12 Must Have Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools

Tomorrow marks the first day of WGC Thanksgiving and you know what that means… WE’RE PREPPING ALL MONTH LONG!

The ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

The WGC Thanksgiving Menu starts tomorrow so before then I thought we should all take a minute to suss out our kitchens and make sure we have all the tools to make an incredible Thanksgiving feast! So let’s talk about the 12 MUST-HAVE Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools.

There are a few things that make life SO much easier come Thanksgiving! Here’s my list so you have plenty to time to find these tools, buy them from the store, borrow them from neighbors, or steal them from family members!

  • Roasting Pan – for the Turkey!! Duh. This All Clad one is my all time FAVORITE and it’s on sale!! Also available on Amazon
  • Carving Knifes – don’t even try and carve the bird without them! I mean, you’d be able to do it, but an actual carving knife is so much easier to maneuver around the turkey or chicken breast when you’re breaking it down. Here’s one if you want it to match your Global Knives… and here’s a Wusthof one if you want to match that!!
  • Turkey Baster – because we want that turkey to be loaded with as much flavor as possible. Here’s another option too!
  • Meat Thermometer – we’ve all questioned whether or not a turkey was done once or twice before in our lives… so here’s the solution. A REALLY good quality thermometer that instantly reads the temp and tells you if you’re ready to take the bird out of the oven. The one linked here is my all time fav (and here it is on Amazon),  but if you want a cheaper option this one is awesome as well.
  • Carving Board – carving the bird 🙂 obviously!! I just got this one to match my every day cutting board and while I might only pull it out for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s worth it so the juices from the bird don’t spill all over my kitchen floor!
  • All Clad Dutch Oven – you’ve seen this baby on my instagram-lives and let me tell you something… I AM OBSESSED. I use it for everything. And I mean everything…  sautéing, braising, boiling etc. I love the high sides so things don’t splatter. I love that you can pop it into the dishwasher. I’m fully obsessed.
  • Baking Sheets – a LOT of them! For roasting all the veggies and anything else that needs time in the oven. The Gold Touch ones are my favorite because they are actually non-stick and so easy to clean. They also make great cookies because of the way the pan is shaped so there is air circulation around the cookies or whatever else is on them!
  • Potato Ricer – if you take anything away from this list, THIS potato ricer is probably the most important. It’s going to give you the most perfect mashed potatoes of all times. It’s cheap, easy to store, and truly a game changer.
  • Wine Opener – It’s fast and efficient and really saves the day when you’ve got a crew of people opening up wine bottles every hour or so! And if you really want to splurge… this is your best bet!
  • Prep Bowls – I just ordered 2 new sets of these because prepping a feast without them is basically impossible!!
  • Food Scale – I know, I know, it’s a pain in the butt to weigh out ingredients for any baking recipes that go by weight… but here’s what I’ll tell you! Most of my recipes are done by cups/tablespoons… but those few that are done by weight are done that way for a reason. Trust me, I’d never make you break out the scale unless it was totally mandatory!
  • Glass Storage containers – for some reason I always am running low on leftover storage by this time of the year. And hot tip – if you’re feeding a crowd, ask your guests to bring their own food storage so they don’t have to “borrow” and never return yours! These larger ones are amazing

Get ready for this coming month guys – we’re kicking it into high gear!

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  1. Monika

    I have been in want of a dutch clad oven for some time now, so it is going right onto my to-do list!

  2. Jessica

    Love this list! You should definitely add your favorite garlic press to this list though. I go through a lot of garlic during the holidays and I need that thing in my life. Another tip I’d add would be to buy a set of the cheaper plastic Tupperware for those guests who didn’t bring their own for leftovers. Most people feel kind of tacky about bringing their own to-go containers.

    • Gaby

      they are linked! It’s a 9 piece set so you have plenty of options!

  3. Lori Went

    Gaby, you had one time mentioned a knife sharpener that you loved. Can you share which one that is please?

  4. Leah Hutchison

    Thank you so much! You’re the best! How about a shopping list of items I can get before my whole family arrives from Portland! Just so I can shop early! Thanks!

  5. Robyn

    My niece is a student in Switzerland. I sent her the brownie bites and she loved them. Also I made my son the m&m bars he loved them. Thank You.

  6. Sheri Davis

    Thanks so much for the awesome Thanksgiving tool list. Very helpful ideas.

    I just LOVE the serving platter that the turkey is on. Where did you get that????

    Thanks so much