12 Must Have Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools

Here we go! A handful of must have kitchen tools before the big day…. THANKSGIVING! I figure we should be locked and loaded sooner rather than later!

The ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

There are a few things that make life SO much easier come Thanksgiving! Here’s my list so you have plenty to time to find these tools, buy them from the store, borrow them from neighbors, or steal them from family members 🙂

Roasting Pan – for the Turkey!! Duh

Carving Knife – for carving the bird.

Turkey Baster – because we want that turkey to be loaded with as much flavor as possible.

Thermometer – so you know when the turkey is ready to come out of the oven.

Carving Board – carving the bird 🙂 obviously

All Clad Dutch Oven – for everything that needs sautéing

Baking Sheets – a LOT of them! For roasting the veggies!

Potato Ricer – for the most perfect mashed potatoes of all times

Wine Opener – it’s pricey but it’s the best invention of all times

Prep Bowls – my favorite purchase in the last few months!

Scale – for any baking measurements

Glass Snapware – gotta have somewhere for all the leftovers!!

Get ready for this month guys – we’re kicking it into high gear!

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