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We've all heard of BYOB right? (bring your own booze) Well, today I'm all about BYOAF. Bring your own airplane food. Last week I flew from LA to NYC and had about .08 seconds to prep for the trip since it was so last minute and found myself on the plane, without anything to eat, for 5.5 hours. Ouch.

Food menus on domestic flights leave a LOT to be desired. And I don't know about you, but I don't really want to pay $9 for a cheese plate that has about 2 slices of cheese on it! Usually, if I have about 30 minutes to prep, I'll assemble a bag full of airplane food to make it through. So, if you'll be traveling this summer and jetting off to fun destinations and want to bring your own airplane food... here's the skinny on what to pack for a flight:

Airplane Food | What to eat on a plane

Nuts: There's always a handful of almonds in my bag for a quick fix. Plus they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein!!

Chocolate: Depending on what's in my pantry, I'll grab a handful of chocolate to bring on a plane. Salted Caramel Chocolate Bars from Trader Joe's are a staple... but really anything to satisfy a sweet tooth will work.

Fresh Fruit: Grab a few pieces of fruit that will stand up to the flight. Apples are a great options, bananas too! Just be sure not to bang them around when you're getting settled on the plane. I'll even bring options like peaches, nectarines or cherries since I know fresh fruit will be the first thing I go for when I sit down, and that way I can eat it before it has a chance to bruise.

Pretzels: I need a little something salty from time to time, so pretzels, or peanut butter stuffed pretzels do just the trick! Just a few though, too much salt on a plane can dehydrate you.

Dried Fruit: Make a grab bag of your favorite dried fruits, you can even toss in some extra chocolate or nuts and have your own personal trail mix.

Cheese: Essentials for anytime I travel. I'm a cheese queen. And a bite of any cheese can quickly turn my mood around!

Tea: There's really nothing worse than a flight that has only 1 tea option and it's usually boring. I'll bring my own tea bags on a flight so I can ask for a hot cup of water and whip up my own at a moments notice! Also.... drink tons and tons of water!! You'll feel so much better when you land.

Whole Grain Salad: I always bring some kind of grain salad on a flight to really have some substance. This pesto caprese quinoa salad is a great option as it will keep you full and it's seriously delish! You could also bring an Asian Chicken Slaw, Spring Pea and Farro Salad, or a BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad!

Happy Traveling!


  1. Hi, how do you get the stuff specialy the chees and fruits through the security checks? They tell and write its not allowed- one time (2013) my sun (4years old) wanted to eat the last 2 Babybells after the security check put the told him he have to throw them away 🙁

  2. I always bring a whole avocado and grab a plastic knife from one of the airport fast food places to slice it open, then use Stacey's pita chips to scoop into the avocado. It is so good!

  3. I pack my own tea bags too! Makes such a huge difference, even when you get to the hotel! So glad I'm not the only one who travels with a bag full of food 🙂

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