaker sitting out in your room. It’s a win win. (amazon link)
  • Sonos One – The Sonos one, formerly know as the play one is what we are going to be using in our dining room. We are pairing two of these play ones to create ambient vibes. We have had the play ones for several years now, as this was our very first Sonos purcahse like 6 years ago. I think the coolest thing about Sonos is the ability to build up a system over time. Eventually we will be adding in ceiling speakers to the dining room, however to save some money we decided we will use the speakers we have for this area. (amazon link)
  • Sonos Move – The Sonos move is basically my wing man. I take with me where ever I go. Its the first Sonos product that is bluetooth enabled so it lets you enjoy great sounding music on the move. If I were just starting to build out my Sonos system today, this would be the speaker I start with. (amazon link)
  • External Charger – Never leave home without it!! It can charge your phone at least 5 times before you need to recharge it

Lululemon Pieces

Clothes and such 

  • ABLE Jean Jacket – That distressed denim jacket I wear all the time! (I wear a small for size reference)

Baby Stuff (some of the things we have bought with a billion hours of research and/or got from our registry!) 

  • Sound Machine – Never knew how obsessed I’d be! I’m going to have to get another once Poppy moves into her own room
  • Baby Monitor and Wall Mount – Loving this one and it’s the same one all our friends with babies have been using the last year or so.
  • Stroller – Literally feels like a dream! Obsessed with the big wheels
  • High Chair – This is the high chair we went with for the table
  • Lovevery Play Gym – This stage based learning company has my heart! I love the play gym and we also do the monthly deliveries of toys that they customize depending on the babies age
  • Diapers – Thomas (who has legit offered to change every diaper since we got home from the hospital) swears by Pampers Pure
  • Baby Brezza Sterilizer – For sterilizing all the pacifiers and such after I inevitably drop them on the floor
  • Baby Swing – Poppy is OBSESSED with this! I put her in it while I work out so she gets to keep moving too!

*some of these links might be affiliate links – thank you for supporting What’s Gaby Cooking*

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  1. Susan

    Congratulations on the THIRD cookbook, can’t wait to get mine.
    Any chance you can list your tie dye sources… love them

  2. Lauren Weisler

    Gaby! I love your engagement ring and your 3 wedding bands. Where are the bands from?? they’re so pretty together!!

    • Gaby

      engagement ring is vintage! 3 bands are from 14 Karats in beverly hills

  3. Elaine Powell

    What brand is cookie dough scoop? I’ve had two. Both broke. Ugh!
    Thank you! Elaine

    • Gaby

      we have the OXO one and it’s been around for a few years!!

  4. Patricia

    Hi Gaby! I’m in market for a tool to pit cherries and I remember you saying that you loved yours. I’ve searched your list & cant find it on there. Can I ask what brand you have? Thanks so much!

  5. Cynthia Talamantez

    I scrolled through the master list for the unicorn pepper mill…cant find it..can you please add to master list or give me link on Amazon ☺
    Hello from texas!!

  6. Katie Emaus

    Can you recommend any great balsamic vinegars? Distributed nationally, please, as I live in CO.

  7. Melissa


    You bought a super cute black broom a few months ago – I think it was a few months who is counting anymore?!! If you remember can you add it on the list I loved it so much!!

    Thank uuuu

  8. Thomas Laskarides

    Congrats on all your success with your awesome products at Williams Sonoma (I love everything I have tried). I saw on their website that you have 3 brand new “Everything Sauces” and when I went to go purchase a few days after I initially saw them, they were removed off their site. I was just wondering if they are going to be available soon? They looked awesome!!! Keep doing what your doing!

  9. Julie Langan

    Gaby what size Le Creuset pan did you use on the salmon recipe? BTW, I made it and it was to die for!!!

  10. Liz Shapiro

    Hi Gaby,

    Congrats again on baby to-be. Glad you got recipe right.

    Who makes your tie dye tshirts?


  11. Jessica

    What about tongs? I’ve had three different kinds and they never feel quite right. Either too heavy or not pinchy enough.

  12. Christine

    How often do you need to clean the makeup brushes? I would think this would be an issue if used daily.

    • Gaby

      Thomas will be adding the lighting to the master list shortly!!

  13. Cynthia

    Hi Gaby! How come your coffee gear doesn’t have a milk frother? Can you please suggest one? Thanks!

  14. Sandra Evans

    I cannot find the braised short ribs you made recently. Thought i saved it and it looked delicious. I am looking forward to making it. Can you please tell me where to find it. Maybe i am calling it the wrong title. TY Sandy

  15. SUSAN Safier

    Hi would love to know what large appliances you are using in your kitchen. Starting renovations soon hopefully and I can’t decide Wolf/Sub Zero vs. thermador or Miele …

    • Gaby

      we are doing all sub zero wolf! I’ll do a post as soon as everything is up and running and installed!

  16. J

    The Williams Sonoma links don’t work in the EU. Any way you can link to companies that are GDPR compliant?

  17. Nicole

    Hi! Do you have a suggestion for the best vegetable peeler??? In dire need of a good one!

  18. Lauren

    Could you do a pantry round up? Like your favorite things to always have on hand outside of spices?

  19. Carrie

    On your Instagram stories you posted a great workout mask recommendation. Would you be able to share which brand that was? Thank you!

  20. Cindy

    Hi Gaby!
    I don’t see your beloved outdoor pizza oven listed. I found the website, but wonder which model you guys decided on? Thank you!

  21. Susan Ferrari

    I recently bought the Gimme Chimi spice can and was wondering how to make a marinade with it or a salad dressing. Can you help? Thank you.

  22. Brie

    Can you link your black Ray Ban sunglasses please? Thanks!!

  23. Sarah

    I just purchased your Tastes Like Pizza seasoning. I used it to flavor some buttered noodles- delicious. Then I used it in a chicken burger with ground chicken breast, breadcrumbs, and parmesan cheese for my kids. Added some pesto for me and my husband. Grilled them and they met with rave reviews.

  24. Dana

    I can’t find the video of where you took us through your pantry cupboards a few weeks ago – I am looking for what size Ball jars you store your stuff in, the containers you keep flour in on your lazy Susan, and the cool spice jars. Thanks1

  25. Jaime

    Hi Gaby<3

    I know you mentioned this before, but can’t remember now! Where do you get your olive oil decorative pourer? Can’t think of the technical term. I have a clear glass one and looking to update!

  26. Donna

    I saw you made an apple cake for fall where is the recipe it says in the bio I can’t find it can you help me please what does bio mean I can’t find it anywhere by your name?

  27. Connie Scheer

    THIS is amazing. Thank you for sharing ALL of your secrets to a well balanced wonderful life! Follow you faithfully Gaby!

  28. T Mars

    I love this SO much! I was wondering what you used for many of these products. I’m really in the market for good knives and wasn’t sure which way to go. THANK YOU for posting this list. I’m sure I’ll use it for many more things in the months and years to come! xoxo

  29. Shawna Greenway

    That garlic press is a total game changer. I always hated using them because they’re a hassle to clean but I’m obsessed with the Kuhn Rikon. Thanks so much for recommending it!

  30. kate

    Any recs for ice cube trays for either cute cubes(drinks) or freezing stock/dressing?

  31. Kathryn

    Gaby! I’m so excited to make your Christmas Chex party mix!! I saw your latest video on your Instagram and want to know where you got your large white bowl to mix the ingredients in?? I need it lol.

    Thank you!!