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Today let's talk about going out to eat! I want to share some of my favorite finds for where to eat in Los Angeles.

I get a handful of emails a week from readers who are coming to CA and want to know where to eat in Los Angeles! And they want to real deal, not the touristy places that most people visit. I've put together my current list of favorite eateries around my neck of the woods... and I'll be adding to it as we try more restaurants! I broke it down for you by time of day, lunch, dinner, drinks, dessert, coffee and breakfast! Unless you plan on coming to LA for 2 solid months, I think this list will get you through any trip and you'll have great eats the entire time!

Where to eat in Los Angeles


Plan Check - one of the best burgers in town! The Chef's Favorite Burger is out of this world.

Pizzaria Mozza - you can't go wrong at Mozza. Everything is a winner and I especially love Nancy's Chopped Salad.

Bay Cities - while they are known for the "godmother" sandwich, I'm a big fan of their caprese sandwich with extra pesto on a freshly made roll. It's the best place to stock up before heading to the beach for a picnic.

Sugarfish - no need to even look at the menu. Just order the "Trust Me" and prepare to have some fantastic sushi.

Milo and Olive - the pizza here is literally out of this world! As are the salads - and the ricotta toast!

Sycamore Kitchen - Farmhouse Chop Salad is the name of the game here! And a whole wheat chocolate cookie for your lunch dessert.

Clementine - go for the grilled cheese! It will change your life.

Where to eat in Los Angeles


MB Post - Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits, Grilled Naan Flatbread, Fee Fi Fo Fum Fries, Broccoflower, and Steamed Mussels. All must-haves!

The Hart + The Hunter - known for the buttermilk biscuits, those cannot be missed! And their pimento cheese dip is glorious.

Superba Snack Bar - go with a group. Because you need to order basically everything on the menu and have just 1 bite of each. Especially the Smoked Bucatini Carbonara.

The Spice Table - another fun restaurant to visit with a group. Make sure you make ressies well in advance and be sure to get the Kaya Toast! It's sooooo good.

Gjelina - good luck getting a reservation - but if you do - yay! This is one of my favorite eateries in Venice. I've been about a dozen times in the past few years and continue to order new things each time. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

Baco Mercat - my go-to spot for any out of town guests when they come into town. This is one of my favorites.

Bar Ama - get everything on the menu, but make sure you get the queso first!

Rustic Canyon - one of my favorite burgers plus a fun romantic vibe inside the restaurant.

Nobu Malibu - you can't go wrong with anything on this menu. The lobster tacos are the perfect appetizer.

Flores - Whatever you do, make sure you get the Broccolini. And then lick the plate when you're done. It's the best I've ever had.

The Hungry Cat - Lobster Roll + The Pug Burger. The best!

Don Antonio's - our GO-TO family owned authentic Mexican Restaurant. Get the super burrito. You won't be disappointed.

Where to eat in Los Angeles


Petty Cash - any one of their signature cocktails is delish! I'm a HUGE fan of their margaritas - you can't go wrong with one of those!

Goldies - best aperol spritzer in town!

Michaels - this place has a rooftop garden where they grow a ton of produce that they turn around and use in their cocktails! Plus their bartender is not only one of the most knowledgable guys out there when it comes to mixing drinks, but he's way cute too!

Perch - chill out high about downtown LA and sip on any one of the awesome cocktails here.

Everleigh - get the Eveleigh lemonade! Pinkie promise it's the best.

Where to eat in Los Angeles


Sweet Rose Creamery - arguably the best ice cream in town! You can't go wrong with any flavor... although I'm partial to the salted caramel.

Milo and Olive - get ready for the best pastries on the west side! I vote for the chocolate chip cookie and whatever kind of special pie is on the menu.

B Sweet Truck - obsessed with the salted caramel bread pudding. It's to die for!

Thyme Cafe and Market - this super cute west LA cafe has some of the best baked goods in my opinion!! Their tarts are particularly delish!

Where to eat in Los Angeles


I just started drinking coffee about 3-4 months ago... so I'm not even going to pretend to tell you what to order at these awesome coffee shops. Just know this, they are all wonderful, and if you have a sweet tooth like me.... they all have decadent Mochas!

Intelligentsia - my fav location is the one in Venice

LA Mill - They use Valrhona chocolate to make their mochas. Enough said.

Deus ex Machina - fun vibe and even cooler furniture.

Where to eat in Los Angeles


Huckleberry - one of my all time favorite brunch locations! Be sure to get in early though, the line gets crazy long.

Tavern - just a hop skip and a jump from our apartment, this is one of my go-t0 brunch spots plus it's super fun for celebrity sightings.

Sunny Spot- the "Hangover Plate" is hands down one of the best - whether or not you're actually hung over!

Cooks County - Brioche French Toast. What else do I have to say!

Oscar's Cerveteca - Huevos Rancheros of Chilequiles. You should probably just order them both to make sure you get the best of both worlds.

Everleigh - any restaurant with avocado toast on their menu is automatically going on the list!

And there you have it! My all time favorite places of where to eat in Los Angeles! I'll be updating this regularly - so be sure to check back between trips!


  1. I'm a little late here... Agreed, I love the pizza at both Milo & Olive and Mozza! So amazing. Sad to say that Superba Snack Bar closed... Though Superba Food + Bread is still open. Love Gjelina too! Have you been to Gjusta? (Same owner.)

  2. Great list, Gaby! I'd also recommend stopping for coffee at Go Get 'Em Tiger. That way they can stroll the adorable Larchmont Blvd. too.

  3. Gaby, don't feel bad, I am in my 60's and have NEVER had coffee!! Don't even know why either. LOL Anyway, I do want to tell you that I love love love your Slutty brownies! I have a hard time telling people at work about them cuz I can't call them that.

  4. This is so awesome. You encouraged me to not only come down there for an eating trip, but to update my home town eating list!

  5. This is a great list! Have you ever been to True Foods?! It is SO AMAZING!!!! It's one of our absolute favorite places to go.

  6. Nice list! I daresay that you hit nearly every neighborhood in town. ๐Ÿ™‚ You're dead on with your choices, but it's totally true that we could endlessly add more to the list! I'll add one more to each of the lists if you don't mind, trying to hit as many neighborhoods as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lunch: Wurstkuche. Sausages & beer. Yum!
    Dinner: Angelini Osteria. Everything is awesome, but anything with nonna in the title is maybe just a little bit better. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Drinks: The Bungalow. Although there may be a line, but it's so chill once you're in.
    Dessert: Simplethings. This was REALLY hard to choose, but if you get the mini pies, you can try a bunch of flavors!
    Coffee: I won't even pretend either...
    Brunch: The Ivy. Everything is good, it's so pretty inside, and a celeb or two may be present.

  7. The Conservatory in Culver off Washington brews their own beans in house and is the all time best coffee I've ever had, if you are ever that way I recommend you check it out!

  8. You just started drinking coffee 3-4 months ago? What??!!! Ok that's great though! But glad you've ventured over to the dark side.

    I would love to go out to any of these places and have you be my personal tour guide. Even though San Diego and LA are only 2 hrs apart, I am totally clueless about anything in LA!

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