What’s Gaby Cooking Master List

It’s here! The What’s Gaby Cooking Master List! Over the last year or so I have been collecting all the questions I get on a regular basis – from insta, from the blog, from meeting you guys in person, from our secret FB group, from emails… you name it! I’ve been writing them down and now everything lives in one place!

The WGC Master List ONLY includes products that I use on pretty much a daily basis. Things that live on my kitchen counters because I can’t bare to put them away – god forbid I should have to walk to the pantry. Things that I travel with every single time I get on a plane because they make my life better. Things that really stand out. NOTHING is sponsored, just 1000% products that I know are epic and you need in your life! I’ll be adding to this every time something new comes up so if something is missing, just shout it out in the comments below!

Garlic Crack Sauce from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)

Small Kitchen Appliances 

  • Vitamix – I have the 750 and the A3500. Both are fantastic – just depends on your color preference.
  • Pizza oven of my dreams – gets up to 750 degrees F and sits right on your counter!
  • All Clad Dutch Oven – my fav piece of stainless steel cookware ever. You can make ANYTHING in this!
  • I know everyone is obsessed with the Instant Pot – I have one but I don’t use it all that often! Clearly I need to change that asap!
  • Rice Cooker – it’s the very best
  • Stand Mixer – I’ve had multiple over the years and currently have a matte black one that was a special edition and I’m not so sure they make it anymore! But here’s the link to the same model – pick your favorite color!
  • If you don’t want the stand mixer – this is the hand mixer I use!
  • Air Fryer is available at either Amazon or Williams Sonoma

Pots and Pans and Knives 

  • Finex – that sexy cast iron pan with the cool handle you see on all my videos / live broadcasts!
  • Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – the big heavy duty black one in my IG Lives
  • 5 piece pots and pans – you can add extra pots and pans if needed but these are the ones I use the most!
  • Non Stick Pans – we only have 1 non-stick skillet and I only use it for eggs and this one is my favorite
  • Le Creuset Dutch Oven – for soups and stews and bolognese etc! I use the 6 3/4 quart one the most often!
  • Global 2-piece knife set – my go to kitchen set! If you’re just starting your knife collection, these are the 2 that you will take you where you need to go
  • Global Veggie Knife – the BEST! I actually use this more than my chefs knife
  • And if you want the whole knife set – Global set – here you go! That’s the best bang for your buck
  • Knife sharpener at home!

Coffee Gear

Odds and Ends in the Kitchen

Grilling Tools


Food Products

  • Maldon Sea Salt – best salt
  • Gaby’s Go To – my favorite seasoning for EVERYTHING
  • This is Everything – a better version of the everything bagel spice which wins awards always!
  • All Things Meat – the only rub you need for ribs, burgers, pork, chicken, etc!
  • Taco, Fajita, Senorita – basically a one stop shop for any sort of Mexican seasoning you might need. Use it on tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, veggies, you name it. If you want a taco flavor… this is it!
  • All Things Seafood – an all purpose seafood blend that works on everything. Fish, shrimp, scallops, lobster, you name it!
  • Tastes Like Pizza – this will transform basically anything into a pizza flavored masterpiece!
  • All Things Egg – the best seasoning for every kind of egg under the sun
  • Gimme Chimi – your fav chimmichuri seasoning in the world!
  • WGC Salsa Set – the best salsas in the world!!
  • Garlic Goodness Oil – OMG!! The best olive oil infusion known to man. This Garlic Goodness situation can be drizzled on pasta, used to roast veggies, made into a salad dressing, used for dipping bread, literally the possibilities are endless!
  • Tastes Like Pizza Oil – elevate everything in your life with this dipping sauce or olive oil to taste like pizza!
  • Mega Mediterranean Oil – Tied for the best olive oil infusion – this one will make you feel like you live in the Mediterranean (on an island in the sunshine!) It’s another all purpose / multi use oil so use it for anything that need some oil and flavor!!
  • What’s Gaby Cooking Mini Seasoning Set – some of our fav seasonings in 1 set! Perfect for any hostess gift!
  • My favorite Matcha for smoothies and green tea

Beauty Products

Tech Gear

Lululemon Pieces

  • Fav style of Lululemon leggings part 1 – better for high intensity workouts
  • Fav style of Lululemon leggings part 2 – better for yoga / lounging
  • Boyfriend style T-shirt that I always wear and tie up at my waist.

Fashion Stuff 

Home / Furniture

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  1. Emily

    Great list! I’d also love a list of your favorite home items – mattress, couch, kitchen chairs, etc. Thank you!

  2. Kimiko

    Great list! One thing you might want to add is your cutting board! I remember what it is from what you said one time on Instastories but I bet a lot of others will want to know as well. 🙂

  3. Sheila

    I love this list, I love all your recipes! Would also love a list of your fave beauty products, home products, etc. Your style is just the best!

    • Gaby

      You got it! Will add beauty products this weekend when I get home and can remember all the brands

  4. Cailin

    This is great! Other things to include could be your cutting board, stand mixer, and nail polish color!

  5. Marie C

    Love this! Also, I know it isn’t every day, but what instapot do you have?

  6. Christi

    Ummmmmmmm – can’t help but notice that neglected to list LuLu on your clothes. Love the lists!!! Totally gonna get those knives one day (perhaps Christmas).

    • Gaby

      omg it’s just so much to list 🙂 ALL yoga pants are lululemon!

  7. Debora A

    Love love love you! You are fab on FB, Insta and of course Pinterest!! Is there any alternative pricing for people that are unable to afford kitchen items that aren’t so expensive? Thanks! <3

    • Gaby

      I’m on the hunt too – I usually use the plastic one from Trader Joes but I’m trying to cut down on the amount of plastic I buy so I’ll report back when I find a good one!!

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  9. Katherine

    I left my stove on and burned the crap out of my all-clad weeknight pan (that we use allll the time). I blame pregnancy brain. Any tips to get it back to life? Thank you!

  10. Meghan

    You have a pizza stone you’re obsessed with — which is it! And is it good for grilling outdoors?

  11. Cindy Paterni

    Don’t forget, under travel, the AWAY big carry on. I just purchased and received it and gave your name as how I heard about it

  12. Tracy

    What’s the suitcase that Thomas uses for his special packing?

  13. emilie

    do you use the maldon salt just for finishing? what do you use for cooking as well?

  14. Kathleen

    What heavy bottom pan did you use for the
    Parmesan meatballs !???!!

  15. Lisa

    Okay, here’s a recipe I made using my fav item on your Master List. Take one pint Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream….sprinkle Maldon Sea Salt on…..use a spoon to eat that layer. Repeat!!! OMG! Hmmmm, maybe add some homemade caramel sauce?!

  16. Taylor

    Any other brands of clothes or beauty that you just swear by? You have the best style and skin. s well as cooking. I know your not a beauty/lifestyle blogger but I loves all the things. 🙂

  17. Livi

    Hey Gaby, doesn’t your mom make beautiful ceramics? Can we buy those anywhere? I feel like I watched an igtv video where you used them to serve a big salad…

  18. Kris Haygood

    I looked on your Master List, but didn’t see what indoor pizza oven you have. Who makes it?

  19. Leslie

    I don’t know if you have had one in the past or have considered setting up one, but do you have an Amazon page with most of your recommendations?

  20. Karen Lum

    What was the brand name of your expresso machine again? BTW, LOVE the garlic press you recommended!

  21. Jo

    This Master List is my go to as I’m recently separating & setting up a new home…I’m OBSESSED with everything you do & think you are such an amazing inspiration! Literally every recipe of yours I’ve tried comes out stellar. Could you please share some of your other favorite kitchen items i.e. utensils – cooking tools – additional ‘must haves’ for setting up a new chef’s kitchen? What measuring spoons/sets do you like the best? You are a Godsend ❤️✨❄️ Happy holidays!

  22. Judy

    Great list! I’d love to know where to buy your red handled, wet, knife sharpener.


  23. Johanna Belleman

    Good Morning. Love your Master List. FYI: The garlic press is on Amazon for $39 and Sur La Table is $45 and backordered until February. Also, the knife sharpener

    Special Request for your upcoming book tour. Have you ever or would you ever consider coming to Wilmington, NC? Our city is growing and I know you would get a huge following. Fanny Slater, a chef with Foodnetwork (she won something on Rachel Ray’s show) actually lives here. If you would come on the weekend you could go to the beach! We have an international airport (flyilm.com) and we’re a 2 hour drive from Raleigh.

    As they say on some radio shows “love your show babe.” Jody Belleman

  24. Johanna Belleman

    Hi. Have you ever considered doing a “section” on CONVECTION OVEN baking? (P.S. Thanks for the knife sharpener info!)

  25. Lani

    Hi Gaby! Love your style! Can you share the name of the black backpack you frequently wear?
    Thanks 🙂

  26. Lj

    Can you add the silver spoon and glass container you used to make the margaritas?! Thanks!

  27. Catherine Casselberry

    What about those two matching chairs in your house? They are like a brown leather?


    • Gaby

      I don’t – I make bread from scratch when I make it! There’s a tutorial on my youtube page!

  28. Mary Jane Mitchell

    Have you decided on a stove/range for the new kitchen?

  29. Peggy

    I know you make healthy smoothies but I can’t tolerate drinking cold ones and dislike them. I need to chew. Do you take any vitamin supplements?

  30. Ali

    Can you share again the brand of your adorable matching sweatsuits?? I’ve looked and looked and can’t find it! Thanks!

  31. Laura

    Hi there! Where is your wood handled mesh skimmer from? (The one you used while making gnocchi on 3/30) Also – where are your white fruit bowls on your island from?

    Thank you so much!!!

    • Lashelle Rice

      Love your master list! Thank you!
      FYI I really like the Oxo pepper grinder.

  32. Jennifer LeBold

    Hi Gaby,
    Thank you for creating this Master List, it’s everything and more! With that being said, I have a question in regards to the beauty products you use. I am all about the dewy skin:) Seeing these products made me very happy! I was wondering, do you wear the Saie Glowy Super Gel over top of the Lune & Aster CC Moisturizer?

    Also, congratulations to you and Thomas in the new house! I love watching your Instagram stories:)

  33. Rosemary Hopkins

    I got a peppermill from a guy in Mobile,Alabama that Sara Moulton uses. It it is a special made out of one piece of wood and it takes a year to make. His name is Pinky Martin. Collectors piece for chef cooks especially. It is my very best prize that I take care of but beautiful.

  34. Tere

    You need to please expand your fashion list! I love all your tie dye and your leopard print swimsuit. Do have links for those? Thank you!

  35. Katy

    Hi Gaby! What makes the Veggie Knife so good for vegetables versus using any other knife? Thank you!

    • Gaby

      It’s really personal preference. I like the shape of it and the weight! But a chefs knife is amazing too

  36. Julia

    Love watching your IG lives and everything on this list! I’m not a very good cook but you make it look so easy and way less intimidating!

    Where are your white fruit bowls on your island from?

    • Gaby

      Those are from Anthroplogie a few years ago (maybe 8) unsure if they are still in production

  37. Sarah

    Hi Gaby!
    On your live tonight you mentioned your lulu leggings were on the master list but I don’t see them. I heard you say they were new and I would love to check them out! Can’t wait for your cookbook!!!!!

    Thank you for all you do!!

  38. Chantal

    This is amazing, I want everything on here . Its such a shame that the Pottery Barn links don’t work to order to the UK or else I’d be all over it. Thanks so much for such a great master list